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Rear row angle of id6 6-seat version (id6 rear row space)

The front face of ID.6 curly hair has changed from 3.0 to 4.0 with headlights, which is even more attractive. The starry grille is equipped with a penetrating LED light strip and the front logo; The logo can be lit, which is also a great recognition of Volkswagen's latest model. The development and testing of ID.6 curly hair battery pack strictly follows the safety standards of new energy vehicles. Only the anti-extrusion pressure of the battery pack has reached the leading level at the same level, far exceeding the national standard. I think the comprehensive level of ID.6 curly hair is very high, and the whole appearance is very durable. Although the model is an SUV, it does not give people a bloated feeling and the style has its own unique style. This kind of face value has attracted the attention of countless consumers. According to the official introduction, ID.6 curly hair is designed with a closed grille. At the same time, the matrix headlights on both sides of the front hatch cover are more atmospheric, and all of them use more advanced LED light sources. This also shows the car's excellent strength and handling experience. It is equipped with braking system, front and rear parallel assistance, lane departure warning, parallel assistance and lane centering, six airbags, front and rear parking radar, reversing image, full-speed adaptive cruise, intelligent driving assistance system, automatic parking, engine start and stop, and braking energy recovery system. ID.6 Curly hair is equipped with a power combination of motor and ternary lithium battery, with a maximum power of 150 kW and a peak torque of 310 Nm. The ID.6 curly hair is also equipped with a ternary lithium battery pack with a maximum capacity of 84.8 kW.The battery life is very durable, surpassing the same class. The rear seat of Volkswagen ID.6 curly hair also performs very well, and it is very comfortable for both face value and ride. ID.6 curly hair has a full personality, and the front of the car feels a little dive, and it also adopts a design concept of low wind resistance. This design can save energy consumption. ID.6 curly hair uses a minimalist design. In addition to a suspended central control screen, the center console surface, I can't find any other redundant physical buttons. ID.6 Curly hair changes the previous design style of FAW-Volkswagen, and the whole department uses light language to rhythm the future design aesthetics. The front design has a strong sense of hierarchy, and the front enclosure is equipped with chrome decorative strips in the middle, and the visual effect is excellent. ID.6 Curly hair is a pure tram.

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