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How about Benagli 502c-(How about Benagli 502c)

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Benagli 502C can be said to be a car sold well by Benagli brand! It's been more than two months since I bought one on March 11th, and now I've run 3000 kilometers. Let's share with you the feeling of using the car.

When buying a car, it is positioned as

Commuter cars take care of occasional weekend trips.

. Some friends here will ask me why urban commuters don't choose pedals or more flexible vehicles. I'm not a rich second generation, and I'm not a biker. I can't afford too many cars, so a car should have multiple functions.


Let's talk about the advantages of this car. Generally speaking, the vehicle is satisfactory in use. I didn't pick the road as I thought, and all kinds of roads ran: urban roads, parking oil roads, gravel roads and rural dirt roads. it is not too much to say

Don't be too bad. There's basically nothing wrong with the road.


The fuel tank is relatively large and has a long battery life.

The fuel tank of 21.5L is filled with 18L at most. A full tank of oil ran as far as 570 kilometers.

A tank of oil commutes 450-500 kilometers in an average city.


Riding a friend's lion cub, the same engine and gearbox, the 44-tooth tooth plate accelerates a little faster than the lion cub, but it is not as fast as the lion cub at idle speed.

Riding comfort

Compared with the young lion, it is better, and the fatigue in the middle and long distance is not obvious. It is better to start cycling in urban areas with low twist.

Start easily.

. The fastest speed is 120 yards. Perhaps the technology and courage are not enough, and I feel that I dare not go any faster.

In appearance, many people say that the Ducati devil is a fake. At first glance, it looks very similar, but a closer look at the 502C still has a strong recognition.

It is also considered that sports cruising in China is more beautiful.

. Once, while waiting for a red light, an old man riding an ancient curved beam asked me, Your car is beautiful. It must be not cheap. Do you want 10,000 yuan? I politely responded to my uncle: I only bought more than 9,000.


Next, let's talk about the shortcomings. The problem of driving 3000 kilometers has not yet appeared. There are many details of workmanship and minor problems.

From the day I picked up the car,

The rear water deflector is not aligned with the rear wheel.

. Later, I went to the dealer to see the car and found that almost all cars had this phenomenon. I hope the dealer will reflect the situation to the manufacturer. In the end, this matter has never been answered positively or solved.

About 1000 kilometers,

Abnormal noise in exhaust pipe

Look for abnormal sound while using the car. Finally found out

A rivet in the exhaust pipe is loose.

, causing the iron plate to collide with the exhaust pipe and make an abnormal sound. Later, I went to the dealer to solve the problem. The dealer told me that they couldn't handle it, and told me to ride to the place where the doors and windows were made, and it would be good to take apart the exhaust pipe and rivet it again. I just want to say that I bought a car less than a month ago, maybe the dealer treated the after-sales problem like this! Later, I found my own rivet, and I took apart the exhaust pipe and riveted it again to solve the problem of abnormal sound.

I haven't ridden another 502C. I don't know if it is a common fault. When the vehicle runs from 90 yards to 100 yards in 6th gear, it starts at 5000-6500 rpm.

Appear vibration phenomenon

. If you keep high speed for a long time, your hands will be numb for a while.

Generally speaking, the experience of using a car for 3,000 kilometers in just 2 months is still satisfactory! There is no big problem, and there is no big surprise! Some small details, some services also need to learn from imported brands! Write another article about the feeling of using a car when you reach 10000 kilometers!

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