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2020 Qianjiang 125 (Qianjiang 125i)

At the beginning of 2019, looking back on 2018, the most sensational event about Qianjiang Motorcycle in this year was that it was included in the territory of Geely Group, and this year was also the year when the national four standards were officially implemented. When these two things collided, it was inevitable. Some sparks were wiped out.

Although the spark is fleeting in the dark, Qianjiang may have completed his turn in a place we can't see.

The Langyue we tested this time is one of those models that have made changes and turned into 2019. Although it still looks simple at first glance, the flash of details is worthy of further understanding.

After Geely entered Qianjiang, the overall vehicle quality control has been greatly improved. Qianjiang introduced Geely's advanced quality management system, and faced with market requirements, five system upgrades and 44 details improvements were made on the original vehicle.

Nowadays, the market refinement has been done in a comprehensive way. In the field of scooters, whether you simply pursue commuting efficiency, want sports performance, or need a fashionable shell to show your personality, you can find products that meet one of the positioning in the market.

But is there a pedal that can meet the needs of daily loading and has certain mobility?

Perhaps we can find the answer from this Langyue 125 and see how it combines the two seemingly incompatible features of sports and commuting.


Three views of the whole car

Qianjiang Langyue is 1830mm long, 680 mm wide and 1100mm high, with a wheelbase of 1250 mm. 。

The long wheelbase brings a relatively stable sense of riding, which can make people relax and stretch their legs comfortably in the sitting position.

↑ The front face continues Qianjiang's consistent family style, the paint water is full and shiny, and the turn signals and headlights use traditional halogen bulbs. Although more and more models use LED headlights, it has become a mainstream trend.

However, the current market cost performance is also to be considered.

Comparison of low beam lighting effect and high beam lighting effect

It can be seen that although Langyue uses halogen headlights, the lighting area is large and the lighting effect is good. The tangent of the high beam is not high, and the range is very long in the case of darkness, but you should pay attention to switching back when you meet the car.

Unique LED diamond taillights

The visual warning function is more obvious, which improves the probability of being noticed by the tail car when driving at night.

= dashboard use

Combination of pointer and liquid crystal meter

The way, the information display is comprehensive and intuitive, and the effect of backlight display at night is also very clear.

↑ There is no difference between the layout of the buttons and the conventional scooter. The buttons are solid in workmanship, and the brake lever is optimized, and the radian is adjusted to fit the ergonomics, and the weight is lighter than in the past.

Usually, scooters leave some storage space under the front panel for placing sundries.

But Lang Yue, who doesn't focus on sports, is quite radical in this respect.

There is no storage space under the front panel, leaving only a plastic hook.

The advantage of this is to improve the compactness of the car body, but the leg space is still abundant, but it will sacrifice some convenience. After all, most people are still used to putting some personal items in the front luggage box that can be taken at will.


Langyue is equipped with a 124.6cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine with a compression ratio of 9.5:1.

The maximum power is 6.3Kw/7500rpm, and the maximum torque is 8.3 N m/6500 rpm. It is equipped with automotive Delphi EFI, which makes the idle speed more stable than in the past.

Although the engine data is not the strongest among competitors of the same level, the engine side cover has been redesigned to be more textured and concise after the power level has not fallen behind.

↑ The front brake is matched with one-way double-piston calipers.

190mm single disc

In the domestic 125 pedals, this configuration is still conscience, and the braking force is linear.

12 inches before and 10 inches after.

The tire configuration makes it have better passability.

↑ Drum brakes are used for the rear wheels, and the brakes of the whole vehicle are enough for daily use.

At the same time, the new model has improved the assembly accuracy of drum brake shoes and strengthened the braking strength.


↑ Lang Yue's bucket space is prominent among the three pedals in Qianjiang that we tested this time, and the large size half helmet is enough to meet the daily commuting needs.

Because the front panel cancels the storage box, the only USB charging port is designed in the bucket, which is a little inconvenient.

In addition, the new country Silangyue has improved the position of air filter inlet and improved the air filter inlet quality to some extent.

↑ The front pedal space is spacious and comfortable, and the edges are designed with multi-layer anti-slip particles.

Fixed back pedal with anti-slip particles, but this kind of fixed pedal is generally not very friendly to men with big feet.

↑ The tail and side bags are not as heavy as ordinary commuter cars.

On the contrary, the concise and narrow stilts have the style of sports cars, and the original factory is equipped with a tail box.

Manipulate feelings

↑ Langyue is not a model that puts all its focus on sports performance, and its acceleration performance is almost the same as that of the 125-pedal Qianjiang Yueyue we tested last year.

The acceleration from 0 to 40 km is within 4 seconds, and the extreme speed test can reach 90km/h, which focuses on the acceleration ability of the first and middle sections, and can meet the needs of urban travel, but it is weak in the last section.

↑ From the control point of view, compared with the Yueyue of the same power platform we tested last year, the sportiness of Langyue can be greatly improved.

The ratio of tires with big front and small back and more flexible shock absorption support make the cornering limit higher and the steering more flexible, because the slim front of the car also reduces the interference to the knees during steering.

↑ Even in the complicated alleys, Langyue can still bring you a comfortable experience.

The efforts made in sports show that Qianjiang is also more concerned about the choice of the younger generation.

= The fuel consumption level of EFI Langyue 125 is measured as follows

2.3L/ 100 km

Of course, this has something to do with driving habits.


The fuel tank, cruising range is about


About, don't lose the current domestic market joint venture 125 pedal.


To sum up, Qianjiang Langyue is a pedal with strong comprehensive ability, which has achieved excellent unity in balancing attendance demand and certain sports performance, and to a certain extent, it provides a good choice for people who need to take care of both aspects.

Although it is an obvious shortcoming that there is no front object box, I think it is acceptable to sacrifice this part of space to provide a good driving experience.

Compared with the previous Qianjiang pedals, the improved new Qianjiang Langyue has made great progress in details, and there are many places that can be seen and more places that cannot be seen. I think this is not only influenced by Geely, but also related to Qianjiang's own determination.

Langyue 125Fi parameter table

Engine: air-cooled four-stroke single cylinder

Cylinder diameter× stroke: 52.4 mm× 57.8 mm.

Displacement: 124.6cc

Compression ratio: 9.5:1

Maximum power: 6.3Kw/7500rpm

Maximum torque: 8.3 N m/6500 rpm.

Transmission system: belt drive

Oil supply mode: electronic fuel injection system.

Brake system: 【 Front 】 disc/manual control 【 Rear 】 drum/manual control

Length × width × height: 1830mm×680mm×1100mm.

Wheelbase: 1250mm

Minimum ground clearance: 120mm

Curb quality: 110kg

Volume of fuel tank: 7.5L

Tyre size: [before] 90/90-12 [after] 100/90-10.


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