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How many kilometers does Haojue usr125 run with a full tank of oil (how many kilometers does Haojue usr125 run with a tank of oil)

What makes this article worth buying?

Tiantian haohao

Creative position statement:

First time, don't spray if you don't like it.

Being in the Imperial Capital, commuting to work for 50 kilometers, driving is too blocked, and it is not easy to find a parking space when you come back late. Motorcycles have become the best choice. The feeling of leaving all kinds of luxury cars far behind every day can't be cool. Counting it, it takes 2 hours to commute by car, 2.5 hours by subway and 1 hour and 15 minutes by motorcycle. It can save me nearly 200 hours a year, not counting the saved fuel and parking fees. Going out for a walk, shopping and riding a motorcycle are the closest ways to freedom besides flying.

The second wheel carries the soul

I bought a piaggio fly150 in May of 17, and I lost it after riding it for three months. When I was in double 11, I brought an Apulia coffee 150, which has been riding for 10,000 kilometers so far. The quality is not bad. Except for the loud voice and the hard to find the neutral position, there is nothing wrong with it. I maintain it on time, and I usually care about it. The car has never had any quality problems, and the power of this 150 is really good. It runs at a speed of 120,0-60.4 seconds, and the light control of the car is great. It is more comfortable to sit upright and the engine is solid.

It was stolen less than 3000 kilometers.

You can take a break

Olympic sports often have motorcycle friends' parties.

Dongba River is suitable for cycling.

However, it is still inconvenient to straddle in the urban area. There is no place to put a helmet, you must wear boots and knee pads, and there is no place to put odds and ends. It is still a little tired to ride in the city and downshift, so I plan to change a small pedal. I thought it was said that the pedal was the ultimate destination of motorcycle friends.

The goal of buying a car is fairly clear, with Sanyang Fit 3, Suzuki uy125 and Haojue US$ 125. Several articles written by rhinoceros about usr125 have really made me plant grass, and I will never forget them. Later, a group of Fit 3 was added, all kinds of car chat, modification, and so on. Later, when I saw the real car, I ruled out uy125 first. The front was too wide and it didn't look good. The power of the Fit car is too good, catching up with 150, and it looks good. I see it riding every day in Beijing, but the workmanship and sound are a bit rough. Haojue usr125 works really well, and the matte interstellar gray color looks good, so I chose usr125 instead of buying old ones.

On July 1 ST, the purchase tax was reduced below 150 yuan. At this time, Haojue was also engaged in activities and sent a license fee. 10380 here in Beijing can take the car without the trunk. So I booked one on WeChat transfer, and when I came back from a business trip, the car arrived, and I got a good license plate and waited for me to ride her quietly.

This is the first sight.

So the point is-talk about the usr125 car.

First of all, work: Haojue motorcycle can be said to be the benchmark of domestic motorcycle work. Look at the evergreen tree gw250, which has been on the market for 8 years and still sells well. There are many people riding gw250 in Tibet every year, which is the choice of old drivers. Usr125' s workmanship is really good, with double throttle lines, tight gap, even paint, positive color, good matte feel and regular wiring.

Frontal photo

The red tailstock looks good.

This side is very beautiful

Besides, power-ESS engine is a new technology of Haojue. Although it is not as black as Yamaha's blue-core engine, it is also the level of the first echelon in terms of sound, fuel consumption and parameters. The power is 6.7kw and the torque is 10nm, which pays more attention to low torque. The power is 0.2kw lower than Suzuki's 125, with little difference. Ride up, give oil and go, speed up linearity, 60-90 is strong, not empty.

The sound is really my favorite. It is much smaller than my previous Apliya 150. When idling, it rustles very quietly. After riding for 30 days, I can hardly hear the engine sound. When accelerating, the sudden sound is heavy and there is no noise. At the beginning of 20km, the acceleration was a little resonant, and then it was very uniform. The root fit, Qiaoge is much smaller than the sound, not so brittle.

The jitter is obvious when idling, which can be felt by the handlebars and rearview mirrors, and there are some cushions, but not when riding. At present, during the running-in period, the highest ride is 80, and I don't feel much jitter.

The bucket is not small, it is said that it can hold a full helmet with a relatively small model, but my motorax xl full helmet can be put in, and the seat cushion can't be covered. At present, three-quarters of helmets can be put on.

My little helmet

Fuel consumption is also usr's strong point. Now, during the running-in period, I rode 300 kilometers faster, riding more gently, and the fuel consumption is a little more than 2 liters.

Record fuel consumption for the first time

Finally, talk about the cycling environment in Beijing. In fact, Beijing's motorcycle culture should be the best in China. Although motorcycles are restricted, motorcycles are not prohibited, and high-speed riding is also allowed. Recently, Beijing B entered the Fourth Ring Road. Generally, it doesn't deduct points and stops 100 yuan. In fact, you behave yourself and keep a low profile, and the traffic police don't care about you. Twice this year, I was stopped waiting for a red light in front of the police. In fact, just turn right at the red light.

Driven by me, my daughter-in-law has also driven a motorcycle, and we can take the baby out surfing together in the future.

The taillights are beautiful, as opposed to guangyang ct.

The first tank of oil to light up

Headlight brightness is average.

There's a god in it.

Usr is a good car. There is no best motorcycle, only suitable one. I hope different motorcycle friends are more tolerant. Just like your car. There is no need for everyone to like it, and vice versa.

Finally, put a car to save money for the finale.

Apulia rs660

Posting for the first time, thank you for your support!

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