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Tan Carpenter, Toyota lc78 SUV (how much is a Toyota lc78 SUV)

This paper is long, and the full-text reading time takes about five minutes, which involves some professional knowledge.

Why introduce LC78?

Time goes back to 2012, when I was still an out-and-out cross-country rookie. Coincidentally, in September 2012, I followed a group of brothers from the Chivalrous Cross-country Club to cross the Badain Jaran Desert, which was my first time in the desert! The vastness and magnificence of Badain Jaran Desert strongly shocked me. Damn it, the desert is so beautiful! It turns out that you can still drive like this in the desert! Later, I learned that this feeling is called poisoning! Hmm. How interesting ......

Photo by Tan Carpenter in Badain Jaran Desert in 2012

In this activity, I got to know a lot of big coffee in the cross-country circle. For example, Lao He and Lao Zhang crossed N39 Taklimakan Desert for the first time. At that time, I didn't know that they were big coffees. I just thought that they were very good at driving in the desert, and their knowledge of off-road vehicles was so rich that they could only worship.

One night, we camped in Miaohaizi and enjoyed the authentic mutton dinner of the Uliji Lama. We set up a tent in the desert and enjoyed the vast Milky Way in the desert while drinking tea, tasting wine and chatting. Unconsciously, everyone slowly talked about the topic of off-road vehicles.

Previously, I just imported LC76 in bulk in 2010 because I like the quaint off-road vehicle, and many brothers have already started 76. For example, Xinghua and Lao Cui, who participated in this crossing, have an LC76. So, while I was drinking, I began to brag about how awesome 76 was:

"76 is Toyota's most classic off-road vehicle, overbearing, land patrol, all born out of 76";

"Among the off-road vehicles with front and rear hard axles currently mass-produced by global manufacturers, 76 is the one with the largest quantity and the most reliable model";

"76 is Toyota's only off-road vehicle that has never stopped production since mass production, and classics and feelings are the biggest highlights";


As I talk about Kan Kan, spitting planetesimals flying, csi said:

"Any off-road vehicle is a tool for serving people. Feelings and classics can't be eaten. What off-road vehicle suits you depends on what you mainly do with this off-road vehicle. Do you want to gallop in the desert or cross the no-man's land? Do you want to race cross-country or climb rocks? "

"The 76 is indeed a good off-road vehicle. Its main advantages are high reliability, simple structure, few electronic equipment and hard front and rear bridges."

"But the 76 is not suitable for me, because the wheelbase of the 76 is 2.73 meters, the rear axle is suspended by steel plates, and the road surface is definitely bumpy. In addition, the center of gravity of the 76 is relatively high, and it is necessary to have very good driving skills to play in the desert."

"I like to explore, play all kinds of long-distance crossing, need to pull a lot of equipment, and sleep in the car when camping. The space and bearing capacity of 76 is a little small for me. "

Xinghua said:

"I think 76 is good. In the desert, the power feels very good. The manual transfer box responds very quickly. When will the power be available?"

Nanjing Lao Zhang said:

"I don't like Toyota, I only like Y61! The Y61 has a beautiful appearance, and the torque output of the straight six engine is continuous. When crossing the Taklimakan desert, the Y61 feels very good! "

Lao He took Lao Zhang's words: "Y61 is also a front and rear hard bridge, and the rear axle is suspended by spiral springs, which is similar to the chassis structure of Toyota 80 and much more comfortable than 76. Y61 has a heavy body and a wide track, and it is definitely more stable than 76 in the desert. Y61, however, over time, there are more minor faults, such as the steering wheel is prone to shake, and for another example, this automatic Y61 of yours is always boiling in Bataan this time, which has caused us to wait for you ... "

Lao Zhang took the conversation: "CSI, this is the actual situation. I am tired of boiling!" Bataan goes back, I'm going to change this car into a manual gear! "

Csi: continue to say:

"In fact, among the 7 series models, each car has a very distinctive feature. For example, the 71 has a short wheelbase and is invincible in the desert, and there is basically no slope that cannot be climbed. However, it is precisely because of the short wheelbase that it is very dangerous to get down a large and long slope in a desert with such a large structure as Bataan."

"Among the 7 series models, there is a model named 78, which is actually very balanced. The wheelbase of 78 is 2.98 meters, which is the same as that of Y60 and Y61. It is very stable to play in the desert. Moreover, the rear cabin of 78 is much larger than that of 76. It can pull a lot of equipment, sleep in the car directly, and even be converted into a small RV, which is also very suitable for crossing no man's land. Do you have any plans to introduce 78, Lao Tan? If you can import 78, I'll order one then! "

Before I could answer, Lao Zhang scrambled to say, "What what CSI? Is the wheelbase of 78 the same as that of Y61? That's against the reliability of the 7 series, and I'll have one at 78! Y61' s little problem is really killing me! "

I replied: "He team, 78 is available, but now the Middle East is full of 1HZ diesel engines, which are very old and have too little power and torque;" There is also a 78 in Australia, and the engine is a D4V8 diesel engine, which should be quite good. However, the global supply of D4D78 Toyota is only for Australia, and it is a right rudder, so it is impossible to import it. "

Csi: "If you don't consider 78 at 1HZ, you can't play cross-country. D4D's 78 is good. What's the use of not getting in? Lao Tan, do you have a 78 for a 4.0 gasoline engine? I think Toyota should have 78 "of this engine."

Me: "CSI, I should remember it. I saw a 4.0 78 on Toyota official website. I'll check it as soon as I get back. "

Alas, it's a lifelong mistake to listen to CSI. From that day on, I embarked on the long road of searching for 4.0 gasoline engine 78 in the world, and this search was six years. I still clearly remember that in 2016, when our seven cars crossed the longest east-west line of Taklimakan Desert, when 76, 79, 80, Tongtu and herdsman all encountered various problems, everyone asked me: Lao Tan, is the 4.0 78 a play or not? Csi said, "Don't ask, it's been four or five years, and my hair is turning white ..."

Me: ............

In fact, as early as 2013 and 2014, there was an opportunity to import 4.0 78. That was in October 2013, when I went to Europe to discuss the import of the European version of D4V8 diesel 4500, I expressed the demand for 4.0 gasoline engine 78 in China market to European suppliers. Later, at the end of 2013, a European supplier sent me a photo of the 4.0 78 real car, telling me that the car had been found and could be ordered directly from the Japanese factory. The minimum order quantity was 50 units. At that time, I was very excited and replied that 50 sets of orders were small case, no problem. Send me Catlogo and quotation as soon as possible!

The next day, I received the e-mail of quotation, opened it, and it was blocked! Shit, it's sky-high What we need is a tool car, a tool car that can take us to the north and south, to the countryside and to explore, not a scooter that goes to work every day, or a car that is put in the garage to show our feelings!

Forget it, let's die.

This wait will wait until 2018.

Tip: Why introduce LC78?

1, complete the commitment to the brothers;

2. After six years of off-road practice, especially taking part in extreme off-road, I found that the 78 is indeed an off-road vehicle especially suitable for long-distance crossing;

3. Although the 78 is a very small model, it can't sell much in a year, but all the brothers who like the 78 are extreme crossing enthusiasts with a fever of more than 45 degrees Celsius. As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together, and it is a carpenter's honor to be able to provide services for such brothers.

4, people live a lifetime, happiness is the most important. Isn't it the happiest thing in life to have a group of like-minded brothers?

What is the difference between 78 and 76?

With more and more brothers owning LC76, Series 7 has attracted more and more attention and love in China. Since 2010, the number of 76 in China has reached 7800. Many brothers are concerned, what is the difference between 78 and 76?

Before studying the differences between 78 and 76, let's see what they have in common:

1, 78 and 76 have the same chassis structure and suspension.

Both of them are the suspension of front and rear hard bridges, front spiral springs and rear leaf springs. This is a typical structure of hard-core off-road vehicles. There are only four types of Mercedes-Benz G, Y61, Jimny and herdsman in the world, which are still similar to the seven-series chassis structure.

The main configurations of 2, 78 and 76 are basically the same

What needs to be explained here is that before 2017, the configuration of the 7 series is basically pure mechanical equipment, with very few electronic equipment. Since 2017, in view of the increasingly stringent laws and regulations on safe driving in the world, Toyota has to add many safety equipment to the seven-series models, such as VSC body stability system, ABS+BA+EBD electronic braking system, ATRC traction control system, HAC uphill auxiliary system and double airbags. These equipment are standard in all seven-series models produced after 2017, and all models are brought.

Ok, now let's study the difference between 78 and 76.

1, 78 is longer and higher than 76.

In fact, the difference in appearance is not very important. Most importantly, the interior space, the rear cabin of 78, is 2200CM long, the rear cabin of 76 is 1750CM78 high, and the rear cabin of 76 is 1280CM high.

To put it simply, the rear cabin of 78 is 2.2 meters long and nearly 1.3 meters high. What is the concept of this space? All the brothers who have lived in the car after going out cross-country know that this space is so fucking spacious. Pull equipment, whatever equipment, don't worry, there is plenty of space; Sleep in the car? Two meters and two big beds, no matter how tall you are. Design a collapsible small square table by yourself, so you guys can drink tea and chat in the car; How about designing a small kitchen? Small bathroom? ......

2. The wheelbase of 78 is 2980CM, and that of 76 is 2730CM.

Brothers who have played in the desert know that the wheelbase of 2.98 meters is a very balanced wheelbase in the desert. It is too long as a pickup truck, and it is easy to carry a car in the desert, and it is easy to get stuck in a chicken nest. The wheelbase is too short, and the posture of the car body is difficult to control when going down a long slope, which is more dangerous. As far as 78 and 76 are concerned, 78 is definitely more stable than 76 in the desert.

The minimum ground clearance of 3 and 78 is 235 mm, and the minimum ground clearance of 76 is 230 mm, so the passability of 78 is almost as good as that of 76.

4, 78 are double fuel tanks, 90+90 is a total of 180 liters of fuel tanks, and each mailbox is equipped with a separate oil pump. 76 is a 130-liter configuration with a single fuel tank.

Don't underestimate the difference in this configuration. If you play long-distance crossing, you will know what double oil pumps mean and what great oil loading capacity means.

78 is a pure and thorough tool car. Don't be confused by your feelings, then:

What kind of people is 78 suitable for?

1. If you are a brother who likes long-distance crossing, for example, crossing the Taklimakan desert, for example, crossing the no-man's land, then 78 is a very suitable tool car for you. Simple, reliable, large internal space and strong loading capacity.

2. If you like a small self-propelled off-road RV, then 78 is for you! The 78 has the potential to be converted into a small off-road RV. Of course, the design is very critical and important. You don't need to copy foreign designs, but design them according to your own ideas and needs. We can help you realize a series of services such as processing, production and modification.

3. If you like long-distance travel, but don't like staying in hotels, camping and being close to nature, then 78 is for you. With a complete set of cooking equipment, camping equipment and sufficient oil, 78 will surely become your intimate partner for a long journey.

4. The world is so big, you want to see it! If you like to travel around the world, the great migration of animals in the African savannah, the romantic customs in the Mediterranean, route 66 in the United States, and so on. Then, 78 suits you. Most global travel enthusiasts in the world have 78 cars!

Let's hear what they say about LC78:

CSI: The founder of the Chivalrous Cross-country Adventure Club, a scout, started poisoning cross-country around 2000, and has owned 34 off-road vehicles successively. He is a leading figure in desert crossing and adventure in China.

CSI: 78 is the last SUV in my life.

Lao Zhang: He has completely crossed the Taklimakan Desert five times, and is the only person who has completely crossed the Taklimakan Desert five times in China. Has played herdsman, Mitsubishi off-road vehicles, Toule, smooth road and many other off-road vehicles.

Lao Zhang said: 78 is the last SUV in my life.

Fan Fan: He has completely crossed the Taklimakan Desert for four times, and played four-cylinder cutting, paladin, 80, LX470, Y60 and Y61. He is a low-key and steady person, once upon a time in america.

Fan Fan said: The 78 is also the last SUV in my life.

Ouyang: A Guangdong brother who was deeply poisoned off-road, for more than a year, he paid attention to the models from Y61, Estella, Runner 4.0, Ultraman, diesel overbearing and diesel land patrol to LC71, LC76 and LC78. Finally, 78 conquered Ouyang brother.

Ouyang said: This 78 fully meets my comprehensive needs.

Nordic Goddess: A low-key entrepreneur in Yunnan, who owns two MAN 4X4 off-road motor vehicles, two diesel land cruises, two 76, one 79 and one 71.

The Norse Goddess said: I should get all the 7 series together, and I will order one for 78.

Ok, having said that, let's take a look at the real car photos of 78.

2018 LC78 standard configuration:

Six-seat off-road vehicle procedures, national five emissions

1GR 4.0 V6 gasoline engine

5-speed manual gear

Manual part-time 4wd

Double oil tank 90+90

Double airbag

Wading device

16-inch iron wheel, 225/95R16 tire

Front coil spring+rear leaf spring

Front and rear hard bridge

air conditioner

Velvet seat

CD sound

Chrome plating of exterior rearview mirror

Chrome plating of front and rear bars

Chromium plating of air intake grille

Front and rear fenders

External spare tire

Tire pressure monitoring

Front and rear trailer hook


Optional equipment:


speed indicator

Taomu interior

Front fog lamp

Wireless door lock

Aluminum alloy wheel hub

Big wheel eyebrow

Front and rear differential lock

Finally, the carpenter will inevitably say a few emotional words.

The most reliable partner of the expedition

Never afraid of any difficulties

Fearless of muddy dust

Fearless of snow and ice

Born for a rotten road

It doesn't belong to you to follow the rules

Wild wilderness is your world.

A natural tough guy is full of iron.

Wandering around the world, being at home

Sneak around the legendary swordsman.

Never flinch or give up.

Never leave each other.

Who is relying on heaven to compete with others?

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