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Seclon rc3 Extreme Speed (measured by Seclon rc3 Extreme Speed)

I want to choose a motorcycle of about 30 thousand to commute. What do you recommend for a more handsome one?

This is a question left by a cyclist backstage.

According to the description, this cyclist wants to choose a scooter, and keeps the budget at this stage at around 30,000. With such a demand and such a budget, there will be more models worth recommending, because the budget of 30 thousand is still relatively strong for motorcycles.

As for the handsome riding, it will be easy to meet the standard for the models in this price range, so we can take a look at the following models:

The first Haojue Suzuki GSX250R is currently priced at 26680.

This is the only 250ml sports car among Japanese joint venture brands. It has a family appearance, a balanced powertrain, meticulous workmanship and high stability, and the setting of sitting posture will not be too aggressive. It is a motorcycle that is more suitable for daily travel and running broker.

In terms of appearance, this car will have the style of an international sports car because it follows some family design languages and styles, and its classic version also enhances the value of the whole car to a certain extent, making it easy to show a handsome side.

However, its 250 ml twin-cylinder engine does not deliberately emphasize high-speed performance, but can also take into account the demand for low torque in the state of walking, so as not to make Xiaobai Motorsports unable to get started easily. So this is a handsome motorcycle that is more suitable for novices.

The second Seclon RC401 is currently priced at 28,800.

This car has not been on the market for a long time, only eight or nine days, but all aspects of this car now look good, especially its appearance will be very in line with the aesthetic orientation of young motorcycle friends, and it can intuitively express the unique track attributes and sports elements of sports cars, which makes its overall appearance very atmospheric and beautiful.

On the power level, the TC401 equipped with this car will also have a wide range of dynamic characteristics. It does not deliberately emphasize the extreme speed and the explosive power of the aftereffect like a high-speed turn, but ignores the demand for low torque in daily use, so it is also friendly to novices.

In addition, the RC401 will also have a certain cost performance. This car is not discounted in configuration because of the current price setting, but also reflects the configuration setting with a relatively high specification, and it is also more particular about the handling of details, so it is also a model worthy of consideration under the current demand.

The third Haojue XCR300 is currently priced at 27980.

This is a car that doesn't feel anything at first glance, but if you read it carefully, you will find that it is a very meaningful car. And its real car is much more beautiful than the picture, not extremely ugly.

The main reason for recommending this car is its meticulous workmanship, relatively balanced performance and broad dynamic characteristics. Therefore, if you want to find a scooter with more guaranteed quality and more feeling when riding in this price range, Haojue XCR300 will be very worthy of consideration.

The fourth Benda Limestone 300 is currently priced at 23,880.

This is a model that is more suitable for burly motorcycle riders, because its wheelbase will come to 1520mm, so it will be more inclusive, and its appearance is also beautiful, so it is easy to meet the demand of riding handsome but not riding fast.

In addition, this car will have a rich configuration, good performance and high cost performance. However, compared with the Hauser TR300, which has no advantage in appearance, the details and quality of this car will be much inferior. Therefore, while being optimistic about its appearance and characteristics, we should also tolerate some of its shortcomings. Only in this way can this car be worth choosing.

The fifth Honda PCX160 is currently priced at 22,990.

This is a high-end access scooter, which has the appearance of sports cruising, and the structure of the whole vehicle is relatively compact, which will be more suitable for commuting in urban areas, and the unique stepless speed change form of scooter will be easier to use. So I don't like to block the car. PCX160 is a 30,000-foot scooter worthy of attention under the current price demand.

Besides the blessing of little wings, the reason for recommending this car is that its performance will be more balanced, its power performance will be more in line with daily riding needs, and it will also have low fuel consumption, so it is worth considering.

The above five models are recommended under this demand. As for which one to choose, it mainly depends on some individual needs and specific budget. As long as the individual's aesthetic needs are combined with the actual performance of the vehicle, and then some other considerations are integrated, it will be easy to find a motorcycle that is both handsome and suitable for walking.

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