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Pedal for Haojue 2023 (Pedal 150 for Haojue 2023)

I vaguely remember that about 10 years ago, Wuyang Honda Phantom 150 went on the market, and the price at that time was 12,800 yuan, which refreshed the price of domestic motorcycles with a displacement of 125-150 ml. In terms of consumption power at that time, it was already about 3 months' wages for ordinary workers.

In fact, a few years ago, 150ml pedals became popular in China. There are still many domestic 150 pedals that can be named, such as Haojue UHR150, Lifan PVK150, Dayang ADV150, Guangyang Dongli G150, Sanyang Cruise, Jiang Ge 150 and so on. The price is between 12,000 and 20,000!

However, with the domestic listing of new products such as Peugeot Jiang Ge 150, Yamaha NMAX155 and Honda PCX160, Sanyang Husky and Guangyang New Corner Lover in recent years, their prices have all gone up at 20,000 yuan. At this time, the 150-class scooter was quietly drawn a watershed, with 10 thousand+made in China and 20 thousand+imported.

After a long struggle of 150 pedals, the price tolerance threshold of domestic consumers for 150 ml models is also rising. In the blink of an eye, in 2023, a new wave of 150 ml class scooters will be launched again. Will their prices hit a new high?

Honda ADV 160

In January this year, Honda finally applied for the appearance patent of ADV160 in China.

At that time, many netizens stood up and shouted: "Honda is really aware of it, and the domestic 150 ml pedal adverb market has already stood up before it came in!" If you know later, you will feel later! "

Perhaps everyone knows that when Honda's axe swings, the impact will be much greater. Therefore, this sentence "after knowing, after feeling" is most afraid that it will become the last mouth of the domestic 150ADV.

Things are always so intriguing, while shouting expensive, riding really fragrant, which may be one of Honda's personality manifestations. Next, let's look at the car!

▲ Overseas modification case

In terms of parameters, in fact, it has been announced overseas that ADV160 and PCX160 are the same engine platform models, while the actual parameter geometry of the domestic version is still subject to the listing. Some foreign media have also issued a document saying that Honda ADV160 is the ceiling inside a 150 ml scooter. To be honest, this is really something to look forward to.

Finally, the price of this Honda ADV160 is 473,000 yen in Japan, which is equivalent to RMB.

24,500 yuan

The price is not cheap either. Compared with Honda PCX160, the price in Japan is 412,500 yen, which is equivalent to RMB.

21300 yuan

, the domestic joint venture production price is

22,990 yuan


And so on, then ... the price of domestic joint venture of ADV160 will be 25,990 yuan?

Yamaha Aerox 155

Yamaha NVX 155 was the previous name. After the replacement, the overseas official announced that it was Aerox 155. Anyway, we know that it is the same thing. A few days ago, Yamaha China also released a poster and a preheating video, which basically confirmed that it was an Aerox 155 bent beam, just waiting for the Yamaha conference on February 17th.

One thing is very strange. When the cowboy wanted to check the price of this Aerox 155 in Japan, he found that it was not listed in Japan! And his main production and sales areas are basically Southeast Asia.

In terms of price, the official price of Aerox 155 in Indonesia, where it originated, is 30,805,000 IDR and more than 30 million Indonesian rupees, which sounds scary, but the price in RMB is only.

13,860 yuan


In foreign countries, the price of Aerox 155 is cheaper than that of NMAX155 on the same engine platform. In Southeast Asia, although there are some track enthusiasts and refit enthusiasts who have made great efforts on this Aerox 155, in the local area, his positioning is mainly commuting to underbone.

However, when this Aerox 155 entered China, according to China's motorcycle situation. I think more will become fun-oriented!

▲ The modification case shown in товарищ, Taiwan Province Province.

Finally, let's also compare the price! The domestic NMAX155 is sold in Indonesia at a price of 31,615,000 Indonesian rupees, equivalent to RMB.

14,300 yuan

, while the domestic price is

27,800 yuan

. The price of Aerox 155 in Indonesia is as mentioned above, which is equivalent to RMB.

13,860 yuan.

And so on, then ... the imported price of Aerox 155 will be 25,800 yuan? Think about it again and make a discount? Set a price of24,800 yuan?


Aerox 155 and ADV160, as two new cars to be listed in China, are both 150cc-rated models, but one is ADV and the other is eccentric bending beam. It seems that they cannot form a direct competitive relationship, and they can both gain their own users in their own sectors.

Compared with the production mode of domestic car companies, the product positioning of the four major Japanese factories looks smarter, and the layout of competing products, whether it is displacement or model, has differentiated performance.

Xiu Yuan Xi, when we learn from others to build cars, it is time to pay attention to the overall situation of products. However, the main content of the return to today is to introduce the new car. Is the opinion at the end of the article appropriate? This is an open proposition, welcome all riders to leave a message for discussion!

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