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Hyundai Motor Quotes and Pictures Super Run (Hyundai Motor Quotes and Pictures)

Inventory of five high-value sports cars that can be bought by hundreds of thousands.

I. Mazda MX5

Mazda 5 series is a sports car brand especially popular with women, and it only needs 299,800 yuan to start. Mazda MX5 looks lovely and exquisite, it is easy to drive, even the power is just right, and it also has a full folding hardtop convertible, which makes it a choice for more women. Although it is a sports car, Mazda MX5' s almond-shaped headlights make it full of intimacy, not the sense of fierceness and muscle that most sports cars have. The interior is made of leather, the seat is equipped with heating function, and the power is equipped with a 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, which makes the control easier.

Second, the symbol RCZ

The distinctive design makes people shine, and the wavy skylight makes many young people marvel at it. It combines sensibility and rationality, and the lowest price is only 328,800. The symbol RCZ makes many people really have a cheap sports car. Although the design of the interior has been criticized by people, the piano paint and chrome-plated parts in the car have also saved many points for it. Although there are some flaws in the sense of driving control, people who love the little lion don't seem to care.

Third, Toyota 86

As a classic entry-level sports car in Japanese cars, Toyota 86 has brought the passion and fun of sports cars to more consumers. The flowing and dynamic lines are especially suitable for the tastes of modern young people, and the graphic design above the headlights and engines is very individual. The overall interior design of Toyota 86 is simple and lively, and the black and red version is particularly enthusiastic. Sports seats also include two color schemes, 2+2 seat layout, and the front seats can be laid down, giving you more space. The 6-speed automatic manual transmission and various modes allow you to enjoy the pleasure of driving close to the ground. You can start with a minimum of 269,600 yuan. Are you excited?

Fourth, Ford Mustang

The lines of American classic sports car are full of modernity and fashion, and more importantly, its power is strong enough, full of the wild texture of American muscles. In the interior, Ford Mustang maintained the original traditional design and added the latest Ford SYNC system. In terms of power, Ford Mustang performs well, with both maneuverability and driving pleasure, and the comfort of daily driving can also be satisfied. In terms of price, is the lowest official guide price of 399,800 enough to surprise you?

V. Subaru BRZ

From the outside, the front face of this sports car is similar to that of a car, but it is quite different from that of a car when viewed from the side. This is a sports-style sports car. The brand-new LED headlights are very unique and fashionable. The huge hexagonal air intake grille matches the front of the car very well. With the edge design at the bottom of the front face, it is angular, which makes the front face sharper. The most sexy sports car style is its small tail. With the design of single exhaust pipes on both sides of the tail, When you enter the cockpit, you will be attracted by its leather-wrapped interior. The three-position multi-function steering wheel looks very classic. The surface of the leather seat is suede-treated and stitched with red lines, which is very classy. The control buttons on the center console, the LCD screen and the air conditioning vents are combined to make the interior look particularly tasteful! In terms of performance, the official did not disclose too much. The specific configuration should be similar to that of a luxury car. After all, it is an entry-level sports car, so the power must not be comparable to those of pure sports cars, and its lowest price is about 273,800 yuan.

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