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Honda xadv750 quotation (Honda xadv750 quotation is second-hand)

Just now, Honda Dream Wings officially announced the domestic price of Honda crossover pedal X-ADV:

X-ADV has five color schemes to choose from:

Red, white, black and process engraving, black and white two-color version, suggested retail price: 159,800.

Shengli Red Monochrome Edition, Metallic Silver Monochrome Edition and Classical Grey Monochrome Edition. The suggested retail price is: 158,000.

Red, white and black models

Black and white two-color model


Metallic silver

Classical grey

The X-ADV made its debut at the Milan Motor Show in 2016. It is a special model with pedal convenience, but it can also carry out some small off-road, making it the first in the market.

X-ADV is equipped with a 745ml two-cylinder water-cooled engine with a maximum power of 40kW/6250rpm and a maximum torque of 68Nm/4750 rpm, and uses Honda's unique discrete cosine transform. Distal convoluted tubule; Dual-clutch automatic transmission Dual-clutch automatic transmission system, this engine is also used in street cars NC750S and utility vehicles NC750X.

In the configuration, the front suspension is 41 mm inverted, preloaded and rebound adjustable shock absorber, and the rear suspension is a pro-link multi-link central shock absorber.

The front brake is radial caliper+double 320 mm disc, and the rear brake is single piston caliper +240 mm disc, with ABS as standard.

The spoke wheel hub is adopted, and the front tyre size is 120/70-17 and the rear tire is 160/60-15.

The HSTC tracking control system is equipped, and there are two sections to choose from. The first section can allow the rear wheels to slip slightly, which is suitable for unpaved roads. The second section is designed for slippery roads to provide stable vehicle dynamics for riders. Of course, you can also choose to turn off the HSTC tracking control system.

Keyless system.

Liquid crystal instrument.

It is understood that X-ADV has successively visited 4S stores around Honda Dream Wing. If riders are interested in this rider, you can leave a message for Xiaobian! Xiaobian will take a detailed introduction of the real car another day.

Honda X-ADV specification sheet

Engine type: water-cooled parallel two-cylinder SOHC engine with 8 valves.

Oil supply mode: electronic injection system

Cylinder diameter * stroke: 77 * 80mm

Displacement: 745 ml

Compression ratio: 10.7:1

Maximum horsepower: 40 kW /6250 rpm

Maximum torque: 68 Nm/4,750 rpm.

Transmission mode: 6-speed chain transmission, DCT.

Front shock absorption: 41 mm inverted, preloaded and adjustable rebound.

Rear shock absorber: Pro-link multi-link center shock absorber

Front brake: Nissin double radial calipers, 320mm disc and abdominal muscles.

Rear brake: daily list of piston calipers, 240mm disc and abdominal muscles.

Wheelbase: 1.509 mm

Seat height: 820 mm

Curb mass: 238kg

Tank capacity: 13 liters

Front tire: 120/70 R-17

Rear tire: 160/60 R-15

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