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How long can I get a driver's license (how long can I get on the highway by myself)

You can get a driver's license in two months, but there are preconditions!

That is, each subject is successfully booked at one time, each subject is "passed" and there is enough time to practice driving; Only by doing these three things and getting the certificate in two months, there is no problem at all!

The first step to get a certificate in two months is "subject one".

On the first day, the driving school registered and completed the physical examination and passed. On the second day after the registration and physical examination information passed, it made an appointment for subject one. After waiting for one or two days to make an appointment successfully, it waited for the exam a week later. During this week's waiting time, it studied subject one and passed the exam on the tenth day.

The second step of getting a certificate in two months is "subject 2".

Make an appointment for Subject 2 10 days after passing the subject, that is, on the 20th day. Wait for one or two days before the appointment is successful. During this period, you should have enough time to practice all subjects of Subject 2, and take the exam for Subject 2 on the 30th day and "pass".

The third step of getting a certificate in two months is "subject three".

On the 10th day after passing Subject 2, that is, the 40th day, the appointment for Subject 3 will be made. After waiting for 2 to 3 days, the appointment will be successful. Generally, the exam for Subject 3 will be held around the 52nd day. Before the exam, it is necessary to ensure enough time for the practice of Subject 3. In addition to practicing in the practice section, we should also go to the test section for field simulation.

The fourth step of getting a certificate in two months is "subject four".

You can make an appointment for subject 4 on the second day after passing subject 3. After the appointment is successful, you will take the exam for subject 4 on the 59 th or 60 th day. After passing the exam, you can get a driver's license, so the task of getting a license in two months will be successfully completed!

The above process is only a theoretical process of obtaining the certificate, although many students can do it, even 45 days to get the certificate; However, in reality, many students take far more than two months to get the certificate, some for more than half a year, some for one to two years, and even more nearly three years; The main reason is that "the time for driving practice can't be guaranteed", and intermittent driving practice can't be guaranteed for a long time, which also makes the time for obtaining the license drag on for a long time!


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