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Fuel consumption of haojue 300xcr (how much fuel consumption of haojue 300)

In recent years, domestic cars have blossomed, whether it is imitation racing trot or streetcar pedal, it is refreshing our cognition and confidence in domestic cars!

Since Haojue announced his own street car XCR300 in September this year, the popularity of this car has not diminished! Since October, finished cars have been delivered to riders, but I don't know why the reputation of this car has been at a low score!

Haojue XCR300, as a versatile streetcar with multiple cross-border and unlimited possibilities, should be loved by people with a wide range of applications, but why is the feedback so mediocre? Today, I will share some advantages and disadvantages of XCR300. I dare not say all of them, but I will share a lot. I hope riders can read it patiently and leave your opinion.

For this car, I think I can call it Laoganma Chili sauce in the motorcycle industry! Why is it called Laoganma? Maybe you can understand whether my metaphor is appropriate after reading the first half of the article!

※※※※※※※ It's the old rule to talk about the advantages first and then the disadvantages.

Exquisite workmanship

As a streetcar with a price of 27980, Haojue XCR300 can be said that there is basically no fault in workmanship, and his workmanship can even make up for the appearance defects! Just by looking at the photos, you will feel that his appearance is quite satisfactory, and the overall style is simple and low-key, but the effect of seeing the real car on the spot is completely different. The exquisite trade union will give you a different visual impact, so friends who want to choose a streetcar really suggest you go to a physical store to see the real car before deciding!

The official five color schemes are actually the color difference of the fuel tank and the difference of a small area on the tail wing. I want to look good and do it myself! I stole some photos of riders with super hands-on ability for your reference.

Manipulate easily

The control of Haojue XCR300 is very light, even easy, and the threshold for beginners is not high! Although the curb weight is as high as 179kg, the driving handling of the whole car is very good, and there will be no heavy feeling. Of course, it really takes a good effort to prepare the car and help it there.

Haojue XCR300 is equipped with ROSSOIII wide radial tires, which have a particularly good grip effect, and there is no problem with wet roads and running mountains and bending.

The official top speed of 136km/h can only be said to be a bit too tight. At least the displacement of 300cc is measured to be 155, and it is a bit difficult to run up.

The engine is durable

Haojue's own in-line two-cylinder four-stroke water-cooled 300cc displacement engine has stable power output and linear overall sensory output. Although it is not the kind of feeling from boxing to meat, it will not feel particularly fleshy. Although it is a new car, this engine was also mounted on the DR300 before. It is a verified engine, and the quality is not good enough to say that the leather is durable!

High comfort.

The setting of high handlebars and low pedals makes the riding posture of this car more casual, even if it is a long-distance motorcycle trip, but it will have a little arm pain and butt pain.

The tail of the front seat cushion of this car is hard, which will cause a little butt pain after a long time. Moreover, if you ride this car with smooth fabric, such as leather pants, you will feel your ass slipping forward. Girls are ok, boys should be careful, and the thigh clamping point is generally nothing. But it is commendable that the back cushion is very comfortable, wide and soft! It can make your fender adults have a comfortable running experience.

Headlights are bright enough.

I think the design of this headlight is quite handsome, and the most commendable thing is that it is bright enough! There is no need to install spotlights or replace other lights at all, but the range is a little short and the high beam is a little low, but riding at night is completely enough.

Good braking effect

The brakes of this car are completely sufficient, and you can give as much as you want, but it is still the reason that the front shock absorption is soft and the front of the car is biased. When braking, the rear brake is easy to come out of ABS.

The front shock absorption is soft

High-speed braking is easy to hit the bottom, which is easy to be reflected when some drivers have heavy self-weight and high speed, or it will appear when they pass the speed bump or pit at high speed, but it is generally nothing serious if the speed is not fast. After all, the overall adjustment of this car is comfortable, so there must be some trade-offs. By the way, the front suspension of this car is not adjustable!

Fuel consumption is a little high.

Because of some reasons of the kerb quality, the fuel consumption of this car is still high, about 3.6, which depends entirely on driving habits and road conditions, so this specific value is hard to estimate. However, with a 16-liter fuel tank, it is still no problem to run for three or four hundred kilometers.

Poor mud retaining effect

The poor mud retaining effect is a prominent problem of this car, especially when it is rainy or muddy, it can throw mud in the back seat, and even the upper and trouser legs are hard to escape. This can actually be made up by modification, which leads to another problem of this car.

Less refitted parts

This can't be said to be the shortcoming of this car, mainly because it has just been launched and the heat is not enough. There are really few accessories for this car online, and there is basically no room for choice. However, this future will definitely get better and better. What has a greater impact now is that there is no supporting side box for this car online.

The dashboard is too concise.

Haojue's ancestral dashboard is simple, intuitive and easy to check. The numbers on it are particularly clear in the dark during the day, but it has too few functions. At least it is an LCD! What about the empty positions? It would be nice to get more auxiliary functions, such as thermometer, battery power and mileage, which can also be broken down in detail and so on.

Exhaust is too hard to say.

Alas, I really don't want to talk about this exhaust, but it is estimated that it will be sprayed if it is bad. This double exhaust is also the most controversial point of this car now! I really want to give Haojue an option that allows users to choose single and double exhaust! However, this benevolent person has different opinions, so please taste it yourself.

Other configurations

Seat height: 785mm seat height and 170 height can be easily controlled.

Tire: ROSSOIII wide radial tire;

Brake: Germany Bosch 10th generation ABS system;

Calipers: Nissin calipers;

Clutch: sliding clutch

Haojue XCR300 can be said to be an old godmother in the motorcycle industry. Although it looks average, it is really delicious! No regrets after buying!

※※※※※※※ Close a note and update next time without getting lost.

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