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Fuel consumption of Toyota's new lc300 (how much is the fuel consumption of Toyota lc300)

A Toyota Land Patrol LC300 with an old technology more than ten years ago, using an old 4.0-liter V6 self-priming engine, dares to sell for 1.23 million yuan. At this price, two BMW Brilliance X5 30i can be bought, and the acceleration of the latter can kill your so-called new Land Patrol 4000 hard-core off-road vehicle. Domestic car dealers, who are asking exorbitant prices, should keep driving by themselves, never sell them, and keep appreciating slowly!

This 1.23 million-price Toyota Land Cruiser LC300 has a 4.0L naturally aspirated model. Obviously, this car uses the three major components of the 2015 Old Land Cruiser 4000, but the configuration has indeed been upgraded a lot, such as: four-wheel drive air conditioner, three differential locks, low-speed peristalsis, tank U-turn, rear anti-collision braking system, remote control start, front seat ventilation and heating+rear seat ventilation, 20-inch wheels and leather seats.

The advanced black technology turbocharged engine of Cayenne 2.9 tons is matched with ZF's vertical 8AT gearbox, which is much better than your land patrol 6AT. Cayenne 2.9 tons can completely break 100 in 5.2 seconds, but the new bottle of Land Patrol 4,000 can only break 100 in ten seconds. Commuting in the city is really average, the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 16L, and the hard-line off-road tank is not necessarily better than 200,000. After all, the self-weight of the tank 300 is only 2.1 tons, but the land patrol 4000 has reached 2.8 tons. As the saying goes, the car is smaller and more flexible, and the hard-core off-road performance of the tank 300 has a high probability of winning the land patrol 4000.

Toyota's new Land Patrol has not all launched the high-power version of 3.5T twin-turbocharged, and the low-powered version still uses the 4.0L naturally aspirated model to take the volume! This makes many people dissatisfied. After all, the 4.0L old engine is really too meaty. Many people don't buy this kind of car, because if FAW Toyota's domestic road or land patrol 4000 is determined next year, then this batch of parallel imported land patrol 4000 of Tianjin Port with a sky-high price of more than 1.2 million yuan will be destroyed!

Chinese people are no longer suckers, they know who is the real good car. What about the tank 500 that can't compare with this land patrol 4000?

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