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Xi 'an Used Touareg (Xi 'an Used Touareg)

[A stationmaster drives] Here we go again. There is no way to try for a long time. Looking at the road test notes in the previous issues, I found that after my little friend Lu tried the Audi Q7 in the station, he was absolutely full of praise for its performance. Whether it was the "cross-fault" four-wheel drive or the response of 3.0T power, I missed it day and night, so I had to find a chance to experience it. There happened to be a Touareg in the station, so I thought this was the twin brother of Q7.

Touareg and Q7 have deep roots, not only Q7, but also Cayenne. In fact, the three of them are products of the same platform, and many parts are shared, so they can be called twin brothers, but they have different accents. Touareg took the low-key route, the extended route of Q7, the sports route of Cayenne, and even the later Bentley Tim Yue, which can be regarded as a luxury version of Touareg.

Compared with the low-key Touareg Q7, the extended version of Touareg Q7 is much larger in body size and wheelbase, with a difference of 120mm in wheelbase and a difference of 312 mm in length. Looking at this low-key Touareg's figure, I feel that I can conquer the "famous autumn mountains in southern Fujian" better, and the shorter wheelbase and length of the car are bound to be more relaxed for running mountain roads, without the burden of a big ass.

Wouldn't that be better? You can not only experience a 3.0T and "cross-fault", but also travel happily in the mountain road. Just leave, take the low-key Touareg with you, and set off in the direction of "Autumn Mountain in South Fujian".

Before going up the mountain, there was a section of expressway and rural cement road, and the road conditions were quite different. Fortunately, this Touareg has an air suspension and a soft and hard adjustable suspension mode, which can well cope with the changes in road conditions.

The asphalt pavement of the expressway, the road conditions are excellent, and there is no need for intense driving or emergency lane change, so I chose the "comfort mode" to run the expressway. When encountering the road surface undulations or pits on the expressway, I don't worry about the comfort inside the car at all, because it is really comfortable. Although it can't be compared with the comfort of Buick GL8, it is really soft and won't affect the ride feeling of people in the car because of the sudden change of road conditions.

In comfort mode, the adjustment of vibration reduction is very soft and comfortable.

When the suspension is in the "AUTO NIVEAU" gear, the air suspension can be adjusted automatically. Under normal circumstances, I suggest putting this gear.

However, when walking on the rural cement road, I will choose the "standard" suspension mode. At this time, the hardness of the air suspension will increase by one gear, and the height will remain unchanged, and the passability can be guaranteed.

The cement road surface of country highway is not as good as asphalt road, and there are not only joints everywhere, but also various sharp bends. The vibration reduction in the "standard" mode is just right, and compared with the "comfortable" mode, it provides more vibration reduction support. In the curve, the vibration reduction will not be too soft, and the car body can maintain a good posture. Of course, the vibration reduction and damping in the "standard" mode will not be too hard, and the information on the road surface can be filtered out after large vibration, and then transmitted to the car, so that the driver can also know the road surface condition through the dynamic feedback of the steering wheel and the car body, and there will be no excessive vibration to reduce the comfort of the passengers.

After a short country road, it officially went up the mountain.

There are eighteen bends in the mountain road, and the description of this mountain road is very appropriate.

In the face of such a mountain road, the "standard" mode is not so handy to deal with, but I am not afraid, I still have the magic weapon of "sports" mode.

After adjusting to the "sports" mode, the vibration and damping are further hardened, and then the air suspension is further lowered by one gear to reduce the height of the chassis and bring more body support.

Therefore, the performance in the corner can still be calm and comfortable, just like flying on the ground. I don't think this SUV has a high center of gravity and no confidence in cornering.

Touareg's air suspension is divided into five gears, the lowest is "load" and the highest is "special off-road".

The vibration damping stroke can be adjusted in a wide range, and it can be used in various application scenarios. When shifting to the highest gear, the approach angle and departure angle of the front and rear bumpers are particularly large, and there is no psychological burden for climbing a steep slope.

The essence of the mountain road "Autumn Mountain in South Fujian" lies in the integration of large drop, high ramp angle, sharp curve and narrow lane, which tests the chassis adjustment foundation and power reserve of a car.

Of course, novices still don't recommend to feel this kind of mountain road. There are many large trucks and the speed is slow. In order to cool down the brakes in the downhill lane, water is often used to cool down the brakes, which makes the road wet, which tests the driver's experience.

With such a large slope angle, if it is a car with a small displacement, it may be awkward. Especially after it is fully loaded, it can only be said that it is roaring and screaming and trying to climb up slowly. What should I do if I want to have the fun of running mountains?

Then get a large displacement. This Touareg uses a V6 3.0L supercharged engine, with a maximum power of 213kW and a maximum torque of 420 N m.. The parameters are particularly beautiful, and the maximum torque of 420N·m can be exerted at 2500 rpm, and the maximum power can last from 4850 rpm to 6500 rpm. Due to the addition of mechanical pressurization, the most intuitive feeling when using this steep slope is that the power is extremely abundant, how to step on it, and it is endless, without delay or power interruption.

When I stopped at the hairpin bend to have a rest, I saw a small truck running down an unpaved mountain road in the distance. I wondered how it climbed up. It is full of sand and gravel, and there may be intersecting axes. The main slope is extremely steep. As for the Touareg, I believe it has the strength. After all, it is equipped with a Tolson mechanical differential.

To conquer this steep slope, Touareg only needs four steps. Step 1, select the "non-paved road" gear; Step 2, adjust the air suspension to off-road mode; The third step, to "cross the wrong" ...

Step four, you should be brave enough. Okay, I admit I'm a coward. Some people will say, where did Volkswagen come from? In fact, the 4MOTION four-wheel drive system used by the Touareg is exactly the same as the quattro on the Audi Q7. The principle is to use the Torsion Induction Self-locking Differential plus the electronic auxiliary system. When wheel slip is detected, the Torsion Limited Slip Differential will limit the slip of the front and rear axles by mechanical slip limiting, and the electronic auxiliary system will limit the slip between wheels. The off-road strength cannot be underestimated.

Due to the naming rules, Volkswagen's four-wheel drive can only be called "4MOTION", while Audi's four-wheel drive can only be called "quattro". Although Touareg has such a powerful four-wheel drive system, it is so low-key that it doesn't have a "4MOTION" on its ass, which really carries out the low-key tone concept to the end.

Although the exterior takes a low-key route, the interior is not low-key.

All kinds of leather+soft imitation leather material+wooden decorative board, creating a sense of atmosphere is quite advanced, not losing Audi Q7 at all.

I have no resistance to mahogany decorative boards. I especially like this large-area wooden decorative board, especially the mahogany steering wheel. I simply can't put it down. Touareg's "Peach Plate" style is also my most most love. It adopts the "Full Peach Plate" style, and the whole circle is mahogany.

The former owner used it very carefully, and did not turn the "full peach plate" into a "patina plate". The stitches on the inner leather were clearly visible, which was very dry and not greasy.

At present, there are few cars that use the "full peach disc" style, and the top version of Volvo XC90 that takes a low-key route also has a steering wheel that uses the "full peach disc" style.

In fact, the word-of-mouth of mahogany plaques is mixed. People you like can't put it down, and people you don't like ... Do you like mahogany plaques? You can leave a message in the comments section.

I have to say that the seat of the Touareg is indeed more comfortable than the Q7. The seat of this Touareg is also well maintained, and there is no wear and tear, which is very consistent with the use of 80,000 kilometers.

The texture of the leather is softer, and with the blessing of the "waist clip" function, the whole seat is very wrapped and has a great fit, especially when walking on the winding mountain road, you can hold your body firmly at all times.

The logic of Touareg's seat heating and ventilation function is quite wonderful, and it can be turned on at the same time. However, the feeling of actual use is really quite good. When the seat is heated, ventilation can be carried out at the same time, which can keep the air flow in the buttocks and waist, so that it will not be stuffy there.

In terms of configuration, the Touareg will not be shabby, and the one that should be left behind will not fall. The instrument uses a combination of a mechanical pointer and a LCD screen, which is obviously not as cool as the technology of the full LCD instrument now. Fortunately, the LCD screen has a delicate display effect and a large area. With the red pointer and white cold light, the overall effect is very advanced.

There is a configuration that I quite like, that is, the "child lock" function of the main driver, which can lock the door and window after starting, so that it can't be opened from the inside of the back row, ensuring the safety of children riding in the back row alone. When unlocking, the door and window can be unlocked at the same time. If most models use the child lock, if they want to unlock it, they need to open the back door and trigger the small switch hidden on the door separately, which leads to the people in the back row being locked in the car and unable to get out of the car.

The storage space of the Touareg is also large+many. The storage slot of the door panel has a large opening and a deep space, and the 500ml mineral water bottles are a bit thin.

The cover curtain of the trunk is cleverly designed, with two adjustable heights, which can cover even when loading taller items.

However, there is also a place to vomit, that is, after the curtain is removed, there is no place to store it. It can only be put down after the back row is put down, or it can be easily lost at home.

Fortunately, the trunk can directly electrically put down the rear cushion. Since it is a product of the same platform, like the Touareg and Q7, the trunk still has a rear suspension lifting button.

After the reduction, the height of the trunk platform is indeed reduced a lot, which is convenient for carrying goods.

The spare tire under the trunk partition is brand-new and has never been used. It seems that the owner's car environment is very worry-free.

The car environment is good, plus the thick sidewall, plus the owner's good driving skills, so there is almost no rub on the wheel hub, and the appearance is good.

Of course, high-quality car owners will not treat their cars badly, not only the interior is kept very new, but also the replacement of consumables is very timely.

The fetal hairs of the four tires are still there, and the tread depth is about 90%. There is basically no problem in continuing to serve for 50,000 kilometers.

Finally, to sum up, if you want to start with a used car, this Touareg is really a good choice when it is just used in many road conditions. Since it was first used in 2012, it has only traveled more than 80,000 kilometers, which is almost commuting in the city. The use intensity is very low, the interior maintenance is very new, and the configuration is sufficient. The key is that its suspension+driving mode selection can cope with various road conditions well. It is not wrong to choose it, but it is low-key.

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