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Toyota Ultraman 2021 Price (Toyota Ultraman 2021 Price)

Neighbor Xiti Prado Brothers Ultraman listened to his advantages and disadvantages.

By [Yingxuan Automobile Studio] Ultraman car owner handsome guy

Prado is a well-known car. Although its domestic version was officially discontinued in June 2020, its popularity in the market has increased instead of decreasing. Prado even once became a hot potato in the used car market, and many car owners would rather increase the price than buy this second-hand car. However, Prado is reluctant to leave the public's field of vision. This is not the case. Prado's four brothers, Ultraman, have entered China in the form of imports.

A few days ago, my neighbor liked to bring one home. Now let's listen to what he has to say. There are several reasons why I decided to buy this 2021 Ultraman with four wheels.

First, Ultraman's four wheels are actually the American version and the plus version of Toyota's overbearing. They have the same chassis, the same wheelbase and the same internal space size as Prado, but the difference is that their main attack areas are different: Ultraman is responsible for North America, while Prado is responsible for outside North America.

Second, my model of four TRD runners in Ultraman is imported in parallel. I spent a few days studying the difference between it and Prado. Its engine is 4.0L, which is the same as the overbearing version in the Middle East, and is larger than the 2.7 and 3.5 liters of Prado, which is discontinued in China. Ultraman adopted full-time four-wheel drive, but after the Prado, which was discontinued in China, was changed, it was forced to change to part-time 4wd in order to cater to China's "coffee law", and it lost its Tosen job. Moreover, the approach angle, departure angle, passing angle and minimum ground clearance of the four wheels in Ultraman are slightly better than Prado. Ultraman is more capable of extricating itself from difficulties. It has a machine translation system and a climbing and crawling mode. In my opinion, Ultraman's TRD is more like a shell-changing FJ cruiser, which was built for off-road. This is what I really want.

Third, the 2021 model of this car has been upgraded with LED headlights and fog lights, and a panoramic skylight. When I take my children out to play, they can see the stars at night through the skylight, which is very happy.

Fourth, because of my children, who are all in their teens, they like more spacious rear space and trunk. My wife's C-RV obviously can't satisfy them. Although this Ultraman TRD is folded with five seats, its maximum volume can reach 2,520 liters. With a 400-watt AC power supply, my wife can completely turn this sport utility vehicle into our "dining car" when camping.

Also talk about its shortcomings:

1.TRD audio is not good. It would be perfect if JBL audio of limited liability company could be standard.

2. The price is more than 600,000 yuan, and only the front seats are heated, the seats are not ventilated, and the back rows are not even heated and ventilated. The comfort of long-distance travel in summer or winter is still lacking.

3.2021 Ultraman TRD Off-road Plus Edition At present, the price of parallel imported bare cars is 640,000, and the cost performance ratio is not too high.

After the neighbor likes to mention the new car, although he is still a little dissatisfied, on the whole, he still likes it. I'm still excited about picking up the car. If you can't buy Prado, as an alternative model, Ultraman four wheels are still a good choice.

Do you think Prado is better or Ultraman is better? Welcome to leave a message

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