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Haojue dr300 Video Road Test (Haojue dr300 Evaluation Video)

There are all kinds of legends about the god of cars in the circle, and there are always several riders with excellent car control skills around them. Some track skills are exquisite, like Brother Zhen. However, in addition to talent, you need time and relatively strong financial support to become a track god. The other is the great god of Kinkana, which is more practical in the streets and requires relatively low space and financial resources. Recently, I took part in a speed control training in Jinkana, which was called "Peak Driving". The model I used was Haojue DR300. I was the first DR300 owner in Beijing, and I was familiar with this car. In addition, I learned the teaching essence of professional instructors in Jinkana during the activity, and finally won the championship of peak driving, and I briefly felt the honor of the car god standing on the podium.

Today, let's share some essence of the crash course of Car God. First of all, we should choose a car that suits our own level and can quickly improve our skills. Then there is a protective gear with relatively perfect protective measures. When the hardware such as car and protective gear is ready, it is necessary to choose an excellent tutor. At present, there are many activities held in the name of safe driving, but the fish and the eyes are mixed, and if you are unlucky, you will meet the so-called "masters" who are born in the wild.

This time, DR300 has invited a team of professional instructors to teach, and its Jinkana rating is above W1. The patient and systematic teaching can quickly improve the riding level.

For the novice of Kinkana, the Haojue DR300 is still very friendly. First of all, the 785-mm seat height allows most knights to find a down-to-earth feeling. The 298-ml parallel two-cylinder engine is linear and easy to control, and the high-speed performance is excellent. Equipped with KYB shock absorption system, it provides good support for the vehicle and makes the knight's handling more stable.

In the training, the coach corrects the sitting posture most, which is a very simple posture, but many riders are completely wrong when riding. Use the forefoot to step on the foot, not the instep. Because with the proficiency of technology, the inclination angle of the car body will become larger and larger, and it is easy for the toe to touch the ground when stepping on the foot, which may lead to a car crash or a fracture.

Stepping on the pedal with the forefoot can make you better control your body and control the center of gravity of the vehicle, which is more conducive to clamping the fuel tank with your thighs. After clamping the fuel tank, the upper body will be better relaxed, and the lower body will be stable, which will make it easier for drivers to find the feeling of integration of people and vehicles.

For the posture of the upper body, try to relax as much as possible, look at it as a C-shape from the side, and don't learn the way of hunching over and pouting your ass on the Internet, which will only make you worse and worse.

Most motorcycle friends know that motorcycles will follow their own line of sight and go wherever they see. Therefore, turn your head to the direction you want to go in advance, and at the same time, look far away. Don't stare at the range of two or three meters in front of the car. This will give you the illusion that the speed is too fast, resulting in the throttle not being given, and it is easy to stall and reverse when turning in a small radius. At this time, as long as you look up and see farther, this problem will be solved. Therefore, it is a very good habit not only to ride in the Kincana race but also to look far ahead and see the direction you are going to. Emphasize that looking in the direction you want to go is not to squint, but to turn your head away!

Motorcycle Kinkana not only needs a certain body inclination angle to assist cornering, but also the steering angle of the handlebar is the key. Many sharp corners need to kill the handlebar to barely pass through the pile bucket. If you want to give full play to the steering angle limit of the vehicle, you should pay attention to the same angle of the handlebar, shoulder and head when turning. Simply put, how much the handlebar turns, how much the shoulder and head turn at the same time. If you want to complete this "simple" action, you need the leg action mentioned above to support it. If the thigh does not clamp the fuel tank, you will find that the body is very unstable and you can't find the center of gravity.

The braking and throttle control in Kinkana is difficult for beginners, and it is best to practice from the basic rear brake when beginners are learning. Moreover, after the vehicle starts, you should force yourself not to operate the clutch and the front brake, and hold the handlebar with both hands and five fingers. Concentrate on feeling the timing of opening and receiving oil, experience the reaction of the vehicle when the rear brake slows down, and take pains to train repeatedly to remember this feeling.

S-shaped pile penetration

Z-shaped winding pile


Here is an introductory training process for everyone. First, practice S-shaped pile penetration, master the throttle and the rhythm of quick turning left and right, and then increase the difficulty to practice Z-shaped pile to master large-angle rotation, which has higher requirements for throttle, braking and sight. Finally, I'm practicing GP8, which seems simple but difficult. This is the entry exam of Jinkana. The passing line is to finish 5 laps in 40 seconds. You can find an open space to experience it.

This peak driving not only has exciting events and real training, but also has many benefits. In addition to bonuses, there are plenty of lucky draws at the scene, and many lucky friends have been favored by prizes.

After this day's play, I feel that the peak driving of Haojue DR300 is a large-scale gathering among motorcyclists. The manufacturer thinks for the users from all angles, which not only makes the motorcyclists have a relaxed and pleasant weekend, but also experiences the fun of Jinkana. After the guidance of professional coaches, riders can also ride more safely in their daily commuting. I hope to see more "peak driving" activities in the future, and bring more real benefits to motorcycle friends.

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