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Toyota Sharp Release 2023 Quotation (Toyota Sharp Release 2023 Quotation and Picture Configuration)

Recently, the Japanese brand Toyota has been active in the European and American automobile markets. In the past two days, both the American version and the European version of the new Corolla Cross official map have been released at the same time. Let's take a look with the car-playing brother.

Configuration update

From the European version of the new car, according to foreign media reports, the price range of the 2023 Corolla Cross in Italy is 33,800-39,800 euros, which is about 246,000-289,000 yuan. Although the design language of the old model is still continued, the new car has made some adjustments in configuration, and upgraded the configuration of front seat heating, blind spot monitoring and panoramic sunroof.

Judging from the new American version of the Corolla Cross that went on sale some time ago, the new car adopts a brand-new family style design. The shape of the headlights is basically the same, but the new car uses a penetrating panel at the front grille, which is full of futuristic look with a large mouth lattice shape.

Add 1.8L hybrid version.

As for the interior part, no matter whether it is the European version or the American version, the styling design of both has not changed, and it is still consistent with the current models. Wireless charging, wireless CarPlay, Toyota Zhixing security system 3.0 and other configurations are all equipped, but the new model still adopts the design of semi-LCD instrument, which is really a bit stretched.

The power part is the focus of this update. The two versions of the car are also equipped with a newly equipped hybrid system consisting of a 2.0L engine and an electric motor, with a combined maximum power of 143 kW, which is 18kW higher than that of the fuel version. Not only that, the new American version also has a 1.8L hybrid model for consumers to choose from.

What is the domestic version?

Seeing that there may be many friends who are not familiar with the Corolla Cross, it is actually a global model, based on the Toyota TNGA-C platform, and its positioning is between C-HR and RAV4. In the domestic market, because Toyota is also divided into north and south, the Corolla Cross was split into FAW Toyota's Corolla Sharp Release and GAC Toyota's Fenglanda.

The performance of the latter two in the domestic market is not bad, with sales of more than 7,000 in January this year. It's just that hybrid models are now listed in overseas markets. If they are made in China as soon as possible, I believe they can also bring a good improvement to the transcripts of these two models.

Editor/Su Geng

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