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Haojue dr300 Speed Video (Haojue dr300 Speed Test Video)

On June 16th, Jiangmen, Haojue DR300 cloud conference was held, and Haojue officially announced that the price of the first batch of users in the world was 30,380 yuan.

Is it beyond your expectation?

It takes ten years to grind a sword, and Haojue grinds a car in five years.

Haojue announced the plan of 300 streetcars a few years ago. After the actual car came out, it was tested, improved and perfected several times, and finally officially listed in 2020.

Haojue DR300 evaluation video ↓

[Video is 13 minutes long]

The imotor test team got the test car in advance and carried out the test drive. How did Haojue DR300 perform in all aspects? Let's talk about the evaluation!

Before evaluating the car, the monster said the problem of getting off the target first. Playing Haojue logo around DR300 has always been a hot concern. As you can see, Haojue DR300 has no Suzuki logo and is marked with a big Haojue logo. In fact, not only DR300, since last year, Haojue has started to target its own new cars, including the pedals of three letter S engines just listed, all of which are Haojue marks. What does this mean? It means that Haojue has enough technical reserves for small-displacement or entry-level small-and-medium-displacement cars, and Haojue should explore its own market field in the personalized consumer market.

The DR300 should be just the beginning, and it belongs to the first strategic new car of Haojue in the personalized market above level 250.

Appearance configuration: supporting import

In addition to the design elements of GSX750 series, the exterior design of DR300 has also added a lot of its own style, which is generally

More reserved and unobtrusive

I don't know, I just didn't take the extreme route.

The acceptance of age groups is relatively high.

And the workmanship of painting and detail splicing parts is not much to say. The quality of Haojue in this piece is already the benchmark of industry consensus.


The curb weight is 177kg,

The wheelbase is 1420mm, which is lower than the weight and wheelbase of GW250, and it also shows that its sports performance will be better.

And the frame is adopted

Truss double-wing beam frame

, is no longer a common cradle frame in the past. This frame is somewhat similar to the combined version of aluminum alloy biplane frame and diamond frame, except that aluminum alloy is replaced by steel pipe.

The rocker arm has been strengthened. Compared with some imported models, the Zhengping Fang fork is still used. Haojue is still worthy of praise.

The previous one is

KYB's gold inverted front fork

With the red color of the whole car, it is still quite dazzling.

Behind it are seven adjustable single-shot rear shock absorbers.

Double throttle line.

The front brake adopts double-piston calipers with 290 mm disc, and the rear brake adopts single piston with 230 mm disc. It is also equipped with

Bosch's dual-channel anti-lock braking device

. Metal tubing is not used.

The fuel tank capacity is 16L.

Most models in the same class are between 12L and 14L, and the battery life is guaranteed. The official claim is that the fuel consumption is 3.04 per 100 kilometers, but see the actual measurement below IMOTOR.

The tires are Pirelli.

Demon three generations, this is a set of famous commuter tires, commonly known as red lightning.

This set of tires is a semi-hot melt tire that inherits some formulas of Supercorsa, which is Pirelli's master sports tire, and we can also see that he also uses lightning stripes, but some auxiliary tire stripes are added on both sides. If Supercorsa's positioning is track and mountain road, and it doesn't ride a bike in rainy days, then its positioning is

Daily commuting, holidays can be a little bloody.

In terms of other configurations, the DR300 is quite willing to spend money, and many places that can't be seen, like

Panasonic's water tank, RK's chain, Mitsubishi's oil pump, and LED lights for the whole vehicle.

And so on some accessories, DR300 is quite sincere. However, some places can be slightly upgraded, such as the full-color thin film transistor dashboard, which is the mainstream trend at present. One last word,

Configuration is based on the selling price.

Accelerated measurement of third gear breaking 100

·DR300 adopts a two-cylinder water-cooled four-valve engine.

Maximum power is 21kw@8500rpm.

The maximum torque is 27Nm@6500rpm.

The final DR300 km acceleration score is: 8.4S,

The meter head is broken in the third gear, while the P-BOX needs to be pulled to the fourth gear. This acceleration level is in the middle and upper reaches for a double-cylinder car. If it is against a standard single-cylinder car, it may be delayed by 1-2 seconds.

Power, the biggest feeling is that Haojue's appeal is not to say how fast it is accelerated and how high it is, but to

The power saturation and linearity of each gear have extremely high requirements.

, including when accelerating, the power connection of the whole shift is quite smooth. Second, it is the control of vibration, and you can hardly feel the idle jitter.

The rotation speed reaches 8000rpm,

There is engine vibration, but the vibration of the handlebar and pedal parts is still very small.

Vibration is one of the most important factors to investigate comfort, and it is also linked to the power of engine squeezing. It is not that Haojue can't squeeze more engine power, but according to the tonality of Haojue's car-making in the past, DR300 pursues a balance between vibration control and power.

We didn't do the top speed, but judging from the level of the third gear exceeding 100 and 21kw, the top speed of the P-box should be around 140 km/h.

Fuel consumption test: cruising range is equal to that of ADV.

The fuel consumption of 100 km test is 3.15L L.

It is almost the same as the official claim of 3.04L L. In addition, our fuel consumption test includes urban areas, mountain roads and accelerated tests of violence. According to the setting of the 16L fuel tank, the DR300 is full of oil.

The cruising range is over 400km.

This data can be said to benchmark some ADV models.

Manipulate feelings: under control

If I choose what I like most about the DR300 from three aspects: appearance, power and control, I will say yes without hesitation.

Manipulation, manipulation, manipulation,

Say it three times.

The sitting height of DR300 is 785 mm.

Compared with a sports streetcar, its sitting height is a little low, but after sitting on it, it is found that its posture of riding the triangle is different from that of a general streetcar.

At the same time of high pedal.

The reserved positions on both sides of the fuel tank are large, and the whole foot is tight but comfortable, so you can clamp the fuel tank naturally.

The handle also has a point of adduction angle

I think the factory has made great efforts to set the whole riding triangle, which not only ensures that the short legs can be flattened with both feet, but also takes into account the demands for the riding posture of sports street cars.

Whether the vehicle is helped or the vehicle starts to move forward,

The whole center of gravity of DR300 is set low.

It is easier to control.

Personally, I think this car, as long as you are


On the basis of driving a 125cc car, you can get started quickly.

. Our test drive this time includes two parts, one is urban cycling, and the other is an open area with many bends. When there is a lot of traffic in the urban area, DR300 gives you feedback in no hurry, and everything is under your control.

I also did an interesting test, which is

Riding the DR300 as a scooter, starting in the third gear and overtaking in the third gear all the way, under the condition of slightly controlling the clutch, the shift phenomenon of the DR300 is not obvious.

And the power output is still relatively linear.

The main purpose of doing this test is to examine the convenience of DR300 in daily urban driving. What bothers us most in the city? That is, in the case of more traffic and more traffic lights, if the gear ratio of the gearbox is dense, it is necessary to change gears frequently, and it will be tiring to ride, but I think the DR300 gear 2-3 can easily meet the riding demand in the urban area.

As a streetcar flaunting sports, the little monster also put on a jumpsuit and conducted a cornering test. Monster thinks that the most obvious feature of DR300 is high pedal. Compared with ordinary streetcars,

The inclination angle is larger.

. Second, this pair

The tires are really good

, live up to expectations, the limit is high.

Damping adjustment has always been my strong point.

But its bias is not the track or extreme control, I personally think.

It is more suitable for Kinkana.

It belongs to the kind that is fairly balanced.

In the braking part, many brakes in the car we measure on weekdays have a characteristic that the front section is soft and the rear section is strong, but the whole DR300

The braking force is like a straight line, without too many ups and downs.

If you really want a big straight, you will definitely feel that the brakes will be a little soft if you brake at a high speed. If you just commute in the city, it will be enough, and it will be easier to use.

Imotor summary

DR300 is not only an upgrade of Haojue from 250 cc to 300 cc, but also an innovation of Haojue. Yesterday, Haojue dared to share the products with joint venture brands under 125cc. Today, Haojue wants to compete with imported brands in the 250cc displacement market.

Just like my colleague asked me yesterday, why didn't Haojue use Pirelli instead of the new scar pattern, which has good grip and cheap price? That's how my colleagues and I talked. Haojue's brand is going to be internationalized. Like many domestic joint venture cars or domestic cars, many of them are brand-new, but this time Haojue DR300 uses a lot of imported accessories, water tanks, chains, etc., so have you seen which of the four Japanese imported cars is brand-new? No, right?

Then there is the positioning of the DR300. Personally, I think its settings in all aspects are close to Japanese imported cars, which is very balanced. It has not gone to any extreme, and the control is sporty, but it is not as obvious as European cars. If you ask me to mention the shortcomings of the DR300, I think the appearance of the DR300 is too restrained, that is, it is a little low-key, which is not in line with the publicity that some young people in this era appeal to, but it is also in line with Haojue's consistently low-key style.

Technical parameters of DR300:

For riders who want to buy Haojue DR300 and want to know more information, please add i-motor2018 customer service to join the group.

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