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Cause analysis of abnormal sound in fox forum (complete solution of common abnormal sound in fox)

Hello, everyone, the fault case brought to you today is mainly aimed at a process of abnormal engine sound. The following picture shows the owner's Fox. According to the owner's reflection, abnormal noise will be heard in the engine compartment during driving, and I don't know which part it is.

As shown in the following figure, the maintenance master found that the abnormal noise of the fault was near the right front wheel through judgment, specifically the rattling noise from the engine. Generally speaking, there are many types of abnormal engine noise, such as knocking or knocking, abnormal valve train noise caused by damaged hydraulic tappets or high viscosity of used engine oil, or abnormal belt noise that drives generators, water pumps and air-conditioning compressors.

As shown in the figure below, when the maintenance master checked the generator belt, he found many large sand grains, and after careful inspection, he found many small sand grains. Ask the owner to know that the original owner often drives on the dusty road and the engine is not equipped with a guard, which causes these grains of sand to enter the belt.

As shown in the figure below, the maintenance master was cleaning the sand, and then checked the condition of the belt. No cracks and aging were found, so the belt can still be used.

As shown in the following figure, the maintenance master needs to remove the air-conditioning compressor when installing the air-conditioning compressor belt. It must be said that Ford's car is not designed with too much consideration for later maintenance, which is one of the reasons why many maintenance masters don't like American cars.

Summary: Through this fault case, I hope that the car owners will pay more attention to the maintenance of the engine and chassis in normal times. If possible, it is better to install the engine guard as much as possible, hoping to help everyone.

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