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What kind of engine is Haojue 300 (Haojue 300 engine parameters)

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Is the engine of Haojue DR300 the cylinder expander of Haojue Suzuki motorcycles two-cylinder 250?

This is an open secret, as long as the motorcycle friends who are concerned about this car will know this basic fact, and the manufacturers have not avoided it. The main cylinder expander is not as bad as some motorcycle friends think. On the contrary, as long as the cylinder expanding technology is up to standard, there will be a phenomenon that shine on you is better than blue.

Let's take a look at the description of the subject before discussing. The subject said, "Recently, I saw someone on the engine of Suzuki GSX250, and the accessories equipped with DR300 actually worked. Can you verify the authenticity? How high is this feasibility? "

First of all, this operation is completely feasible, not to mention these two engines, some parts are common, even some engines of other brands will have this phenomenon, so it can't explain anything. Because at the beginning of the engine design, unless it is a special part, some common parts are used to reduce the cost, but it is worthy of recognition that the two-cylinder engine of DR300 is from the powertrain of GW250, so some of their parts are common.

The displacement of the engine mainly depends on the stroke and cylinder diameter in the cylinder, and it is also directly related to the number of cylinders in the engine. What we mean by cylinder expander is to increase the displacement and improve the power by increasing the cylinder diameter and extending the stroke without changing its basic components on the basis of the original engine. The advantages of this approach are that the cost will be relatively low, the research and development cycle will be relatively short, and there will be ideal stability and performance. This kind of operation is a common practice in the whole machine manufacturer and maintenance market. For example, this engine of GW250 has not only been expanded to 300cc, but also to 350cc and 380cc. For another example, a 150 engine has been expanded to 190cc (actual displacement is 184), and from their later reaction, the running quality, stability and dynamic performance are all ideal, and it is obvious that shine on you is better than blue.

Of course, the cylinder expansion of the whole machine manufacturer will be more scientific than the cylinder expansion in the maintenance market, and they will re-optimize some main parts to achieve a more balanced performance. Therefore, the cylinder expansion machine is not as bad as we thought, it is just a technology and means to improve the performance of vehicles. Therefore, when we see that two models with similar displacement are cylinder expansion, there is no need to show an unbearable look. As long as the current vehicle performance meets its positioning, it is a good model. If we blindly,

Because at present, the powertrain used in our motorcycles is mainly divided into independent research and development and reverse research and development. At the beginning of design, these two different research and development directions can't avoid cylinder expansion or cylinder contraction. As long as you dig deeper into a car, it will have some connection with these two operation methods, whether it is large displacement or small displacement, so there is no need to care too much about how the current engine comes from. In other words, as long as its performance can meet our needs, it is one.

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