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Send a circle of friends in the mood of test drive (talk about the mood of test drive)

Many people always want to buy one when they buy their first car.

Strong power, luxurious configuration, fashionable appearance, cheap price, comfortable and fuel-efficient, cheap maintenance, seven large spaces and high preservation rate.

Our car ... specifically,

No! But! Can!

When buying a car, you need to combine your own budget to choose the one with higher neutral price, so it is natural to make a calm and rational choice. After the last article about car purchase was published, some netizens asked.

What should I pay attention to when I go to a 4S shop for a test drive?


What do you need to try for a test drive at 4S? Many people may not know much about it, especially

Novice drivers have just bought a new car, and the excitement is easy to get carried away, and they get on the bus and get the floor oil.

I think this car accelerates well, but I haven't tried anything else. Next, this article will tell you how to know whether the car is suitable for you through the test drive.

First of all, your driving experience should be more than two years.

Otherwise, try to ride and experience statically. Secondly,

Safety is the most important

Avoid accidents and do what you can,

Don't try to feel the limit beyond your driving ability.

Risks are accompanied by challenges.

Compare before buying a car, and so does the test drive experience.

Make a dynamic test drive comparison between different alternative models.

. Accumulating enough experience will not only enrich your test drive experience, but also help you make more correct judgments and better choices. For old drivers,

The significance of test drive is also to compare with all driving experiences in the past.

Only by accumulating a certain number of miles of driving experience can we objectively evaluate the test drive models in a short time.

The test drive itself is to let you feel whether the car is comfortable to drive and suitable for your driving habits.

After all, the feeling level is subjective, and these online materials and friends' experiences can't be fully applied to themselves. Take suspension as an example, some people like soft, softer and more comfortable, while others like hard, which is why they must test drive themselves when buying a car.

Because everyone's driving experience is not necessarily the same, it is most important to suit themselves.


Before the test drive, you must do your homework.

Yes. Learn more about the data information of the vehicle and compare it with other alternative models at the same price.

Through some test drive videos and articles on the Internet, you can get a general understanding of the characteristics of each car.

. There is another advantage of memorizing vehicle data, that is, it will not be deviated by the sales belt during the test drive, and you can pay more attention to the aspects you care about, the description of sales,

You should also learn to think rationally, and don't blindly listen to partial beliefs.

Don't be impulsive.

After entering the driver's seat, you can

First, familiarize yourself with the driving experience of the driver's seat, as well as the operation of some auxiliary driving function buttons, shift levers and driving mode switching.

. Then you need to adjust what you feel comfortable with.

Driving posture

, for example

Seat, steering wheel and rearview mirror adjustment

wait for


On the road, there are more traffic lights.

Urban road section

, you can feel the vehicle in

Whether the response of the vehicle is flexible when the brake and throttle are constantly switched, and the strength and performance of the brake pedal when stopping and following the car at low speed.

. You can also view it while driving.

The view of the rearview mirror and the position of the blind area, as well as the view blocking range of the A-pillar on the left and right sides.

These are places related to daily driving.

Don't be too obsessed with tests such as 100-kilometer acceleration. After all, no one will drive his car at the green light every day and step on the accelerator to speed up the break.


If you're in the open

Suburban section


On the premise that traffic conditions permit and safety is guaranteed.

In the process of speeding up and slowing down,

Feel whether the gear shift is smooth, whether the vehicle has obvious setback, the weight of the steering wheel and the pointing accuracy, and you can also experience emergency braking after high speed.

Braking distance and car body posture


Whether the vehicle's posture is within the acceptable range after lane changing, overtaking and merging, whether the roll performance during high-speed turning meets one's own expectations, and the vibration-absorbing performance of the vehicle chassis suspension when passing through speed bumps and potholes.


For most people,

It is difficult to experience the quality of high-speed driving of vehicles for a few kilometers around 4S shop.

, for example

Power reserve

Whether it is sufficient and at high speed.


The strength of the steering wheel

Wait a minute. Here's the suggestion.

Using some car rental apps, there are car rental companies and personal rentals. It is best to rent a car that you have been thinking about for a long time for two days.

It is also convenient to make a more comprehensive evaluation of the driving performance of vehicles under different road conditions.

As a large consumer product in the family, in addition to the detailed test drive,

It's also important to try to ride with your heart.

. Because not only the driver, but also

Take into account the feelings of family members.

. Experience it in every seat of the vehicle, especially in the back row. Feel it while adjusting the driving space in the front row.

Rear seating space and comfort

How, for example

Leg, head space, area and softness of seat cushion, and angle of backrest.

And so on, still need to experience.

Comfort of the rear row during driving, such as sound insulation, bumps and roll.


For novices who have no driving experience even if they have a driver's license,

If you don't have too many specific feelings in the short test drive experience, you might as well feel it from the static experience.

For example, the material selection design of the interior, the rationality of the operation of various buttons and multimedia functions in ergonomics, whether the design is in place, whether the rotating feel and damping of each knob are comfortable, whether the materials, assembly technology and seams of the central control interior are different, and whether the storage space and storage compartment in the car are designed reasonably.

Having said that, in fact, the most important thing about the test drive is

The driver's own mood, Follow Your Heart

. Imagine that you are driving your future car leisurely, driving it to and from work, dating for an outing, welcoming and going through many roads, and experiencing your own life. Does it make you feel happy and happy in front of you? ! Near the end,

I wish everyone can buy their favorite car in the new year, at least at the moment of swiping the card, just be happy from the bottom of your heart.


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