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Fat brother test drive Tiggo 7plus (test drive Tiggo 7 plus)

In November 2022, I tested the gasoline version of the Tiggo 7 PLUS. At that time, the evaluation of the vehicle was quite positive. Recently, we received an invitation again to test drive the new energy model of the Tiggo 7 PLUS. What kind of performance will this plug-in hybrid model have? Let's take a look.

By the way, I want to emphasize here,

The vehicles used in this test drive are all trial models.

In the communication with us, the official engineer also said that there will be obvious optimization after the vehicle.

This evaluation only represents the vehicle performance in the pre-market stage.

Let's talk about the difference in the appearance and interior of the vehicle first. Since it is a plug-in hybrid model, it is natural to make a difference in design from the general model.

The change in appearance is not obvious. Our highlight today is the content of the vehicle test drive. Let's take a look at the power part of this model.

How a car is, it still depends on how it drives. Before the test drive, get to know the power system of the vehicle, which can be said to be the foundation of the vehicle and the key test part of this new car.

Among the nine modes, the driving modes of vehicles are mainly divided into pure electric mode, series mode, parallel mode and engine direct drive mode. The official introduction to this part is not much, so we will not do much analysis on the technical aspects of this power system. After all, what we want to talk about this part needs a lot of space. Since we have specific test drive experiences according to the dynamic performance of vehicles, we will follow the different test drive experiences of vehicles.

Driving model

The expression under the formula is the content of judgment. Vehicles are divided into economy, standard and sport.

Driving mode

We also describe the dynamic performance of vehicles according to these three modes.

The mode we have used for the longest time is the standard mode, because the vehicle's state is the most balanced, and the vehicle's power performance is smoother and the driving logic is clearer in this state. At low speed, the pure electric mode is the main driving mode, and the medium and high-speed engines begin to intervene, initially in series mode. At high speed or high load, the driving mode is changed to parallel mode, or the engine direct drive mode, and the mode conversion occasionally has a slight setback, but the overall use is still relatively smooth and easy to open.

It is worth mentioning that the driving logic of these three modes is basically the same, but the performance is not the same. Let's talk about the performance of this sports mode.

Motor intervention in sport mode will become more obvious, so the driving mode will change more frequently, and in this case, there will be more setbacks, so we think that the standard mode of the vehicle is more comfortable and the power is smooth during the test drive.

For the suspension part, we think that its completion needs to be improved during the test drive. At present, the suspension of this fashion version is not thorough enough to filter bumps at low speed, and the filtering ability at high speed is really good, and the rear suspension will bounce when driving.

In the conversation with the engineer, he said that the chassis and power system of the vehicle will be optimized in the future, and the main purpose of this activity is to collect the feelings of the experiencers.


The model we test drive is still a trial car, so it is not the state of the production version. At present, the new car has been listed, and the model delivered later may have better performance. From the model we test drive, the performance of the vehicle is still at the common level in the same industry, the appearance and interior performance are good, the power is abundant, and the suspension performance still has room for improvement.

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