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Sekelon ra 2 (Sekelon ra2 modification case)

I am a title of generals in ancient times, motorcycle critic, welcome to pay attention!

Last week, I wrote a static evaluation article about Sekelon RA250. The link is as follows: Interested friends can click to check it out. This article will talk about the test drive of RA250.

About the engine

RA250 is equipped with a water-cooled four-valve single-cylinder engine, code-named PY250, with the actual displacement of 249.2 cubic centimeters, the maximum output power of 20.5 kW /9000 rpm and the maximum torque of 22 nm /7000 rpm. This engine is also used in Sekelon's RE250 and Zongshen Apulia GPR250, and it is the main model of Sekelon in the 250-displacement class, with reliability.

However, the PY250 engine mounted on RA250 has fine-tuned the data of cylinder diameter * stroke, and deliberately emphasized the output in the middle and low speed range in the adjustment of EFI system, and the low torque became more powerful to adapt to the driving characteristics of cruise vehicles, which will be obvious if you test-drive RE250 before.

This engine is also equipped with a sliding clutch of the Federal Communications Commission brand, which not only feels softer, but also ensures that the rear wheel will not be easily locked and dragged under special circumstances, which is quite helpful for safety.

How to suppress the vibration of RA250 engine?

My personal feeling is that when the engine vibration is below 5,500 rpm, it is quite acceptable. Because there is no tachometer, judging from the sound waves and body feeling, the vibration suppression of the handle and pedal is still good after the rotation speed of RA250 exceeds 5,500 rpm, but the high-frequency vibration transmitted from the hip is still clearly discernible. If this vibration is in the urban area or during short-distance driving, it will not bring you too much trouble, if even this is unacceptable. It should be considered that electric motorcycles are more suitable, but if they are driving on long distances or highways, there must be discomfort. I think this vibration depends on the threshold accepted by individuals.

Single-cylinder cars should also pay attention to the sound? Many people have this question, yes, that's what I think. At the very least, it can't be as ugly as a broken gong. Fortunately, the thick exhaust pipe designed by Seclon on RA250 should have been debugged, and the sound is relatively pure and thick.

RA250' s transmission last gear ratio has also been carefully adjusted, and the rear sprocket looks larger than other models with the same displacement, which brings better acceleration ability, and it can start smoothly without deliberately raising the speed. The second gear can be maintained at a minimum speed of 20 km/h without dragging, which shows that the low-torque output of RA250 is still in line with the positioning of the cruise car. However, in theory, the engine's front output is large and the rear part is very dull. However, thanks to the inherent high speed characteristic of PY250 engine (maximum power output at 9000 rpm), according to my actual measurement, the third gear of RA250 can show over 100, reaching the maximum speed of 103 km/h, which is even more fierce than some imitations of the same level. For a single-cylinder 250-displacement cruise car, this sports ability is quite good.

The clutch joint is clear and easy to distinguish, and it feels soft. After trying to pull the fourth gear to 90km/h, then quickly downshift to the second gear, and suddenly loosen the clutch lever, the rear wheel will immediately resume rotation after a slight delay, leaving no drag marks on the ground, which shows that the sliding clutch has really played a role. This situation is not often encountered in daily use, but it can effectively protect the safety of drivers under special circumstances.

About maneuverability

The handlebar of RA250 is also a word handlebar that highlights the sense of movement. The upper body leans forward slightly in the riding posture, but the handlebar is even more backward because of the increased size. Therefore, even a female rider with a short figure will not be unable to reach the corner when driving RA250. On the whole, the sitting posture setting of RA250 is very reasonable.

The design style of RA250 is close to 883, so the specifications of the front and rear wheels are 18 inches and 15 inches respectively. This cruise car with high front and low trend curve has very good stability when driving on the straight road. Although it is a small-displacement cruise car with a curb weight of only 163 kg, it does not feel a trace of drift even when driving at a speed of more than 100 per hour, which gives riders a very strong sense of stability, which is one of the advantages of RA250. But correspondingly, the 18-inch front wheel diameter will bring a little slow steering ability, which is relative to those cruise cars with 16-inch front and rear hub diameters, which is called float style.

In order to alleviate this phenomenon, several body geometric parameters of RA250 have been carefully scrutinized by designers. For example, the wheelbase is controlled within 1450 mm, which is slightly longer than that of Jinjila 300, but much shorter than that of TR300. The towing angle of the front fork is close to the setting of street cars, while the tire width of the front wheel is 110 mm. These designs can not only ensure the driving stability of RA250 on straight roads, but also alleviate the "stay" in corners.

Adjustment of suspension braking

The braking system of RA250 adopts front one-way double-piston calipers with a single brake disc with a diameter of 300 mm, and the rear brake system adopts a single-piston caliper with a brake disc with a diameter of 240 mm, and the front and rear dual-channel ABS is standard. The front brake feel of this braking system is pleasant, and the boundary between free stroke and effective stroke is clear, but the rear brake pedal has to be deeply stepped on to feel a strong sense of deceleration. In addition, the design of the rear brake pedal is a bit unfriendly. Every time I step on the lever, I will look down to confirm whether I step on it or not.

However, the most basic thing that RA250 can guarantee is that when the car body is pressed on the inside of the curve, the probe pins on both sides of the pedal can touch the ground first, instead of the pull rod of the rear brake cylinder. This is not a joke. A online celebrity cruise car is really designed in this way, and what is even more outrageous is that no white has any doubts about this ...

A big coffee once said that the road to the growth and exploration of many domestic small-brand motorcycles was realized by the generosity of a group of "stupid" children who suddenly appeared in a few years and had never ridden a good car. This is true in a sense.

I personally feel that the performance of suspension is neutral and soft tonality. The suspension characteristics of RA250 don't support you to start crazy mode. I don't recommend you to ride RA250 to run mountains with your friends. This is not the scene for it. Just pay attention to this.


As a small-displacement single-cylinder cruise car with a price of 17,580 yuan, RA250 has the advantages of excellent appearance, excellent workmanship, strong power, flexible riding control, easy to use and reasonable price. Of course, there are also several places that need to be improved, which have been pointed out in this paper. On the whole, the strength of RA250 in the same class is still acceptable. Personally, I think it is very suitable for those cars with little budget, but they are not willing to exist.

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