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Red flag hs5 new 2022 price sports utility vehicle transaction price four-wheel drive (Red flag hs5 new 2022 price sports utility vehicle transaction price four-wheel drive flag collar version)

Text: Know the car time Yang Wanke

Since it came out in 2019, Hongqi HS5 has gained a good reputation in the market, and it is also a representative model for the rejuvenation of Hongqi brand. At present, there are seven models of the 2022 Hongqi HS5 on sale, and the official guide price range is 183,800-249,800 yuan. This article will focus on introducing the design and functional configuration of the 2022 Hongqi HS5, and interested consumers may wish to know about it.

Young and steady design, dignified with a little sports fan.

The front of the 2022 Red Flag HS5 maintains the sense of sedate atmosphere. On this basis, its front flag adopts the new red flag gene, and the grille body adds the effect of black stars all over the sky, which makes it look younger.

The large-size air intake grille adopts the design of "alpine waterfall", which is solemn and powerful. The flag extends from the top of the hood to the air intake grille, creating a strong symmetrical aesthetic feeling of the front of the car visually.

The headlights of the 2022 Red Flag HS5 are equipped with LED light source as standard, and equipped with an approach and landing simulator. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis adaptive system can automatically adjust the far and near lights to ensure driving safety. In terms of design, its headlights adopt the shape of arrow feathers, showing a forward and upward look.

There is another point worthy of attention in the appearance. The rim of the 2022 Red Flag HS5 adopts more recognizable spoke design and exclusive wheel logo to meet the needs of target users for atmosphere and sports style. In terms of tires, the tyre size matched with 18-inch wheels is 235/60R18; Paired with the 20-inch rim is a Michelin tire with a specification of 255/45 R20, which pays more attention to comfort and noise reduction.

The tail of the Red Flag HS5 is full and full of tension, and the taillights with the same arrow feather shape echo the headlights, with the classic red flag logo, which has both fashion beauty and oriental charm.

The cockpit is both luxurious and technological, and it is also suitable as a business car.

The interior of Hongqi HS5 creates a prominent luxury atmosphere. Not only does it adopt the embracing design, but it looks more overall. In terms of materials, the decorative strips in front of the co-pilot and the inside of the door panel are made of real aluminum. If it is matched with the pomegranate red interior color scheme added to the 2022 model, it can highlight the sense of grade.

Diamond texture is one of the main elements in the interior of Red Flag HS5, which can be seen in the leather covering on the inner side of the door panel and the seat fabric. Its design concept comes from the traditional decorative pattern of China-Fang Shengwen, and the essence of traditional culture is well integrated with contemporary design on Red Flag HS5.

In terms of seat material, in addition to the introductory version of Zhilian Qiyue, the seat of 2022 Hongqi HS5 adopts the splicing material of Nappa leather and Alcantara, which takes into account both aesthetics and ride comfort. Judging from the overall sense of luxury, although Hongqi HS5 is not the flagship SUV of Hongqi brand, it can also satisfy the owner's pursuit of luxury quality in most cases, which reflects the taste of the owner and users.

On the basis of luxurious atmosphere, the 2022 Red Flag HS5 also incorporates many technological designs, such as double 12.3-inch screen and 253-color interior atmosphere lights, which bring a good sense of technology. As for the car, the multimedia system is version 3.0 of Zhilian, which supports navigation, Bluetooth, voice control and other functions. In addition, functions such as car networking, OTA upgrade and remote start are also supported.

Rich configuration performance and high cost performance.

For ordinary consumers, one of the highlights of Hongqi HS5 is its high cost performance, which can be seen from its standard configuration specifications, such as dual 12.3-inch screen, dual-zone automatic air conditioner, air outlet of rear air conditioner, etc., and passive safety configurations such as tire pressure display, front double airbags, front side airbags and front and rear exhaust curtains are also standard. Therefore, even consumers who buy low-profile models don't have to worry about the situation that the configuration is not enough.

From the second-lowest model, consumers can choose two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive. In addition, it also has comfortable and convenient configurations such as panoramic sunroof, electric tailgate, HUD head-up display and 12-speaker BOSE audio system, which undoubtedly improves the car experience. A level.

For consumers who have high requirements on configuration, they can consider the high-end models of 2022 Hongqi HS5. These two models are very comprehensive in configuration, such as having a fully functional L2 driver assistance system, which can make users travel more safely and easily. In terms of comfort, the high-profile models have the rare function of suspension soft and hard adjustment in the same class, so the comfort when dealing with different road conditions has also been improved.

In terms of power specifications, the whole system of Hongqi HS5 is not treated differently, and it is equipped with a 2.0T engine with a maximum power of 224 HP and a maximum torque of 340 Nm, and matched with a 6-speed automatic manual transmission. In terms of details, after opening the hood, you can see that the engine compartment of Hongqi HS5 is fully enclosed, which is neat and clean in appearance and presents a good sense of grade. It should be reminded that the whole system of Hongqi HS5 only supports filling gasoline of No.95 or above, so consumers should pay attention to it when using the car.


The 2022 Hongqi HS5 is a competitive model in the 200,000-yuan SUV market. Its advantages are its young and steady design, strong luxury atmosphere and outstanding cost performance. At present, Honda CR-V, Volkswagen Tiguan L, Buick Angkewei and other joint venture brand models that have a relatively direct competitive relationship with Hongqi HS5 are all powerful rivals. Whether Hongqi HS5 can withstand the pressure and meet the difficulties, I believe the market will give an answer.

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