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Id6 curly hair (the value of id6 curly hair is not worth buying)

Buying an electric car is an idea that has been lingering in Lin Dongfang's mind since 2022.

36-year-old from Beijing, he is a middle-level manager of a company, the father of two children, and a super nanny. The eldest child is 8 years old and the second child is 5 years old. As they get older, there is also a demand for cars: in addition to commuting, there are also transportation for children to and from school and family outings ...

Although the old Magotan in the family is still in its prime, it can't meet such diversified needs. Therefore, increasing purchases has become just a need. The requirements are also quite simple: pure electric +6 seats.

After years of companionship and trust, Lin Dongfang finally chose Volkswagen, which is FAW-Volkswagen ID.6 curly hair, a medium and large pure electric off-road vehicle. However, this car was chosen not only because of the brand, but also because it brought more satisfaction in other aspects.

The first time I saw ID.6 curly hair, Lin Dongfang left a deep imprint on his heart. This is a unique beauty, which is as calm as popular brands in the past, but also exudes a somewhat novel trend. The two are well balanced.

For example, the headlights at the front of the car are officially called IQ. Light smart matrix headlights. Compared with the old Magotan at home, its design is a little more "playful", and it is a younger public.

Functionally, its internal light source consists of 13 matrix LEDs, each of which can be turned off or adjusted separately, thus creating 8 different lighting effects and 4 different lighting modes.

Entering the car, the overall layout adopts Volkswagen's latest family design. One is familiarity, and the other is convenience. For a new middle class like Lin Dongfang, everything is so appropriate.

The experience improvement brought by the configuration upgrade is even more exciting for Lin Dongfang.

The first is head-up display. Officially, it is called AR-HUD augmented reality head-up display system. Besides basic information such as vehicle speed and traffic signs, it can also augment reality, and can change the position and size of the displayed information with the changing real scene of vehicles in front, pedestrians and intersections.

In this way, it is no longer necessary to look down at the instrument information, which greatly improves the driving safety. As the backbone of the family, this is Lin Dongfang's favorite and valued function.

In addition, there is intelligent semantic interaction of public inquiry, including directional pickup, interruption at any time and many other functions. Lin Dongfang said: "Adults and children in their family like this function very much, especially the younger son, who likes to talk to it as soon as he gets on the bus."

Based on MEB intelligent pure electric platform, the car length of ID.6 CROZZ is less than 4.9m, but the wheelbase has reached an exaggerated 2965 mm. "The interior space is spacious and the platform is flat, which is very easy to use." Lin Dongfang's satisfaction is beyond words.

For the model, his choice is the ID.6 CROZZ long-life Pro version, which supports 6/7 seats and does not need to spend extra money.

Lin Dongfang certainly chose the layout of 6 seats, 2+2+2. The front seats support 12-way electric adjustment, and there are heating and massage functions. In addition to the front and rear and backrest adjustment and seat heating, the second row seats are also intimately equipped with aviation headrests.

It is Lin Dongfang's responsibility to provide the most comfortable space for everyone, such as parents and children, and it is also the reason why he chose ID.6 CROZZ.

Of course, in addition to the visible design, configuration and space, the brand belief and technical belief that the old Magotan gave him is also an important reason why Lin Dongfang chose ID.6 CROZZ, even if it is an electric car.

As important as MQB is, MEB is. This is the strategic layout of FAW-Volkswagen's transformation electrification, and it is also the strong support of ID.6 CROZZ

As mentioned above, the design of short suspension long shaft can bring more interior space, in addition to a smaller turning radius; Coupled with the lower body center of gravity, 50: 50 front and rear counterweight, rear drive/four-wheel drive+five-bar rear suspension, the handling is significantly improved.

Needless to say, the acceleration of electric vehicles in 100 kilometers is all rapid. Lin Dongfang chose the Pro version with a long cruising range of 601km, and it's not that he can't buy a four-wheel drive, but as a son and a father, he shoulders more important things.

Of course, based on MEB platform, E3 electronic and electrical architecture is also one of the advanced cores of ID.6 CROZZ. The software and hardware are decoupled, with the super computing power of ICAS and the transmission rate of Gigabit Ethernet, which is a strong support for intelligent cockpit and assisted driving.

In particular, IQ. Drive intelligent driving system can support automatic car following and lane keeping in the full speed range of 0-160km/h, which belongs to L2+ level automatic driving assistance system. However, thanks to the E3 architecture, it can be extended to L4-level automatic driving.

Choosing ID.6 CROZZ, Lin Dongfang also took a fancy to its rich active and passive security configuration. Security is something he never ignores.

There are 6 airbags, 80% high-strength steel plate, strict vehicle manufacturing inspection standards and IP X9K battery waterproof requirements. These are just the basics.

There are a whole set of active safety systems, such as pre-collision system in front of Front Assist, Pre-crash pre-collision member protection system, MKB multiple collision prevention system, etc. ID.6 CROZZ is like the Great Wall of Steel, guarding the safety of the whole family.

This is an advanced electric car made by an old traditional car company, which is Lin Dongfang's trust in the Volkswagen brand and the confidence that the Volkswagen brand gives Lin Dongfang.

FAW-Volkswagen ID.6 CROZZ, which is reliable and bears the accumulation of Volkswagen Group for more than 80 years; It is also avant-garde, keeping up with the times from design to function.

As a middle-class dad, Lin Dongfang has a preference for this car. There are five configurations in the whole department. He chose the mid-to-high, long-life Pro version and also installed six seats.

287,300 yuan, a very competitive price, in addition to the above-mentioned highlights, he also got many other things: the laughter of three generations living under one roof, the pleasure and relaxation of family trips … these are the places he values most.

Faw-Volkswagen ID.6 CROZZ, this is the choice of Lin Dongfang, and it can also be the choice of many people and families.

As for the configuration, you can choose the same long-life Pro version. From the underlying technical architecture to the surface functional configuration, it is comprehensive and balanced, and the power, battery life, space and safety are not bad. What you bought is not a car, but a comfortable space, carrying the poems of the whole family and the distance.

Yes, pure electric vehicles can also have a distance. In the "FAW-Volkswagen Super APP", 200,000 public charging piles have been collected at this stage, and there are basically charging piles wherever you go.

In addition, there are CAMS super charging stations, which have covered 64 cities across the country, with 308 charging stations, 2,783 charging terminals and 51,411 charging terminals, so that mileage anxiety is no longer anxiety.

This is the FAW-Volkswagen ID.6 CROZZ in the eyes of Lin Dongfang. So, do you have a crush?

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