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How much is the sports utility vehicle with Dongfeng Tau Mark (Dongfeng Tau Mark Vehicle)?

Today, the Dongfeng version of "Lexus LM" was officially exposed. The length of the car exceeded 4.7 meters, which matched the brand-new bull standard. This model is familiar to domestic consumers. It was named Dongfeng popular Lingzhi M5, which has been launched in the domestic market for many years as a classic model. At present, M5 is also the leading model of M series. The reason why the carriage is called Dongfeng version of Lexus LM is because the overall design style of the model is different from that of Lexus, a top-class commercial utility vehicle.

Dongfeng Fengxing Lingzhi M5

The overall front face design of this brand-new Lingzhi M5 really has the same elements as the spindle design of Lexus. The overall shape is not very exaggerated, but it has enough aura and business sense. At the same time, for the unique distinction of the model, a brand-new oxcart logo is adopted. Judging from the currently exposed models, it has completely reached the state of mass production models, and the overall sense of movement and fashion is still good.

For such a thing, consumers pay more attention to the spatial performance and comfort performance of the model. This model is not only equipped with the regular seven-seat version, but also provides more models with more seats, so it can meet the car needs of different families, and it is also very competitive in spatial performance with rear seat support adjustment, which can expand more trunk space.

Whether the car is black or white, it can show a good youthful atmosphere, while the second row of the car adopts two independent seats and is wrapped in leather, so the overall sitting posture and comfort are still relatively high, and at the same time, it has different displays in different configurations, which can show different strengths of the car.

Summary: The new generation of Lingzhi M5 shows a brand-new style of commercial utility vehicles, and the price level of the models is relatively low, which has certain advantages among more than 100,000 class utility vehicles.

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