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Does BMW Brilliance x3 burn engine oil (does BMW x3 burn engine oil-)

450,000 brought a BMW X3 and drove for 9,890 kilometers. The owner said three major shortcomings, and the comprehensive fuel consumption was 11.0L Do you think I lost money?

First, talk about why you chose this car.

I like German cars, the only standard suv in BBA, and the price is right.

Second, the feeling of appearance and interior decoration

The taillights are too ugly. Maybe I'm too old to appreciate them. If gas-liquid chromatography had a scale axis, maybe I wouldn't buy x3.

The interior is satisfactory, and the formaldehyde reaches the standard. It was measured with an air quality meter. It's not bad in workmanship. It's just that the manipulation of the buttons feels very general, and one button presses three buttons.

Third, the ride feeling

There is no place to put glasses, and the mobile phone can only be carried in the bag. There is no compartment in the armrest box, and people who accept obsessive-compulsive disorder can only Taobao the layered box by themselves. Very nice. Mainly compared with the previous car, I heard that this generation of models is more comfortable than the previous generation.

Fourth, driving experience

2.0T+8AT ceiling-level powertrain, with high speed. To paraphrase the old driver, power can be dispensed with, but it can't be dispensed with. The handling is good, but the brakes are a little soft, which may be the reason for driving only 1000 kilometers. Previously, burning engine oil in Tiguan burned out post-traumatic stress disorder. This time, I didn't dare to grease the floor. The chassis stability: I didn't try the expressway, and my driving performance was very stable on the 80-speed inter-city road. In terms of fuel consumption, for a long time in urban areas, the fuel consumption is 11%. Not bad, after all, it was burned from a hybrid.

V. Summary

1. The biggest highlight is that.

Scale axis, nice face. The rear seats are comfortable. Whether it's a city shuttle or a country road, the length and width of the bus are enough to cope. The ground clearance is also enough to deal with most paved or unpaved roads.

2. Shortcomings.

The taillight is too ugly, and I want to change it to the previous one. Some riders said that it can fit perfectly, and I will consider it after the warranty period. The low-speed setback is really obvious, but it is acceptable on the whole. Connected driving doesn't feel very useful. Look at the cost after it expires and then consider whether to continue using it. Mankardon's 16 speakers can only be said to be average. At this price, you can buy the BMW 5 Series, and the chassis of the BMW X3 is not as advanced as the 5 Series.

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