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Toyota 2024 (Toyota 2024 Camry)

Is the leek ripe? Xiaohua just got news from Japan that the 2024 Toyota "Erffa" has been unveiled, and Toyota has held a new car launch conference in the local area. Although at this conference, Toyota only revealed a small amount of information, we still saw the changes in the direction of the new car, such as the price. Toyota has clearly stated that it will strictly investigate the fare increase after the new car goes on the market, but there is a problem. Toyota has quietly raised its price. According to the news ahead, the start of the new car.

In the second direction, perhaps in order to match its new price, Toyota designers have made more in-depth adjustments to its appearance and interior. The front face uses a variety of elements according to different customer groups. Moreover, it is reported that after mass production in the future, there will be not only these two kinds of grilles, but up to five kinds, but the details will have to wait until the official announcement. That is to say, choosing Erffa in the future will be more selective! We look at the two cars currently exposed, which are much higher than the Lexus long rhythm series. The silver version adopts a "keel" structure, and the whole system is dressed with charm blue headlights, which also brings super high value after lighting.

Of course, this is only a small detail in the design of the new Erffa, and other small series of designs will be announced for you in subsequent articles. As for the interior, we can see from the new car launch that all the previous interior layouts have been cancelled, and the design of Lexus long rhythm series will be followed in a high probability, so the sense of luxury and technology in the whole interior will be obviously improved.

Looking at the power, the conventional version of Erffa will match the hybrid system of 2.5L four-cylinder engine and dual motors, while the performance version of GR Sport will be equipped with 2.4T inline four-cylinder engine, and the overall performance will be more outstanding. This car is expected to be officially announced in 2024. Can the price of 800,000 yuan still be cut into leeks?

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