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How to adjust the time of Benagli Xiaoxunlong instrument video (Benagli Xiaoxunlong instrument description)

When it comes to motorcycles, many young people like imitation racing, middle-aged uncles like cruising princes, and I like street cars in the middle. Through online observation for a period of time, I feel that the novice is more suitable for Benagli Xiaoxunlong for 150 seconds. My video of Xiaoxunlong unpacking has been released, and friends are welcome to enter the personal homepage to watch it.

22 models of red and white

First of all, this car is cheap. The bare car is only 11,980 yuan, and the small Xunlong has a displacement of 150 ml without purchase tax, so this car is very close to the people and can be affordable for most people. Even if you want to sell a car with a large displacement after starting, you won't lose too much, so I personally think it is very suitable for novices.

19 models of white

19 black models

Old red

Secondly, this car has a high value. Personally, I think the 22 red models of this car are more mature and stable than the previous ones. I also think that compared with other streetcars, Benagli Xiaolong is more stable, after all, it looks heavier. The official weight of Benagli Xiao Xunlong is 137kg, and I almost didn't hold it steady on the day I picked up the car, so girls should seriously consider buying a streetcar.

22 models of red

On-site unpacking

The brother who loads the car is a good guy. If you want to buy a motorcycle, you can find him. There are all kinds of motorcycles, and you can also send them home by parcel post.

And this car is more suitable for people under 180 and over 160, because the car sits 780 mm high and can only land on two toes at the height of 160. Toe landing means that it is inconvenient to exert force, and the risk of falling off the car is higher when the car is heavier. Before, many people on the Internet said that Xiao Xunlong was riding a card and deserved to die. What I want to say is that the shoes are not suitable. Just try it, and 160 indicates that there is no such phenomenon.

It's not easy to exert your strength when you land on your toes

Finally, the handling performance of this car is better in street cars with the same displacement. Xiao Xunlong is equipped with a 149.8 ml, single-cylinder water-cooled /SOHC/ four-valve, three-spark plug engine, with a maximum power of 9.8 kW /9000 rpm and a maximum torque of 12.5 Nm /7000 rpm, which is relatively high in the same level. There is enough power for daily transportation, and some netizens say that it can reach 100 km/h, but it is fast enough for me to ride to 60 or 70 km/h. After all, safe driving is the most important thing, and it is not necessary to travel so fast.

The disadvantage is that this car is really neutral and a little hard to find. Because the motorcycles I used to ride were all circular gears, and this car is an international gear, which is a bit unfamiliar. But it's much better to find a gap after more practice. I hope what I said can help netizens who want to start.

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