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Lead: There is such a kind of food around us, which is particularly common. From childhood, family members will give it to us, people who are confined to the moon will also eat it, and people who lose weight and get sick will eat it. Look, the boss fell the day before yesterday and his arm was hanging. The boss of the company next door came with a box in the morning. It is one thing that attracts many philosophers and scientists to argue endlessly-the egg. Scholars in two fields are arguing endlessly about whether the chicken came first or the egg came first.

First, the history of eggs

From biological research, it is generally said that cells evolved from single cells to multi-cells, and so on. Let scholars study this history. Let's talk about when people began to eat eggs. According to the records, the process of transforming birds into chickens in history is the beginning of human domestication of poultry, which dates back to 3500 years ago, when Xia and Shang dynasties alternated. Eggs were a luxury in ancient times, because in ancient times, the output of eggs was very low, so they were more expensive, and only dignitaries could enjoy them. Rich people will also treat eggs as funerary objects. In an ancient tomb developed by Jiangsu Institute of Archaeology in the Spring and Autumn Period, eggs that have become empty shells were found. After expert testing, these eggs are 2500 years old.

Second, the custom of eating eggs

In our country, there are many important festivals in history that need to eat eggs. For example, on the third day of the third lunar month, shepherd's purse and boiled eggs are eaten. In Tomb-Sweeping Day, it is a custom to eat eggs. On the Dragon Boat Festival, boiled tea eggs and salted eggs are eaten. In modern times, it is popular to eat red eggs in many places. For example, when the Zhuang people get married, the man will send red eggs to the woman, which indicates the marriage of red eggs and implies a happy marriage and a happy family. In long summer, there is also a custom that "long summer eats eggs, and it will not be summer in hot weather". There is a birthday proverb in Beijingers: Adults have a bowl of noodles, and children have two eggs. In recent years, many children will be given a fried dough stick and two eggs by their parents before entering the examination room, which indicates that their children will get 100 points. In short, although eggs are a kind of food, they contain people's pursuit and hope for a better life. In other places, when a daughter gets married, she will put three red eggs in the stove, which are called fire eggs. In the past, the production was commonly known as Yuezi, and most relatives and friends would use eggs to send Yuezi gifts, which were called Yuezi eggs.

Third, how to eat eggs

The cooking of eggs is countless. Like boiled eggs, fried eggs, scrambled eggs, steamed eggs, egg buns, egg cakes and so on. In ancient times, eggs were not eaten in such a rich way. In the Western Han Dynasty, a dish called "Eggs with Leeks" was recorded in the document, which is today's scrambled eggs with leeks. Later, with the development of history, boiled eggs became the main way to eat eggs. Speaking of boiled eggs, there is an interesting little story: there was a waiting king who was impatient. Once he poked the eggs with chopsticks while eating them, but the eggs were round, and the chopsticks didn't poke them. The waiting king was very angry. He threw the eggs on the ground, and they fell to the ground and turned, and they didn't stop.

Fourth, the nutrition of eggs

Eggs are very common in our lives, and there is no doubt about the nutrition of eggs. In Compendium of Materia Medica, eggs are sweet, healthy and non-toxic. Eggs can nourish the heart and blood, nourish yin and moisten dryness. Eggs are rich in various trace elements, such as vitamins A, B2 and zinc. The high-quality protein of eggs can provide us with more nutrition, and the nutrient content of egg yolk is also comprehensive, rich in DHA and lecithin, which can strengthen the brain and improve intelligence. Therefore, people will give their children egg yolk to supplement nutrition in infancy. According to statistics, China's domestic egg consumption is 400 billion, ranking first in the world, and the per capita consumption is close to 300, which is really an egg a day.

5. Who can't eat eggs?

First of all, people who are allergic to protein, as well as kidney patients, and people with high cholesterol can't eat eggs. Then, when the body has a fever, eating eggs will add fuel to the fire. Patients with cholecystitis can eat eggs as long as it is not an acute attack, and eat less egg yolk. Many people think that soft-boiled eggs are relatively fresh. In fact, if the eggs are not cooked thoroughly, the bacteria and viruses inside are not completely killed. If people eat this kind of eggs, it will cause gastrointestinal problems.

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