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When will the new Red Flag h5 be released (when will the 2022 Red Flag h5 be released)

Auto Meta Universe learned from Red Flag officials that the new generation H5 will be officially launched in 12 days. The new car has launched seven models, which have been upgraded in appearance and interior, and the size has been further lengthened. In the future, it will compete with Honda Accord, Buick Regal, Toyota Camry and other models. According to the dealer of Hongqi, the price range of the new H5 is 159,800-204,800 yuan, which is cheaper than the pre-sale price.

The front face of the new H5 adopts a straight waterfall air intake grille with a split headlight group. The upper LED daytime running light is connected with the front grille, and the lower far and near light groups are connected with the front enclosure. The side of the car is designed with double waistlines and 18-inch wheels with dense spokes. The tail is equipped with a penetrating taillight group with chrome trim and bilateral exhaust. The car is equipped with full LCD instrument and 12.6-inch vertical central control panel.

The length, width and wheelbase of the new car are all improved compared with the current ones, and the length of the car is also higher than the standard axle models of Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BMW 5 Series. The new H5 provides 1.5T, 1.5T hybrid and 2.0T power combinations, with maximum power of 124kW, 115kW and 165kW, and peak torque of 258nm, 255nm and 340nm respectively.

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