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Quotes and pictures of Weifang second-hand Jiangling van (Weifang second-hand Jiangling pickup truck)

There are many light truck models in China. In this case, there are three market segments: comfort, cost performance and specialized high-end models.

Although many brand models are dominated by price advantage, high-end quality models represented by Jiangling still gain market reputation in short-distance transportation industries with high timeliness requirements such as express logistics, cold chain and medical transportation.

With the country's efforts to control the overload of light trucks gradually increasing, choosing a lightweight top-loading model can also increase a lot of transportation income for transportation enterprises and individual practitioners. Therefore, the Kerry 800 series van launched by Jiangling is also a good choice for card users.

Fashion and fresh appearance:

Kairui windshield adopts large-size curved surface design to improve the deceleration effect and reduce the driver's driving fatigue; The narrow cab adopts a widened outward swinging mirror with better visual effect.

The novel family-integrated vertical strip headlight design is particularly conspicuous, and the high-position turn signal design takes into account the narrow urban road sections and logistics parks where daily vehicles enter and leave, and plays a better warning role for the surrounding pedestrians; The high beam with lens configuration provides better lighting effect for drivers at night and under unconventional lighting conditions.

There are fog lights at the corner of the black bumper to ensure that the vehicle's vision is clearer when driving in bad weather, and the wide pedal design in the middle is convenient for the driver to wipe the vehicle.

In terms of appearance, in addition to the humanized configuration such as lens lighting and deceleration glass, the large-size wide-body spoiler used in this model is not a common simple design in light truck models, and the frontal resistance under headwind driving is effectively reduced through the unique curved surface modeling.

As mentioned above, the high-position built-in turn signal of Kairui model has a very high warning safety function. In fact, the triangular large-size convex turn signal used in this model can be clearly seen at the lower edge of the car, and its visual effect is higher than that of the strip-shaped small-size turn signal commonly used in traditional models.

It is worth mentioning that the widened door design used by Kerry wraps a layer of pedals, which ensures that fewer stains enter the room when drivers get on and off the vehicle every day.

Exquisite interior workmanship:

All models of Kairui come standard with electric door and window lifting system, and the large-size U-shaped handle can be reached by the driver even under the condition of the maximum opening angle of the door; The built-in storage compartment below can hold more on-board items.

Like the common MPV models in China, Kairui light truck is very unique in interior design, with water cup limit holes under the air outlets on both sides. Of course, according to the difference of different water cup sizes, it can be accurately fixed by adjusting the limit buckles on the sides.

The multifunctional steering wheel, which is not common in light truck models, can also be clearly seen in this model. Although it does not provide audio-visual entertainment, Bluetooth phones and other configurations, the integrated cruise control system installed in it has a very high safety guarantee during long-distance driving.

The mechanical instrument panel adopts a three-section circular compact design surrounded by chrome-plated metal lines, with a tachometer on the left, a speedometer in the middle of the fuel gauge, a barometer and an engine thermometer on the right, and a two-color LCD screen in the middle position that can display time and mileage.

The two sides of the large-volume open storage compartment above the center console are air conditioning outlets, and the lower part of it is equipped with a simple audio-visual entertainment system; There are emergency light buttons on both sides of the small-sized open storage compartment below; The manual air conditioning knob at the bottom is exquisitely designed, with cigarette lighters and USB interfaces on both sides to meet the needs of drivers and passengers as much as possible.

There is a sealed storage compartment at the front of the co-pilot, which can be used to store the items on board, such as transportation list and driving procedures.

The manual shift lever is located in the blank area between the main and co-pilot seats, and the brake switch behind it is placed in the middle of the simple storage compartment, in addition to which items such as business cards, bills and water cups can be placed.

Kairui's co-pilot seat can accommodate two car attendants, and the protruding design at the back of the cab provides a more comfortable riding environment for drivers and passengers. Of course, a semi-sleeper cab can be optionally installed according to actual needs.

Chassis parts are meticulously crafted:

Kairui vehicle adopts a radial vacuum tire with the size of 8.25R16LT 6PR, which has stronger bearing capacity. The inner side of the mud retaining tile is provided with an anti-splash buffer pad, which improves the durability of this kind of vulnerable parts.

The maximum bearing mass of the drum brake axle is 1.7 tons, and it is suspended by 10 leaf springs and parabolic steel plates, and the vertical hydraulic shock absorber improves the ride comfort. In addition, the outer side of the rubber brake air path of this car is equipped with a metal spiral protection device, which has a better stability effect in the actual use process.

This car is equipped with an engine of Futian Cummins ISF3.8s5154 with a displacement of 3.76L, with a maximum power of 154 HP and a maximum torque of 491N.m, matching the WLY6S500TO transmission in Wan Liyang.

The battery, air cylinder and drying tank are located at the left side of the chassis, and the outer side of them is provided with a detachable lightweight metal bumper, which ensures safety and provides convenience for later maintenance.

The layout of urea pipe with volume 1 on the right side and iron oil tank with volume 150L also adopts compact design.

The maximum bearing mass of the drive axle with the main speed ratio of 4.11 is 2.53 tons. It is suspended by 9+10 pieces of two-stage parabolic steel plates, and the lug position is protected by oil lubrication, which ensures that the vehicle has a more solid and reliable bearing capacity.

Through the photos, we can see that the bottom of the cargo box on this vehicle is designed with two vertical and one horizontal skeletons, which ensures the stress and has stronger bearing capacity.

Transport capacity is particularly important for this model, and the basic size of the upper loading box is 4.08x2.3x2.2, which is a large-capacity model in the same class. The side is equipped with a pair of large-size side doors with the size of length x height: 2x2.1, which effectively improves the efficiency of cargo handling.

Editor's note:

At present, in the process of logistics and transportation development, card friends should not only choose a model with high bearing capacity, but also have a more detailed understanding of the actual safety, handling and comfort of the vehicle. It is also a very good choice to choose a high-configuration, cost-effective national five model, especially before the current national six diesel models have not been popularized.

If you buy the right car and use a good car, just ask Brother Ka, and you are welcome to trust me personally.

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