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Haojue dr300 User Manual (Haojue dr300 User Manual)

Good-looking data are the same,

An interesting soul is what it seems.

For more than half a month, the motorcycle team tested many projects and spent some time disassembling it.

Some cars really don't need accumulated mileage to prove. Good is good, and it can be found in the first time.

Next, when I pick up dry goods, I will talk about Haojue DR300, a sports streetcar with international standards, from several dimensions.

appearance index

If I have to say shortcomings, I personally will vote for the design.

Although DR300 is full of atmosphere and looks like GSX-S750 in some angles, compared with the most popular "international color" in today's car world, there is indeed room for improvement in the attainments of industrial art.

Although the understanding of Yan value is a matter of opinion, nowadays, "good-looking skins" do emerge in an endless stream, compared with the sensory stimulation given by DR300, it is not so strong. The original intention of playing it safe and not making mistakes is more suitable for the evaluation of "being in the middle of the rules".

Of course, you can't find any design defects in it. It can only be said that if evaluated by the international top industrial design level, DR300 still lacks the breathtaking feeling of falling in love at first sight.

As for the details, texture and delicate craftsmanship, the DR300 has no problems, which is not only far superior to the domestic models, but also inferior to the international models of the same class.

motive force

Whether it is GW cylinder expander or not, it is meaningless to entangle this question.

The correct expression should be "it is based on the GW engine structure, and more than 70% of the projects have been redeveloped".

If you don't buy it without "expanding the cylinder", I am afraid that all public upgrade engines in the world are suspected of expanding the cylinder; Most medium-displacement cars can always find their small-displacement past ...

On the one hand, I praise the technological upgrading of international brands; On the other hand, they turn a blind eye to the technological progress made by domestic brands.

It's good that you are happy for such a double bidder!

The new engine of DR300 adopts double-cylinder water-cooled SOHC structure, which is in the same strain as GW, but there is a big gap between them in other aspects.

The displacement increased from 248cc to 298cc, the cylinder diameter and stroke were enlarged, and the golden ratio of 1: 1 was adopted, which is now 57.3× 57.8; The maximum power is 21.5 kw/8500 rpm; The maximum torque is 27.8N.m/6500rpm.

It will be exciting for the engine to release the howling completely different from the GW series. As long as you start it, you can feel the completely different orientations of the two.

The result is a more active and radical dynamic response.

Data test, the results are as follows-

Top speed: 139.7km/h

Within the allowable range of road conditions, the surface display is 148km/h, and the corresponding D-box measured value is 139.7 km/h.. Because the tail speed has not finished climbing during the test, theoretically, DR300 should be able to break through the surface speed of 155 km/h.

Zero acceleration: 7.9s

Full of oil, the tester weighs 62kg. Compared with the acceleration of GW series cars in about 10 seconds, the progress of DR300 is quite obvious.

More interesting phenomenon, DR300' s watch speed is just over 100 when it is close to the speed red zone in the third gear state, that is to say, it is just at the critical point of 100 kilometers per hour, and then it must be shifted up to continue to speed up.

Because the meter speed is usually higher than the actual speed, the result is that the speed must be cut into the fourth gear to break through 100, and there will be a time loss of a few tenths of a second. Look carefully at the data of each acceleration section in the figure below, and you can find clues.

It sets the head output to be very majestic, but it narrows the tail output. So simply looking at the data results, it is a fact that DR300 is not dominant in the competition.

Looking at the current domestic and foreign car models of the same class, DOHC engines with high rotation speed are mostly used, regardless of whether they are double-cylinder or single-cylinder, and their design orientation also focuses on the performance of medium-high rotation.

By comparing the above models, you can find some logic in setting.

The maximum power of the dual-cylinder DOHC engine is indeed quite powerful, but the corresponding speed is above 10,000 rpm without exception; In addition, they need to release the maximum torque at least at 9000 rpm.

Compared with DR300, their power advantage needs to be achieved by increasing the rotational speed, which means greater vibration and noise, as well as compromises in fuel consumption, comfort and durability.

For the performance knight who starts at every turn, this is nothing, perhaps one of the sources of happiness; However, it is not necessarily the best choice for a novice or a steady old driver to rely on the high-speed power orientation.

Compared with the single-cylinder engine, the ride comfort, vibration suppression and power release characteristics of the double-cylinder engine are naturally more advantageous.

One more thing, the maximum torque of DR300 is the highest among these models at present, reaching 27.8N.m;; And the corresponding speed is the lowest, only 6500rpm.

This shows that it can easily have excellent dynamic response in the middle and low speed region, and it is also quite outstanding in starting acceleration and overtaking acceleration in the middle speed section. Daily urban cycling, DR300 can meet the requirements of comfortable driving and stimulating acceleration at the same time.

In addition, on the narrow and tortuous mountain road, such dynamic characteristics have great advantages; Its tolerance for gear and speed also allows the knight to be less bound by the engine and gearbox and more focused on bending.

It can be said that the DR300 continues Haojue's concept of building a car and its understanding of power setting, and it still puts durability and friendliness in the first place.

On the other hand, it has not stopped, and its brand-new dynamic performance and distinctive output characteristics are really commendable.


What is the most striking thing about a new car? I believe that the focus of most riders will be on the engine and configuration.

To tell the truth, several domestic brand enterprises have been able to achieve good standards in these two aspects. In addition to the increasingly strong learning ability of car companies themselves, international big-name accessories are becoming more and more easy to obtain. A decent car is naturally easier to make.

However, from a professional point of view, the original R&D ability of local enterprises is still relatively weak, especially in the frame, which has been difficult to make achievements for many years, and more enterprises have chosen to give up directly.

If you pay attention to MotoGP or are interested in top sports cars, you can find that the most important research and development of the car factory is actually concentrated on the engine and frame. Others, such as suspension, tires, brakes, etc., are basically realized through the support of third-party professional brands.

It is conceivable how important and difficult the frame car design is, and it is paid more attention by big manufacturers.

Because of this, when we unpacked the DR300 packing box, we were surprised to find that it didn't adopt the cross cradle frame that GW car series has been using, but chose the higher-end double-wing beam frame structure similar to that commonly used in performance cars.

Later, we simply disassembled the DR300 and found that it was indeed the case.

We think it can be called "steel tube welded double-wing beam frame". Starting from the front steering shaft, four high-strength steel pipes are used to connect the engine and the rear rocker arm from both sides, and the steel pipes of the frame are welded by steel plate stamping parts, and finally integrated with the sub-frame under the main seat.

There is no doubt that it is completely different from the cradle frame adopted by GW system. The significant difference lies in the main frame structure on both sides of the top of the engine, and whether there is a bracket under the engine.

In addition, there is a circular pipe joint 10cm below the main seat of DR300, which is the center of the whole frame, and the center of gravity of the whole car is also concentrated in this part when driving.

Connecting all parts of the vehicle with the driver as the center is the change brought by the brand-new frame of DR300.

Therefore, it can respond to the driver's intention quickly and let the driver get an excellent and arbitrary control experience.

I was surprised and a little excited by the new discovery.

It is necessary to know that changing the frame structure of GW system means brand-new development, which is not only the financial cost, but also the time cost, and a lot of boring data demonstration is needed.

Many manufacturers are reluctant to do such a thankless thing. Because the cost paid is difficult to see, and it is easy to be criticized because of the increase in cost.

However, the benefits of doing research and development honestly and dutifully are also obvious. Once you try to ride, users can feel the unique advantages of the car. In the long run, not being lazy is the secret of going further.

From the test drive experience, the new frame structure has brought exciting driving experience.

Almost everyone who has ridden our DR300 says that the feedback from GW or GSX is too different. Sharp and full of sports tension, it is simply a small sports car with a shell removed.


KYB inverted fork is used for the front shock absorption of DR300. From the feedback of test drive, this set of shock absorption has soft compression characteristics and long downward stroke, which belongs to comfortable orientation.

However, this does not mean that it will be lacking in sports.

Its rebound damping performance is excellent, and its remarkable feature is that the resilience of the shock absorber is gradual when bending, which ensures a stable enough body posture and can make bending a pleasure. This kind of feedback, I have hardly experienced in any domestic car before.

It is also worth mentioning that the position layout of DR300' s central rear shock absorption is very similar to that of multi-link rear shock absorption. Compared with the ordinary directly connected central rear shock absorber adopted by GW, this layout can achieve the performance close to that of multi-link rear suspension, reduce the axial torsional friction of the upper and lower fixed points of the shock absorber, and make the expansion and contraction of the shock absorber more acute and direct.

The lower fixed point of GW's rear damping is above the center line of the rear rocker arm, and the damping arrangement angle is inclined, while the lower fixed point of DR's rear damping is below the center line of the rear rocker arm, and the damping arrangement angle is more vertical.

In short, in terms of motion feedback, the DR300 can be said to be the most powerful one among the domestic cars of the same class.

Brake & tire

Let's talk about tires first. Pirelli Devil 3 is basically the top match of this class of cars, and its price is far higher than that of other competing cars.

Strong grip performance and distinctive sports characteristics are immediate for the improvement of driving pleasure. At the same time, it also has a large fault tolerance threshold, allowing riders to make bolder technical moves without getting out of control.

The significance of a good tire is nothing more than two aspects: one is to obtain better driving performance, and the other is to improve the safety factor.

In terms of braking system, DR300 still uses the caliper of Bosch dual-channel ABS system and Nissin system. Since GSX-250R, this system has also become the royal configuration of Haojue, and its overall performance is solid, stable and not radical.

The braking performance of DR300 is different under different road conditions.

On the dry road, the braking feedback of DR300 is more appropriate, and the intervention of ABS is not too abrupt, which belongs to neutral setting.

Pirelli Devil 3' s tire grip is matched with the braking system, which brings a shorter braking distance. The clamping force of the brake handle is not too hard, and these are all places that can be praised in daily use.

The measured data show that the braking time at 30-0km/h is 1.2s and the braking distance is 3.7m;: The braking time at 60-0km/h is 2.1s and the braking distance is 15.7m.

On the wetland pavement, the tire grip is much better than expected, which should definitely be praised.

The front wheel ABS intervened early in the wetland, and although the braking force was great, the front wheel slip was not obviously felt, so the ABS started, and the actual performance could be assured.

Generally speaking, ABS braking system is more reliable, and you can rest assured of emergency braking; It can also have excellent braking performance on clean wetlands.

The only thing you need to pay attention to is the road covered with wet sand. At this time, don't be superstitious about Pirelli tires that "hooligans know martial arts". Walking slowly is the most important thing you should do.

Therefore, my conclusion is that DR300 is a sports streetcar suitable for riding on good roads, whether it is sunny or rainy.

Riding texture

Regardless of the brand, configuration, data and many other external factors, if the "blind riding" method is adopted, the riding texture of the DR300 will definitely rank among the top in the world.

This is my conclusion after the test drive.

In the world, sports street cars are the most popular, influential and valued by manufacturers. However, the word "sport" can be understood differently in this type of car.

Some cars are sporty in appearance, but they are the settings of standard street cars in their bones; Pursuing balance, comfort and friendliness. Some cars are not aggressive in appearance, but they have transplanted the sports genes of our family's super-running, and their performance is extremely strong.

Both sports streetcars have their own clusters, and there is no question of who is strong and who is weak. The key is to see if it suits them. When I was testing the DR300, I found more and more that it is not like a street car-street sports car that pursues balance like GW or even GSX-R.

It is very compact, extremely sharp, and always exudes a feeling of strong athletic ability, which makes people believe that it can also be successful in hand-to-hand combat on the track.

Different knights can get satisfaction from it. Whether radical or moderate, DR300 has corresponding feedback for you. This is also its strength, and it can have that kind of "dialogue" with drivers at different levels.

It is said that the riding texture of the DR300 is also designed. The place where Haojue put the greatest effort into developing the DR300 car includes the repeated adjustment of riding texture.

This is very commendable. A car can be fully optimized, and the unseen places are handled comprehensively. In fact, it is the embodiment of a higher level of research and development and attitude.


DR300 was finally officially released, and the market-guided retail price was 33,080 yuan.

The first batch of users actually got a hand price of 30,380 yuan, far lower than the previous network rumors. Combined with the high-end configuration of the series and the consistent technological level of Haojue, and the design precipitation that lasted for several years, if it is expensive again, there is really no way. Anyway, there are a lot of cheap, powerful and explosive ones, so turning left when going out is both.

As for the value, is it worth it? It still depends on personal understanding. If you consider the quality, craftsmanship and riding pleasure of imported cars of the same level, then this DR300 is considered to be a great value.

As for those friends who said that they should sell 29,000, 8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, I will help you calculate an account:

Replace the devil's fetus and sell it for 29 thousand.

For KYB made in China, it sells for 28 thousand.

Cancel the chip key and sell it for 27 thousand.

Replace the osram LED and sell it for 26 thousand

Bosch for Saifu for 25,000.


You see, the following are basically places where you can save money. Then, it smells good, doesn't it?


After getting along for more than half a month, the DR300 gave me much different feeling. My definition of it, the first sentence is "it is very unpretentious".

Instead of pursuing balance, it tends to be extreme and pure.

From the engine, to the frame, to the collocation of various big-name configurations and the release of efficiency, this makes it a truly international-level sports streetcar.

The second sentence should be "impressed, unexpected".

DR300 is still that comprehensive and exquisite taste, and it is not afraid that the background color of PK process details with international manufacturers remains unchanged. But surprisingly, from the DR300, I saw Haojue's desire for performance.

Although it is still far from the "extreme performance machine", a good start indicates a predictable future.

Haojue may be slower than his peers and cautious. But who dares to deny that once Haojue cuts into a certain field, it is not a "disaster" for anyone?

After several years of grinding a sword, the DR300 is worth waiting for. Even if its displacement is not large enough.

Finally, I hope Haojue can continue to speed up the progress, intensify efforts and launch more, better and larger displacement high-performance cars. Let China fans enjoy the top quality made in China.

Learn from our army, navy and air force and let advanced weapons "go down to jiaozi", no matter how expensive it is, we will also pay the bill!

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