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What's the quality of Benagli 150i (what's the quality of Benagli 150i)?

Not long ago, the second son of Lao Wang's family next door joined a Volkswagen.

The yard we live in is not big, but there are many people with short parents. Whose daughter-in-law enters the door or has a new car is a topic. Of course, the heat of the topic depends on the value of this kannika nimtragol, the sense of concavity, or the brand of the new car.

This time, Xiao Wang's new Volkswagen did not attract many topics. People who know a little about cars say that this is golf. I don't know much about it, and it's even said to be Santana hatchback. Only I, when chatting with Xiao Wang in private, will constantly praise this R' as a vicious horn.

Indeed, this golf 2.0TSI R with 280 horsepower has a price of 400,000. At this price, most people will choose a good model in BBA high-end brands, instead of buying a car that most people think is golf.

If you don't agree with Xiao Wang's car purchase orientation, then the next evaluation report will certainly be difficult for you; On the contrary, you will find a real "small steel gun" that the domestic market has never seen before.

This time, Benagli released three new cars at the foot of Mount Tai. There is no doubt that all the focus is on the lion cub 500, which can be said to be loved by thousands. Of course, you will also find that they also released a high-end sports curved beam-RFS 150I.

At the beginning of playing with cars, most domestic cars were in the state of "small horse-drawn carts", and small displacement and low power engines with "stocky" bodies were standard at that time.

I have always had a strange idea that one day I can drive a small car pulled by a "big horse" and "dress up as a pig and eat a tiger" on the road. It is a very meritorious thing to think about it.

Before the press conference in Benagli, I got a product manual claiming to be a 10,000-yuan underbone, and this RFS 150i caught my stomach at once.

At the press conference, Benagli announced that the suggested retail price of RFS 150i was 8980 yuan, which was a very sincere offer. Of course, if you understand it according to the traditional definition of underbone, it is obvious that no matter how long you live, you will not like it.

Whether it's worth it or not is a war of words; Let's put aside the controversy and see how this RFS 150i subverts the tradition.

First of all, we need to make it clear that although the RFS 150i is a underbone in appearance, it is more inclined to a sports streetcar in its bones.

It doesn't use the horizontal cylinder engine commonly used in underbone, and it also gives up the semi-automatic clutch without clutch handle. Basically, the powertrain of a 150 streetcar was cleverly stuffed into the underbone shelf.

The displacement of RFS 150i engine is 149.8cc, and it adopts a unique single-cylinder water-cooled 4-valve 3-spark plug structure, with the maximum power of 9.8kW, the maximum torque of 12.5N·m and the compression ratio of 11.25: 1. Delphi EFI system and 6-speed gearbox are adopted.

This power platform is quite powerful even if it is used in street cars; However, the dry weight of RFS 150i is only 126kg, and the curb weight is 130kg. It is not difficult to imagine how good the power release of this car will be when it is at full throttle.

Benagli's RFS 150i is mainly sold in Southeast Asia, so its global launch is actually in Malaysia. As a challenger, its target opponent is a high-performance sports curved beam like Yamaha EXCITER. According to Benagli, the advantage of RFS 150i is that it has almost the same performance and configuration, and at the same time, it can make the basic selling price much lower.

In the past, if we wanted to get a curved beam with enough Power, we could only buy it through special channels; For example, the new Yamaha EXCITER 150, the hand price may be close to 20,000, which is really prone to kidney pain. Although this kind of car is very small, there is a certain market demand after all, and the appearance of RFS 150i undoubtedly fills the gap in this field; You can earn a decent "small steel gun" for less than 9000 yuan.

Therefore, when other media colleagues rushed to grab the right to measure the 500 cubs, we quietly took away an RFS 150i, which is more in line with our motorcycle school's modesty and man show tonality.

The front face of RFS 150i has characteristics, which outlines certain sports characteristics. When the LED daytime running light is lit, it gives people a sharp and slightly charming feeling, which is the finishing touch.

The headlight design is closer to the shape of scooter, and I think it can be made more arrogant.

It's hard to imagine that this is a underbone just by looking at the rising tail with strong gas field.

The tachometer+LCD digital display combined instrument is close to the street car style, and the display effect is still clear.

Key switch with magnetic anti-theft lock can also directly open the seat cushion; Modeling looks quite bluffing, worthy of the positioning of high-end underbone.

The position setting of the left and right side handles is also close to the style of scooter.

This is the EFI water-cooled 4-valve SOHC 3 spark plug engine with 15.5 horses. The maximum power is released at 9000 rpm, and the maximum torque erupts at 7000 rpm. Obviously, it is a high-speed engine.

The RFS 150i adopts a 6-speed international gear, and the pedal lever after gear shifting is slightly redundant for Chinese people. However, considering that its main sales market is in Southeast Asia, where friends wear slippers to ride bicycles, this design is still rationally retained.

The radiator of the water tank is wrapped in the front upper part of the curved beam, and the heat dissipation area is large, which makes people feel more at ease.

The exhaust pipe and the tail are tilted up at the same time, which highlights its motion properties. However, I can only give this exhaust 7 points, because the exhaust in the factory film is really cool.

If I own an RFS 150i, I will change the exhaust first, which is definitely the first priority.

The front inverted fork is not very strong, but it is extremely equipped for a underbone.

The rear part adopts hydraulic spring for single shock absorption, with a stroke of only 27mm, which is doomed to be very tough. The advantage is that sporty driving is more solid and has a better control experience; The deficiency is definitely comfort.

The front brake is 240mm with single disc and double piston calipers. As long as the braking force is normal, this light underbone can be well grasped.

The rear brake is a 240mm single disc with a single piston caliper, and the braking force should be not bad.

RFS 150i adopts 17-inch six-spoke alloy rims at the front and rear, with the front wheel size of 70/90-17 and the rear wheel size of 110/70-17; Tire brand is Chengyuan.

As far as the details of the whole vehicle are concerned, there are still some unsatisfactory places in this freshly baked engineering prototype, such as the location of sticker pasting and the tightness of seat cushion screws.

It is hoped that RFS 150i can further strengthen the detailed workmanship and keep a good reputation after mass production. After all, the users who can spend 9000 yuan to buy this car are definitely old drivers who both know cars and have personality. They will think this car is cost-effective, but they don't want to pay for the cheap feeling.

Photographers have been filming for a long time, and I can't wait to keep urging them to finish their work as soon as possible. In the plan, the first thing to do when turning the throttle is to measure the dynamic data. What I want to know most is, of course, whether it can eat the tiger.

Soon, the test data was released, and the dynamic performance of RFS 150i was verified.

The measured speed is 106.5 km/h. If the test road is longer, the meter speed will break 120 km/h without pressure.

Accelerated results of each speed segment:

I also take out the data of several representative models for comparison and reference:



RFS 150i



Sundiro Honda






Engine configuration





wind cooling




wind cooling












Maximum power

9.8 kw

8.3 kw

7.72 kw

13.3 kw

12.5 kw

0-50 km/h

3.3 seconds


4.2 seconds



0-80 km/h

8.3 seconds

11.0 seconds

11.5 seconds



0-100 km/h

16.4 seconds



16.8 seconds

17.4 seconds

Maximum speed measurement

106.5 km/h

99.9 km/h


108.3 km/h


100, 200, 400 meters acceleration results:

Ok, RFS 150i can really play the role of "dressing up as a pig to eat a tiger", and the appraisal is completed.

As a underbone, even if the appearance is cool, it is difficult to get more attention, which is determined by the domestic realistic car playing environment; But if you drive an RFS 150i, it is very easy and low-key to make it stand out from the rest of others' eyes.

In the range of 125-200 displacement, there are only a handful of models on the market that can turn over RFS 150i at present; And most of the so-called 150th Street sports cars really only eat dirt when they meet the relaxing factor system.

So, what I'm going to do next is to cure those who are dissatisfied on the big and small roads in the city with flip-flops.

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