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How to upgrade Ford Sharp System 3.0 to 3.2 (2016 Ford Sharp System Upgrade)

Ford Synchronization 3 system upgrades version 3.2, and Android phone realizes screen projection function. You don't need to disassemble the machine, you can use special USB flash drive to upgrade it, so as to achieve lossless upgrade!

I told you before that Ford's Synchronization 3 system must be upgraded by disassembling the main engine to upgrade version 3.2 and above, which is very troublesome. For friends who don't like disassembling cars, it is simply torture. You can't have both. Now the upgrade is realized without disassembling the machine!

What is the use of version 3.2 system?

Versions 3.0 and below only support carplay projection of Apple mobile phone, which cannot be used by domestic Android mobile phone users; Therefore, version 3.2 is a version specially upgraded by Ford for domestic Android users, which provides the screen projection function of Android phones using Baidu Carrive. During driving, you can put down your mobile phone, which is very convenient and safe;

Baidu Carrive realizes video projection.

Therefore, as an Android phone user, it is still necessary to upgrade the 3.2 system.

How to upgrade without damaging or disassembling the machine?

You can upgrade directly with a special USB flash drive, which is very simple, avoiding the tedious process of disassembling the machine and ensuring safety.

1. Insert the guide disk;

The whole process takes more than ten seconds. After the installation, unplug the USB flash drive and wait for the system to restart!

2. Insert the guide disk;

Before upgrading, please be sure to know what memory your navigation is;

  • Original car with navigation: 32G memory, be sure to insert 32G upgrade USB flash drive.
  • The original car does not have navigation: 8G memory, so be sure to insert 8G upgrade USB flash drive.

Prompt to insert USB, that is, insert U disk.

In file upgrade, it takes about 15 minutes for 8G memory; 32G memory for about 30 minutes;

The screen turns green, indicating that the upgrade is successful. Just unplug the USB flash drive! Wait for the restart!

3. The upgrade was successful

Upgrade successful, version 3.2 system.

Baidu Carrive

4. How to use Baidu Carrive?

Mobile phone downloads Baidu Carrive software, and then opens the universal serial bus for debugging;

Use genuine data cable to link cars and mobile phones!

For specific usage, please see:

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