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The old Pajero V33 air conditioner does not start (Pajero v73 air conditioner).

Hello, everyone! The old driver of the car inspector met with you again. I am the inspector of the car inspector. Because of my rough appearance, I was nicknamed Hu orangutan. Although our appearance is a little rough, our mind is delicate, and we are meticulous about testing, so there is definitely nothing wrong with looking for me for testing. Welcome to watch this issue of interesting detection!

When it comes to hard-core off-road vehicles, people often think of imported or joint venture off-road vehicle brands such as herdsman, Lu Xun, Prado and Jeep. However, there is a domestic off-road vehicle that was once praised as a god car and has the reputation of the king of off-road. This car is the Black King Kong under Changfeng Cheetah. I believe that many post-70s and post-80s people will not be too unfamiliar with this car. The appearance comes from the design of Pajero V33, and the overall style is still very tough. Compared with the mainstream urban sports utility vehicles on the market, it still seems a bit out of place, but at first glance, you will know that it is not born for the city.

At first glance, you will feel deja vu. Pajero has a strong smell, so you can't help wondering if it is a fake version. After all, that's how domestic cars come out. Orangutan: I think it is necessary to name it. The cheetah King Kong itself uses Mitsubishi technology. In the early days, it was strongly supported by Mitsubishi in terms of appearance, chassis and even engine, so there is no such thing as a cottage. The self-weight of King Kong is 2.4 tons, the tires are widened and strengthened, and the off-road ability is very reliable. It is absolutely not a problem to fight in Alashan.

Today, this car is in Hanzhong, Shaanxi Province. The orangutan, my little brother and I have to take the high-speed train from Xi 'an. Chatting on the high-speed rail, I learned that the customer is a post-90 s entrepreneur. After graduating from college, he worked in Xi' an for five years. Tired of the days of nine-to-nine copywriting, he resolutely decided to go back to his hometown to build a new countryside and start aquaculture.

Rural roads are bumpy and the road conditions are not very good. In order to travel conveniently, customers can also carry some tools or goods, so they decide to buy a second-hand car that has both space and cross-country and is cheap. After searching online for a long time, they finally set their eyes on Black King Kong. But to be honest, a good car is hard to find. Buying a second-hand car depends on fate. Before seeing this car, the customer has entrusted us to go to other places to test the other two cars respectively. The car condition is not very good, and the customer is more persistent. Today, I found another car. If it still doesn't work, I will have to wait for years to find it.

After three hours' journey, I finally met this cheetah Black King Kong. I don't know how the customer found this car. I didn't know it was in a farmhouse until I saw it. The clean gray and white color and the square appearance make it look strong and powerful, but it has a lot of vicissitudes. The seller said that this car used to be a wedding car. Although it was many years old, it didn't go to the wild much. It was in good condition and only ran more than 70,000 kilometers. If you really want it, the price can be discussed again.

Orangutan, I thought to myself, it really surprised me that this type of car was used for wedding. Is it the camera car of the wedding team? After a simple communication between the buyer and the seller, I started to move bricks and get to know the basic information of the vehicle first. Model year: 2009 Cheetah King Kong 2.4L manual four-wheel drive Factory date: June 2009 Registration date: August 2009 Expressed mileage: 78655KM New car price: 179,800 seller price: 48,000 inspection location: a farmhouse in Hanzhong, Shaanxi.

Patrol around the car, and install light bars in the middle net, which looks quite good; The color of the four-wheel tire is very new, and the pattern is slightly worn, which should be just replaced; Other appearance covers have no obvious damage marks.

Take out the instrument to check the metallic paint surface of the car body, and find that the machine cover, the back cover, the right rear fender and the right front fender are not too serious, which should be caused by small bumps.

When I measured the right D-pillar, I found that the D-pillar was painted and painted. Although the area was small, according to the national standard, if the ABC/D-pillar of the body structure was deformed and repaired, the vehicle could be defined as an accident vehicle.

The factory date of the front windshield is August 2009, and the factory date of our vehicle is June 2009. Needless to say, the front windshield was replaced later. If I remember correctly, the date of vehicle registration is also August 2009. No one changed the front windshield just after the license was put on, but it has been ten years since this glass was changed.

Open the hood and the engine compartment is as clean as new. It seems that the seller has cleaned it recently. Then you will find that the heart of this Black King Kong is a 2.4L imported Mitsubishi engine, with a maximum power of 92kw, a maximum horsepower of 125 HP and a maximum torque of 190Nm, matching a 5-speed manual gearbox. This parameter seems weak today, but it was already very good in that year, and there is a four-wheel drive blessing.

It seems that the fixing screw of the cover hasn't been moved if you don't look at it carefully, but we know that the cover has been repaired by sheet metal, so this screw must have been disassembled, and it should be painted after fixing. There is a thick paint layer in the gap between the nut and the screw pad, but the sheet metal painting process was not very good at the time of maintenance, which led to the phenomenon of rust and paint explosion in the mechanism.

The right front fender is also painted with sheet metal, and the fixing screws have traces of screwing and disassembling, and the surface of the screws has been rusted. Observing the inside of the fender, no abnormality is found.

Because the front part is equipped with protective bars, most of the interior of the engine compartment is original parts, and the two headlights have been removed and replaced, but it is the reason for modification.

The surface of the engine is clean and there are no stains such as sludge, but it is impossible for a car of this age not to leak oil or oil, unless you put it there and don't drive it. Orangutan I carefully examined the engine components and found that the intake and exhaust branch pipes, side covers, valve cover and so on of the engine all showed signs of disassembly. Now it is preliminarily determined that the engine is mostly disassembled for maintenance. I'll check the chassis again later.

In winter, the capacity of the battery is also reduced, which requires us to pay more attention. At present, the service life of the battery is 72%, and it can continue to be used; The freezing point of antifreeze is MINUS 10 degrees, so as long as you don't go to the northeast this winter, there is no problem; The water content of brake oil is the same as OK, and it can continue to be used normally.

Open the car door, this set of interior is really old, full of cheap smell, the wear and tear of the main driver's seat is a bit terrible, and there is a lot of dirt in the seat gap, not to mention the carpet. Therefore, I have serious doubts about the apparent mileage of more than 70 thousand kilometers.

Although there was no major collision accident in this car, the main airbag was disassembled. At first, it was thought that it was the collision cause of the right D-pillar, but the collision position of the right D-pillar was wrong and the area was not large, which did not constitute the conditions for airbag explosion. After thinking about it, the most likely reason is to repair the airbag hairspring, but it can't be confirmed at present. If it is to be confirmed, it will be disassembled and assembled. Obviously, the seller will not allow me to disassemble and inspect the airbag.

The production date of the main driving seat belt is January 2013, which lags behind the vehicle factory date and is obviously replaced later; Multiple seatbelts in the co-pilot and the rear row are weak in resilience, so it is recommended to do an overhaul if you start later. Why change the main driver's seat belt? It's been a long time, and I can't find the exact basis for the time being. I guess the orangutan is out of order and it was replaced because of poor maintenance.

The fixing screw at the bottom of the seat was not unscrewed, and the seat frame was slightly corroded. This situation is natural corrosion, which is normal for vehicles with long years, and is not caused by blisters or wading. Therefore, we initially ruled out the possibility of vehicles soaking in water.

When the skylight opens, I heard a creak ... It should be the lack of maintenance of the slideway inside. If it is repaired, it is necessary to clean the dirt inside the skylight and add grease for maintenance.

The vehicle-mounted fire extinguisher is missing, and many onboard tools such as jacks in the trunk are missing.

When starting the vehicle, the instrument self-check is normal, but there is abnormal noise when the engine is started. I guess the orangutan is from the starter. The mileage shows less than 60,000 kilometers, but I conservatively estimate that the real mileage is over 100,000.

Next, it's time for the road test. For the sake of safety, we stipulate that no photos are allowed during the road test. Please make up the pictures of the old driver racing! Orangutan, let me briefly share my feelings about the road test. After the start, the power will continue, the chassis will not sound, the shift will not be frustrated, the direction will not deviate, and the steering system will be in good working condition. The only thing that bothers me is that the noise of the car is too loud, and you need to yell at someone when you talk to them.

I drove to a nearby repair shop and lifted the car. The first thing I saw was serious leakage, and some parts had lost their original color.

The fixing screw at the engine gearbox joint was removed, and the oil pan showed signs of disassembly and maintenance. It seems that the engine has been disassembled and repaired, and there is still the problem of oil leakage at present!

The gearbox also has disassembly marks, and the bottom guard plate is damaged. The seller said that it was repaired some time ago. Orangutan: I almost lost my jaw after hearing the seller's explanation. I thought, Big Brother, I don't read many books. You can't lie to me like this. Are you sure whose maintenance will take down the whole gearbox?

This black diamond is a four-wheel drive, which is the rear axle part of the chassis. The transfer case joystick has been repaired, and the transfer case has not been disassembled for maintenance. It seems that it has also been repaired recently, and it is still leaking oil.

Finally, the OBD computer test was carried out on the electric control system of the whole vehicle, and it was found that the left and right wheel speed sensors were faulty. The reason was not known until the four-wheel drive function of the vehicle was tested, and the seller unplugged the front left and right wheel speed sensor connectors. This wave of operation 666. ...

After more than two hours' inspection here, the inspection report of this car is as follows: vehicle appearance inspection: car cover is painted, back cover is painted, right rear fender is painted, right front fender is painted, rear windshield is replaced, front windshield is replaced, front bumper is equipped with lamp strip, right D-pillar is painted and repaired, engine compartment inspection: headlights are removed and refitted, condensation plate is replaced, hood lock bracket is removed, and vehicle interior inspection: there are many interior parts. The main driver's seat belt is replaced, the main airbag fixing screw is screwed and removed, and the middle row seat is aging and peeling. Vehicle start-up detection: it starts normally, and the engine has abnormal noise. Vehicle function detection: the glass lifter needs maintenance, the left rearview mirror cannot be adjusted left and right, the tail light wire is wrong, the jack is missing, the tripod of the fire extinguisher is missing, the skylight is difficult to open, and the left front fog light is not on. Vehicle road test detection: excessive noise, multiple abnormal noises in the vehicle. Vehicle chassis detection: four-wheel tire replacement, engine disassembly and maintenance,

On the whole, there was no major accident in this car, but there was a sheet metal repair on the right D-pillar. Although it was not particularly serious, it was considered an accident car according to the national standard. Other major problems are that the engine and gearbox have been disassembled and repaired, two of the three major parts have been repaired, and the transfer box has also been repaired. The problem of oil leakage from the chassis is more serious, and there are signs of meter adjustment in the vehicle. In addition, it is necessary to repair the seat belt, maintain the skylight slide and replace the aging rubber parts in the later period, which should cost a little 2 thousand. Report the car condition and the later maintenance cost to the customer in detail. The customer frowned and said, there are a lot of problems. Will the car be repaired often in the later period? I don't know anything about cars either. I'm afraid I'll always wait on them after I buy them!

I told the customer: take care of this car, take care of it at ordinary times, don't drive hard, don't go out for fun, and there is still no problem in the transition for two or three years. However, the fuel consumption of this car is not low, and the seller's quotation is not low. Customer: Actually, I am in a hurry to use the car. How much can I buy this car? I analyzed: the market price of this Black King Kong is more than 30,000, and the seller's quotation of 48,000 is much higher. The car condition is also very general. You can start with the normal market price. You can tell the seller all the problems detected. These problems are all realistic. You can directly talk to him about the conditions. Customer: OK, I'll talk to him. You wait for me. If we can't talk, we'll go back together.

In almost half an hour, the customer came to say that the deal was close, and the seller agreed to a minimum of 40 thousand yuan. Within his budget, it was a little late today, and he was ready to start the car and wanted to cool the seller for another night. It would be better if it could be reduced. If it really can't be cut down, he will go directly to the transfer formalities tomorrow, and finally he decided to stay in Hanzhong for one night. So I said goodbye to my client. On the high-speed train back home, I thought for a moment. Although I understand the customer's experience of looking for three cars in a row and never finding the best car condition, I think 40 thousand is still a bit expensive. I hope the customer can finally cut thousands of dollars, but from the perspective of empathy, this car can fully meet his car demand.

Orangutan As a used car inspector, I also have a distressing place. For people who don't know much about cars to buy such an old car, if the car is in poor condition, the cost and time and energy of later maintenance will make customers feel bad about using it. I'm worried that customers will use cars in the countryside later, and if there is any problem, it will not be easy to solve. Later, the customer was reminded of this problem. The customer said that he was using this car to be in a hurry and occasionally pull some goods. Through the recent continuous watching of these three cars, he thinks that 30,000-40,000 yuan can't buy a hard-core off-road vehicle that is more suitable for him. Therefore, after he starts later, he will first prepare the whole car, and then maintain it on time in the future. It should not be a problem for the car to persist for another year or two. Finally, I wish customers a happy car ride!

All right, bosses ~ Let's share today's test homework here. If you like it, you can praise it or spray it if you don't like it. I repair cars more and read less, and my writing is not good. Please bear with me. Car inspector, I would like to be your friend who knows cars best!

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