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The latest news of the price reduction of oil trucks (the latest news of the price reduction of Volkswagen oil trucks)

Beijing Daily Client | Reporter Yang Tianyue

Since March, the national new car "price reduction tide" has gradually eased, but the aftermath of the used car market continues. On April 25, the third-party trading platform Guazi used car released the "Report on the Price Trend of Used Cars under the Price Reduction Tide in 2023". The data shows that under the "Price Reduction Tide", the transaction price of fuel used cars on the platform decreased slightly by 800 yuan in April; Among them, the second new car was the most affected, and the transaction price in April fell by 9,000 yuan from the previous month, hitting a new low of nearly one year.

Specifically, in the online second-hand car trading in April, the average transaction price of fuel second-hand cars was 93,900 yuan, which was about 800 yuan lower than that in March. However, compared with the lowest price of 89,000 yuan in January this year, it is still nearly 5,000 yuan higher.

In the second-hand car trading, the most affected by the "price reduction tide" is the quasi-new fuel car with a car age of less than one year. The data shows that the average transaction price of such vehicles in April was 133,000 yuan, down more than 9,000 yuan from March. Among them, the fuel sport utility vehicle was the most affected. The average transaction price in April was about 85,000 yuan, down nearly 2,000 yuan from March, setting a new low in the past 15 months.

Hot-selling used car brands also have obvious price differentiation. Up to now, among the top ten brands in April, the average transaction price of BMW dropped by 9,100 yuan, down 5.1% from the previous month, ranking first in terms of absolute price reduction and decline. Audi's transaction price rose by more than 7200 yuan, ranking first in the increase.

However, the "price reduction tide" since March has mainly affected the field of fuel vehicles, but the new energy used car market has not been affected. The data shows that the average transaction price of pure electric used cars in April was 106,000 yuan, up 3,000 yuan from March, and the price was the same as that in December last year. Plug-in hybrid used cars showed the same trend. "This shows that new energy used cars have stabilized and rebounded after the price reduction tide in January and February this year." The report analysis said.

According to the analysis, it has been two months since the "price reduction tide" began in March, and the price reduction space of used cars has been basically released and transmitted to the price of second-hand cars, and the price of such used cars has basically bottomed out. However, in view of the "one car in one condition" of used cars, consumers who are prepared to "bargain-hunting" should also pay attention to avoid suffering additional losses due to blind "picking up leaks".

Image source: melon seeds used car

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