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BMW Brilliance x3 has the lowest domestic price (BMW Brilliance x3 domestic price car).

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Bmw X3

[Model background]

BMW X3, which is positioned as a medium-sized sport utility vehicle, was born in 2003. After two generations of model changes, the third generation model based on CLAR platform was officially unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show last year. The first two generations of X3s were sold in the domestic market as imports, while the third generation X3s were finally introduced into domestic production by BMW Brilliance, and officially listed at the fiery 2018 Beijing Auto Show.

[How much]

The new BMW X3 officially announced its price at the Beijing Auto Show on April 26th. There are four models of the new car, and the price range is.

39.98-585,800 yuan


[New car size]

The new BMW X3 has a body size of 4717/1891/1689mm and a wheelbase of 2864mm, which is basically consistent with the overseas version.


The design of the domestic X3 is highly consistent with the previous models released abroad. The front face is still designed with BMW family-style double kidney grille, which has a large grille area and a three-dimensional shape.

Headlights adopt full LED light source, with sharp shape. The air inlet of the M-suite model occupies most of the bumper area, which conforms to the consistent sports style of BMW M.

The wheelbase of 2864mm is slightly increased by 54mm compared with the second generation model, which is conducive to creating more stretched side lines. The waistline below the window is clear, extending from the fender to the rear taillight, and together with several parallel lines below, it creates a good layering.

The rear shape is more rounded and full than the second generation model, which is somewhat similar to the new generation X1. The polygonal taillights are more flat, and the LED width indicator lights are unique and highly recognizable.


The interior of the domestic X3 has a strong BMW family style, and the overall shape is regular, and the freshness is not too much. The center console is wrapped in a large area of soft material, which is quite textured.

In addition, 12.3-inch full LCD instrument panel, 10.25-inch floating touch screen, iDrive intelligent interconnection system and other configuration factors are equipped, which brings a sense of science and technology to the carriage.


The domestic X3 is equipped with a 2.0T gasoline engine code-named B48, which can be adjusted in two ways: low power and high power, with the maximum power of 184 HP and 252 HP respectively. It is matched with an 8-speed automatic manual transmission, and will provide two different driving forms: rear drive and four-wheel drive.


Audi Q5L

The biggest competitor of domestic X3 must be Audi Q5L, which also made its debut at Beijing Auto Show. After all, although the cash Q5 has some shortcomings, such as small space and old interior, its popularity is obvious to all. After extensive internal and external modifications and the extension of the wheelbase to 2908mm, the competitiveness of Audi Q5L is unprecedented.

Benz GLC

In addition to Q5L, Mercedes-Benz GLC, an old rival also from Germany, cannot be ignored. The most attractive place for GLC consumers must be the luxurious cabin atmosphere, which is also Mercedes-Benz's specialty. It is reported that Mercedes-Benz GLC will also launch an extended version of the model called GLC L, with an astonishing wheelbase of 2973mm, and its space performance will definitely be upgraded to another level.

[Summary of Uncle Brick]

The domestic production of the new generation X3 is of great benefit to BMW and consumers. First, it can further enrich BMW Brilliance's product line and further open up the medium-sized SUV market; For consumers, the price of domestic X3 is lower than the original imported models, which greatly reduces the threshold of ownership. The only question now is, can the original X3 find its own place in the market in the face of Q5L and GLC L, two rivals who have been localized and lengthened? It is worth looking forward to!

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