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Acura rdx2016 (Acura rdx2016 North America Edition)

If you only hear "the best", perhaps most consumers will be confused, and they will suddenly realize when they hear "Acura". Even though consumers in China have some cognitive obstacles to the word "Acura", and Baidu Index shows that consumers' search volume for "Acura" is eight times that of "Acura", they have always used the names "Acura" and "Acura" to spread in China, yes, Acura is so capricious.

On the eve of Shanghai Auto Show, we came to Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, participated in a low-key road test drive and experienced the excellent road driving performance of the wayward Acura's modified cyclone explosive. The reason why it is low-key is that we were not allowed to expose the true contents of 2016 cyclone explosives on the Internet until after the auto show.

The product positioning of 2016 cyclone explosive is very clear, that is, it is necessary to have both fish and bear's paw in the contradictory indicators of drivability and fuel economy. Therefore, Acura equipped this product with a 3.0L naturally aspirated V6 engine. The maximum output power of this engine can reach 196 kW at 6300 rpm, and the maximum torque of 298 Nm appears at 5500 rpm.

However, because the curb weight is close to 1.8 tons, coupled with the total weight of 200 kilograms of three adult men sitting on the car, the total weight exceeds 2 tons, so the powerful power parameters can not provide particularly intense acceleration ability, and the overall performance is quite satisfactory in this level of products.

However, the good thing is that there is no lag in the throttle response, and the power needed is always available when stepping on it. There will be no case where the engine screams and the speed does not increase when the throttle is in the end.

At the same time, in order to improve fuel economy, the engine has vinyl chloride monomer technology, which is commonly known as "cylinder closing" function. The number of cylinders participating in work can be adjusted in real time according to the operating conditions, and only three cylinders are reserved to do work during cruising, thus reducing fuel consumption. However, under the conditions of climbing and accelerating, the six cylinders are fully opened to improve the dynamic performance.

The overall suspension is full of toughness, even a little hard, which is also a choice made by RDX in order to move closer to sports, at the expense of certain comfort, which will also attract some consumers who have a preference for sports.

RDX is equipped with a series of auxiliary driving configurations, such as lane keeping, blind spot monitoring and emergency brake reminder. We feel several daily functions, such as lane departure reminder, lane keeping and blind spot monitoring, in our actual experience, which are highly appraised. Of course, Xiao Bian also gave a suggestion to Acura's engineers on the spot, that is, slightly increase the power feedback of lane keeping function in the future improvement, so that drivers can better grasp the actual running state of this function at any time.

As a mid-term change, the 2016 RDX has obvious changes in appearance, and the family shield-shaped front face is set off by the honeycomb front grille, which is three-dimensional and dynamic; The ridge line on the front hatch cover is a closed loop, showing a U-shape, which is unique. Some configured models, such as Elite Edition, also adopted the Jewel Eye LED optical illumination system for the first time.

The tail design is not as sporty as the front face, but it has a strong three-dimensional effect. A wide chrome-plated decorative strip connects the taillights on both sides to make the tail look a little playful. The rear fog lamp shape echoes the front fog lamp.

The center console design of RDX is also distinct, and the design of upper and lower split screens is particularly unique in the same level of products, except that the lower screen is just a large-screen handwriting board, and the main display information is on the upper screen. AcuraLink all-round intelligent driving system first appeared on RDX models, including emergency rescue, anti-theft tracking, remote diagnosis, navigation services and other functions, which can provide services 24 hours a day.

As a luxury mid-level SUV, the space performance of RDX is still very good, especially the quantity and size of storage space are impressive.

Summary of test drive

The 2016 RDX has been significantly upgraded compared with the previous generation in product configuration and dynamic performance, which also greatly enhances its comprehensive competitiveness and is believed to attract more Acura lovers. However, considering that there are so many experts in the current market segment, RDX is only tied with its rivals in some aspects. In this case, the urgent task of Acura is to enhance the popularity of its brand in China as soon as possible and let more consumers know the uniqueness of Acura products. However, although Acura claims that Acura and Acura will be used at the same time in domestic publicity, all we see during the whole activity is Acura, and the official intention to promote Acura is self-evident. In the case that the English level of Chinese people is generally not high, Xiao Bian feels that it is better to forcefully promote Acura, a brand logo that is not easy to pronounce, and call himself ""

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