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What is the fuel consumption of cb400x (what is the fuel consumption of cb400x)?

I want to buy a men's motorcycle, but I don't know what brand of car is the most fuel-efficient. Do you have any recommendations?

I am a knight to share. According to the description, this parking space wants to choose a motorcycle that is more fuel-efficient, but because there is no such information, I want us to recommend it.

First of all, men's motorcycle is a relatively small name, which is based on women's motorcycle, and the so-called women's motorcycle here is a scooter, so it seems that men's motorcycle is more a description of straddle-type vehicles.

Under such a big framework, it is really hard to say which brand of car is the most fuel-efficient, and there will be no standard answer. As we all know, even Guangyang and Sanyang, which mainly focus on scooters, will have straddle bikes, not to mention other brands.

Therefore, the question asked by the subject covers a huge amount of information, and there are countless brands involved, so it is impossible to have a unified and standard answer. After all, there are at least hundreds of motorcycle brands in the mainland market, and there will be no fewer than thousands of straddle bikes.

However, judging from the actual performance of this kind of motorcycles, it is still necessary to pay attention to Japanese models in order to save fuel, especially the imported or domestic joint venture motorcycles of Honda and Yamaha, which will perform better in fuel consumption under the same displacement, such as the following models.

A construction of Yamaha 150 series price of 8580-12280.

At present, the 150 series built by Yamaha are mainly the Feizhi 150 and Tianjian 150z. Because of the use of Yamaha's nuclear technology powertrain, the fuel consumption level of these two cars is excellent, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is basically around 1.9L, and the endurance level is also close to 700 kilometers, which is beyond the reach of many similar models.

The biggest difference between the two models is the price, and it is precisely because of the price difference that the appearance and configuration of the two cars are obviously different, which in turn leads to different feelings of use, so the choice between the two models mainly depends on the budget.

Second, the joint venture Honda 190 series sells for 15980-20880.

With a single-cylinder 190 engine, seven models have been derived from this series. Although their names are different, there will be some differences in appearance settings, but because of the same technology and the same fuel supply system, the performance in fuel consumption is also relatively good. The fuel consumption per 100 kilometers can basically be kept at around 2.5L, and it can be lower if riding gently.

Among the seven models, Cavaliers personally prefer two retro-styled 190 s, namely CBF190TR and CB190ss. According to the setting direction of these two cars, they will be more suitable for daily commuting and entertainment, and the difference between them is mainly the difference in appearance and some subtle design, so they can be selected as needed.

Sanhongda medium displacement series sells for 34500-45000.

The related models of this series are not directly related, some are imported cars, some are domestic versions, and besides the common street cars CB400F and CB300R, there will also be cruising Crown Prince car CM300, road leisure station wagon CB400X and civil imitation race CBR400R.

Because the displacement span of the models involved in this car series is a bit large, the performance of fuel consumption will be completely different, but on the whole, they are relatively fuel-efficient in the same displacement models. For example, the fuel consumption of CM300 kilometers will be around 3L, and CB400X will be around 3.8L

In addition, the fuel consumption performance of Honda's imported Daimao models is relatively strong. For example, the 100,000-class "automatic transmission" motorcycle NC750X has an official fuel consumption of 3.4L per 100 kilometers, which is a 745cc model. Although it may be slightly higher in actual use, it still has an absolute advantage in fuel consumption compared with other brands with the same displacement.

To sum up, in the process of car selection, if we pay more attention to the fuel consumption performance of "men's wear" motorcycles (straddle type), we should mainly consider Japanese Honda and Yamaha, and the final choice depends on personal budget and actual use demand, so it will be more reliable to determine the budget and then find the target model.

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