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What is the model number of the old gl8 tire (what is the model number of the old gl8 tire)

Old Ba finally went to change the oil. Last time I almost leaked the coolant, I also changed the coolant by the way. It's a pity that the garage only has ordinary coolant, not the one with boiling point of 130. Let's use it in winter, and wait until it gets hot.

I added a bottle of engine cleaning fluid to the store first, and the old machine washed her, which can wash off some carbon ash. Of course, the waste engine oil is very dirty, so the old man has to clean his intestines.

The ignition wire and spark plug are estimated to be new, and the gearbox oil is also new. There are two reasons for starting this car. First, my wife accepted the cleanliness of the car's appearance and interior. Second, I accepted the power of this car. Except for the idling of the valve top pillar, the power is on call, the speed is rapid, the engine room is clean, and the five tire brake pads are 95 new. According to the original owner, it is said that the power system has moved a screw, and the car Now it seems that it didn't hurt me.

Encounter the same paragraph in the same era.

Today, I came across a car of the same model and the same year. Speaking of this car, I still saw it in the intermediary system. I wanted to see it at first, but it was booked. Today, when I saw the real car, I really lamented the importance of maintenance. This blue car was used by its owner, and there were scratches caused by the drag of goods everywhere on the body paint. When the owner was not here, I asked the owner of the car shop, and the boss said that the car was from the mold factory.

The boss said that my engine sounds much better than his. Our old car is not afraid, and we can be young with diligent maintenance. I'm a car lover, especially a Virgo, and I cherish using my car very much. I feel particularly distressed when I see others ruining my car.

The new oil stain was caused by oil leakage, but the original one was only putty, which finally came on the shelves today. I carefully looked at the site of this car, and there was nothing wrong with it except that time left rust spots on him. The whole car is right next to the oil pan. There is putty here, so I must have bought a genuine Buick.

Under my guidance, the mechanic changed the cooling water, and I felt something strange when I removed the drain screw. I once suspected that this guy screwed the drain screw, but I didn't go into it, and everything was normal for the time being.

Interior 1

Interior 2

Interior 3

The above is a photo of looking at the car at that time. I was quite surprised that the car could still maintain this appearance for 13 years. I believed it until I got the green copy. On the one hand, it was used by the team of the municipal government, and the driver of the car opened it. Then it was handed over to the former owner in November, which was the driver of the car. In December, the driver didn't want to put any money into my hand. The annual inspection insurance expired for one month.

The old car is completely refurbished, and its style is still the same. In the past, it had to cost thousands to buy a used car. This car really saves trouble, there is no maintenance work, only maintenance, and the driving experience is already very good. I feel that the age of the car can be reduced by another 5 years. The car is not afraid of being old, but it is still young when it is well maintained.

There is still a serious injury that the idle speed of the valve top bucket is a little noisy. The auto repair boss suggested that the original things should not be moved for the time being. In addition, there is a slight impulse to shift gears. After reading the gearbox oil, it is quite clean and new, and the wiper linkage rod is also worn out. I can't escape these common problems. Let's talk about it when it is serious. Take good care of it and let the old guy play his residual heat again.

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