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Price of Volkswagen New Energy Vehicle id6 (price of Volkswagen New Energy Vehicle id6)

Recently, SAIC Volkswagen ID card. The pure electric series launched the 2023 upgrade, with the suggested retail price starting from 162,888 yuan. This time, ID.4 X and ID.6 X have adopted a new color matching and carbon crystal black kit, and the visual effect is brand-new, highlighting the fashion vitality and sporty atmosphere. Moreover, Jinneng four-wheel drive models have price optimization and are more attractive. 106. id. 3 opens more options to enhance the fashion and technology sense of the whole department.

Id.4x: From RMB 195,888, introduce mint green car color and carbon crystal black kit.

The upgraded version of ID.4 X 2023 is available in four vehicle versions, with the price ranging from 195,888 yuan to 283,388 yuan. The new car introduces mint green new car color, with a fresh interior theme color package, which is more fashionable. Zhixiang Long Life Edition and above models are also open for optional carbon crystal black kit+cool black wave interior, and black and red contrast elements are widely used, which adds cool style to this quality pure electric sport utility vehicle and meets personalized consumption needs. At the same time, on the middle and high-end models, the ID.4 X body surround is updated to the same color as the body to enhance the visual integrity of the appearance.

As the first product of SAIC Volkswagen's ID. pure electric series, the design, technology, driving and safety of ID.4 X are all online, and it has become the first choice for many young families to travel by electric power with hardcore quality. Since its launch in 2021, ID.4 X has gone through two years of market test, and has won the first place in the pure electric compact SUV in the evaluation of customer satisfaction index of China new energy automobile industry for two consecutive years, accumulating an excellent reputation of leading the same level market.

Id.6x: From RMB 259,888, there are many new colors and new wheel hub shapes.

The upgraded version of ID.6 X 2023 still offers four vehicle versions, and the price is 259,888 yuan -329,388 yuan. Among them, Yinhe Blue is a new car color, full of youthful feeling on SUV, with elegant and graceful theme interior package, giving people a luxurious and home-like atmosphere. The whole body surrounding is also adjusted to the same color of the body, which emphasizes the integrity of the car color; The extremely intelligent long-life version and above models provide carbon crystal black kit+cool black wave interior option, adding a sporty atmosphere. In the middle and high-end models, ID.6 X also introduced a brand-new 21-inch two-color star wheel hub.

In SAIC Volkswagen's ID. pure electric series, ID.6 X has the largest size, and the humanized digital space is especially suitable for mature families. In December 2022, J.D.Power and Tongji University released the Huayu Award, and ID.6 X won the "Intelligent Cockpit Model of the Year", and the cockpit interactive experience was affirmed by the industry. Also at the end of last year, ID.6 X brought six-seat and seven-seat layouts to the extremely intelligent long-life version. The six-seat model enjoys the second row of independent seats with independent handrails, which is more comfortable in the scene of multi-population vehicles.

Id. 3: From RMB 162,888, the sense of fashion and technology has improved.

The upgrade of ID.3 2023 brings two vehicle versions, and the price is 162,888 yuan -192,888 yuan. In this upgrade, the Pure Smart Edition can be equipped with a Kyauk Moon Jinxing Smart Driving Bag, and users of the entry-level version of ID.3 can also choose the interior decorated with china white with one click. The extreme wisdom version also introduces 360 panoramic view as an optional configuration. Users can check the position of the whole car and the surrounding obstacles in the car, and park in place or walk through the narrow road calmly. In addition, the ID.3 2023 upgrade model is equipped with 8-way electric adjustment for the co-driver.

Recently, ID.3 won the first place in the value-keeping rate of the joint venture pure electric compact car and the first place in the user satisfaction of the pure electric compact car, and was selected as the "China Heart" Top Ten New Energy Vehicle Power System in 2022, which fully verified the true strength of this quality and fun pure electric crossover car. With trendy design, smart technology and interesting driving experience, ID.3 is continuously upgraded at every product point to enhance the user's experience, which is expected to become a new choice for more urban families.

Up to now, SAIC Volkswagen's ID. pure electric series has been launched for two years, and the cumulative sales volume has exceeded 120,000, ranking first among joint venture electric brands, making it a reliable quality choice for the electric vehicle market. ID. The second anniversary gift of pure electricity. The 2023 upgraded model has a new color scheme. Is there a heart-warming color number?

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