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Is Saab good (where is Saab good)

Many people's impressions of SAAB may stay in the Saab special in TopGear.

The result of falling from 2.5 meters at the same time as Series 3.

When I was a child in Hong Kong,

I always feel that people who drive Saab are different. They are always engineers, lawyers and designers.

People who do business may not choose this brand.

It is the kind of car that is not cheap at all, but you never seem to know where it is expensive.

Speaking of performance, its horsepower and acceleration results are not eye-catching;

Speaking of appearance, it can only be regarded as maverick, not dazzling;

Let's talk about technology, it has its own uniqueness, but compared with Mercedes-Benz BMW, it can only be said that it has its own advantages.

Doing business is about ostentation and extravagance and clothes, and these are never something that a Saab can give you. So what can it give you?

Inner beauty.

It owns

Keyhole design that won't scratch your knee in a crash.


Roof and C-pillar that will never sag when overturned.


After 10 years, the chassis is still incomparable.

Here I want to ask, who knows?

So the owners of Saab know a lot about cars, because they must have owned many different cars before they can appreciate the beauty of Saab. According to the research findings of psychologist rudiger Hossiep,

Saab owners are generally 10 times more enthusiastic about their cars than Volkswagen brand owners.

Saab is a flash in the pan in China, leaving only more legends and a group of people who know how to appreciate it. In fact, the disappearance of Saab can be said to be an inevitable phenomenon. Let's summarize the target groups of Saab:

I know a lot about cars but I don't have much pursuit of performance. I like driving but I don't like being too radical. I pursue quality but I don't pursue luxury. It is not my only car.

There are so few such people, so why not change its taste to meet the market?

Because it is not such a seedling, trying to please others may even lose its last advantage.

At least there is still a stubborn story that deserves to be told by later generations.

If you want a grounded Saab,

Let's learn about Beiqi Sic Bo D70 and GM Regal.

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