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Hongqi used car price (Hongqi used car price)

In China in the 1970s and 1980s, there were no other brands of cars, which were comparable to the red-flag cars. It was a generation's memory. Even now, there are many red-flag antique cars as private collections!

This small series brings an old red flag car 42 years ago. The owner of this old red flag car is an uncle in a small town in Shenzhou City, Hebei Province. The model is Red Flag CA770, and it was manufactured in 1966. It has a history of 42 years. The owner spent 10,000 yuan on a second-hand car in the late 1990s. According to the introduction of the uncle, at that time, 10,000 yuan could be used to build a 100-square-meter flat-topped cement house.

After the owner bought this red flag CA770 in 1966, he would drive it for about 10,000 kilometers every year in the past few years. Later, he was reluctant to drive it. After 20 years of careful maintenance, it will be as brand-new as we see today!

There was once a rich man who loved car collection and wanted to buy this red flag at a price of 8 million yuan, but all his children sold it, but he just didn't sell it. In Xiaobian's opinion, this car really shouldn't be sold. It's not uncommon to maintain such a well-maintained CA770, but the CA770 in 1966 is too rare.

CA770 is the first successful mass production model of Hongqi, which is of great significance! Previously, the first batch of car models produced by Hongqi were CA71 and CA72, but they stopped production because of too many failures. They were imitation Volga cars of the former Soviet Union, with Mercedes-Benz -190 engines and imitation of French simca chassis and body. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, when the industrial base was backward, the first attempt at a car was a failure!

However, CA770 is different. It has accumulated the experience of the first few failed red-flag cars, abandoned the previous engine, body shape and chassis, and completely designed and developed it by itself. The headlights of the car body and the curved surface structure of the whole car have increased, and the design of the split door has added a lot of China elements!

The engine is also designed and produced independently, but reference is made to Cadillac's engine, the 5.65L V8 four-stroke water-cooled carburetor gasoline engine. Although it has great defects, the fuel consumption reaches more than 20L, the maximum power is only 164KW, and the top speed is 165 km/h. However, as the first mass production model designed and produced independently for the first time, although the fuel consumption is a little high, it is a leap forward in car manufacturing.

The first car went off the assembly line in 1965, and mass production began in 1966. The first batch of 20 cars were produced. Later, the performance was good in all aspects, and 32 cars were produced, and they were not for sale. They were only used as concierge cars, inspection cars, leaders' cars and so on! The red flag introduced is one of the first batch of 52 cars produced in 1966. Its owner was photographed at a public resource auction in Beijing in the 1990s!

Ordinary car owners are reluctant to drive. From the interior, we can see that this car is a side-by-side leather seat, mahogany ornaments, and the rubber coating technology is as new as it has been for decades. The classical design is elegant and elegant, and the materials such as doors and windows have a good mute effect. The whole car weighs 5 tons, which used to be 20 oils. Now it takes more than 25 oils to drive 100 kilometers. Although it is not a bulletproof model, the materials are all real and very thick. Antique cars like this, as long as they are properly maintained on a regular basis, the longer they are, the more valuable they will be.

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* The above pictures and texts are compiled from the network, editing car maintenance and repair.

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