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Parameters of Benagli Xiaoxunlong Minicar (parameters of Benagli Xiaoxunlong)

Nowadays, the motorcycle market is becoming more and more popular, and many novices and female knights have started to join the family of motorcycle friends. As a novice or a female knight, if you don't have much confidence in your driving skills and don't want to choose a scooter, then I believe it must be a very good choice to choose a mini car for the transition. Let's take a look at several entry-level mini-car streetcars worth recommending on the market.

1. Spring standard time (standard time) Baboons

As an upgrade of the old baboon, the standard time baboon has captured the hearts of countless female knights once it was launched. The popularity of this car can be seen everywhere on the street, and it can be easily controlled even by a petite female knight with a height of 150cm. It is equipped with a 125 ml single-cylinder four-stroke EFI engine with a maximum power of 7KW and a maximum torque of 8.3N.m The maximum horsepower of generate is 9.5p, and the curb weight of the whole vehicle is 114kg. It still has a very good performance when accelerating in the range of 0-60km, which also makes the Baboon car very flexible in walking on urban roads.

2: Silver Steel Little Monster

As a former owner of the little monster, the biggest feeling this car gave me was that the appearance was very beautiful. In terms of configuration, the whole vehicle adopts the light of all light-emitting diodes, absorbs vibration before inversion, and is equipped with a 150 ml single-cylinder four-stroke engine. The maximum power is 7.8kW, the maximum torque is 11.5nm, and the maximum horsepower is 10.6p in generate. With the curb weight of 118kg, this car gives me a very strong start and a very fast speed increase. Coupled with the 750 mm sitting height of this car, it is really friendly to novices and female riders. The good configuration and cheap price are a very good choice for novices to transition and female riders to get started.

3: Benagli Xiaoxunlong 150

Compared with the previous two cars, it has larger size, stronger power, acceptable workmanship and beautiful appearance. The whole car is equipped with a 150ml single-cylinder four-stroke water-cooled engine with a maximum power of 9.8kW, a maximum torque of 12.5nm and a maximum horsepower of 13.3p in generate. But at the same time, it also has a heavier kerb quality than the first two cars, and the kerb quality has reached 145kg, so there are certain basic requirements for novices and female knights who have just come into contact with this car.

Well, that's all for the mini-cars for novices and female knights. What are your different views? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area for discussion.

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