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Toyota Throttle Reset (Toyota Throttle Reset Method)

The 10-year-old RAV4 has been driving for 100,000 kilometers, and it can't be started after stopping at night and turning off the flame. The first reaction was that there was something wrong with the starting motor. After knocking the starting motor several times with a wrench, there was still no response. It may also be that the space in that place is too small to work hard. Look at the electricity meter battery. There was still 11V power at that time. Push the car to the side of the road and talk about it the next day. I didn't do anything all night, but I started it normally in the morning. I thought it might be the battery's power loss, so I ignored it. Everything was normal that day, but it couldn't start the next morning. Take the battery down to the store and test it. It's normal. Let's talk about it after charging it. This battery is uniform, and it has been replaced for just over a year. At that time, the boss said that the quality of this battery was very good, and the original batteries could only be used for 2 years. I thought this product would be finished in a year. Fully charged and loaded, there is still no response. It seems that the starting motor is really faulty. Let's disassemble it.

A fully charged battery with a voltage of 12.2V V.

I can't help it. Many people are very happy when they see this spelling, especially when it is written on the wall. I'm only depressed here. It's said that Japanese cars are built firmly, so I'm so worried.

Take off the battery, and the plastic plate under the battery can be taken off by pulling it up.

Need to use the 8-10MM wrench, 12-14MM wrench, 12MM T-shaped sleeve and 14MM 7-shaped sleeve.

That's what's wrong with the goods.

This iron plate needs to be removed.

Take down one piece and there's another piece under it.

After removing the two iron plates, the space is more spacious.

Unplug the connecting wire and remove it with a 7-character 14MM sleeve.

Finally took it off.

Starting motor assembly

Denso, with the inscription: Toyota Densote 428000-5993 9J12V10071 China. Write it down first, and it will be easy to find if it breaks down next time.

After removing the motor, a dark hole was exposed and the flywheel L could be seen.

After disassembling the motor, it was found that it was very dirty, and some dust had been poured out. Sludge-like black dust, it should be lubricating oil mixed with dust. Look at the carbon brush has not been used up, measure the resistance of the motor power input and iron shell, more than 1 ohm, no open circuit, normal. It seems that the inside is too dirty, and the carbon brush is dirty by sundries and the contact surface of the rotor is insulated, so it cannot be started.

Some people say why don't you check the motor switch relay? It has a problem and it doesn't respond when it starts. I think so: when ignition, the relay pushes the gear at the front end of the motor out and engages with the flywheel, and then the motor drives the flywheel to reset the gear after successful ignition. When I turn the key to start, I can hear the sound of' pa', so the relay should be normal. In addition, if the relay is broken and the current cannot be loaded on the motor, the battery voltage should not change much. Actually, when the ignition is on, the battery voltage is directly pulled out of sight. It proves that electricity is connected to the motor, so the voltage is pulled very low. The final judgment is that the motor itself is not damaged because of the dirty relationship. Of course, even if it is broken, I have nothing to replace it. Clean it up and put it back as a dead horse.

Clean the motor and put sandpaper into the contact surface between carbon brush and rotor for grinding. Put it back the same way, and it's just that the idle speed is unstable. Because the battery is out of power, the computer needs to relearn the throttle opening and closing data, or just drive it for 20 miles, or clean the throttle. By the way, we haven't cleaned the throttle valve since we upgraded the ECU for so many kilometers now, and we haven't shaken it again. Well, it has been driving for about a week now, and everything is normal.

BY Aika Automobile Kayou -firball

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