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Seclon rc401 Extreme Speed (Seclon RC401 Extreme Speed Video)

In 2022, it was definitely the year when the domestic middleweight imitation broke out, and the impression of a number of new cars was quite subversive. As a cyclist, of course, I am glad to see that local car manufacturers can make remarkable progress in the environment of intensified competition; More importantly, these cars are not rushing to the same place, but are endowed with different personalities and orientations.

In the mass production world, the pursuit of ultimate performance is a genre, such as Ducati; Similarly, the pursuit of good riding and easy control is also a genre, such as Honda. Different orientations have different emphases, and naturally there are different clusters. The development concept of the car factory directly determines the final shape, and also determines the fundamental nature of the car model.

Back to the real world, the first stick of this year's domestic welterweight imitation belongs to Sekelon, and the new RC401 kicked off the annual competition with an official price of 28,800 yuan.

My first impression of it came from the media tasting organized by Seclon at the end of February. RC401 gave people a refreshing feeling, which not only showed the muscular feeling that sports cars should have, but also was not bloated. It can be said that the face value was just right.

After a simple test drive, I gave it a good evaluation at that time. One was the smooth feedback of power, and the other was that the control was neutral and it was better to ride than the previous models.

With the launch of the new car, we also received a brand-new production test drive. Compared with the test car, the pull pattern is more refined, and the sense of coordination in the design of the whole car is further. In addition, the first time you get started, you can clearly feel that the sliding clutch has been fine-tuned and the shifting feeling has improved.

The riding triangle still maintains the setting of daily riding, and the integrated upper link plate design brings a relatively high handle position; We measured that the height of the seat is 790mm and the width of the cushion is suitable, so riders over 165cm in height need not worry too much about the threshold.

The pedal position that is relatively not too forward can be regarded as some comfort and encouragement for sports driving, and a good sense of fighting can be obtained by moving the hips back moderately.

On the whole, RC401 maintains a high enough tolerance for daily driving, and also allows riders to have more use scenarios.

As a newly adjusted power platform, it is equipped with a 401cc displacement 180 phase water-cooled parallel twin-cylinder engine, and its gas distribution structure is SOHC single overhead camshaft with 4 valves per cylinder. Its maximum power is increased to 33kW/9500rpm, and its maximum torque is 37N.m/8000rpm.

It is worth mentioning that RC401 is equipped with BOSCH Bosch EFI system, and the power mode option is added, so users can switch between economy and sports mode freely.

In the actual test, the power output difference between the two modes is not particularly abrupt, but it can be felt that the speed increase in the sports mode is slightly positive.

In the sport mode, the measured zero-speed acceleration score is 5.9s, which is more in line with the objective facts. One is that the engine speed limit is set within a relatively safe range of 10000rpm, and the rear sprocket is also relatively small, so it is only in the third gear that the speed is broken.

Obviously, the engine setting of RC401 is more concentrated in the middle speed range, and it does not deliberately strengthen the low-speed performance to create a very strong acceleration impression. As far as the whole dynamic performance is concerned, it is more inclined to smooth and more malleable settings, which is similar to Honda's tonality.

In terms of speed, the highest measured value is 158.8km/h, and the corresponding surface speed is 167 km/h.

The curb weight of RC401 is 178kg, which is not like other models that emphasize lightweight data unilaterally, but achieves a more optimal balance in three aspects: handling, driving texture and lightweight. Such a practice is also determined by the target group of this car, that is, novices are easy to ride, safe to drive, and experienced people are full of fun to drive.

The whole driving experience feedback is friendly, and the output is more delicate and linear than the previous power platform. For novices, it is relatively easy to ride, and there is nothing too paranoid; It can also provide good dynamic feedback for experienced knights.

For the current market, even the imitation racing car has not been given more demands for advanced sports and performance, but the pursuit of sports attributes is still absolutely "politically correct". So, we naturally took RC401 to a small track and had a hand-to-hand fight with it.

The first thing I didn't expect was that it entered the state so quickly. The surging power output in the middle section is especially suitable for this small track. The third or second gear is enough to cope with the whole "race", and the speed increase after turning is very obvious. The brand-new MIGRA S1 sports tires with specifications of 110/70 R17 and 150/60 R17 provide good grip, and can still maintain excellent dynamic feedback on relatively narrow corners with continuously changing inclination angles, while maintaining the bending limit at a high level.

The second thing I didn't expect was that besides being solid and stable, the frame also has appropriate and delicate dynamic feedback. More than two years ago, I tested the RZ3S with the same frame structure. As a sports streetcar, it gave me the feeling that it was just strong but not keen enough. However, the RC401, which started with this woven frame, successfully completed the track task. I have to say that the adjustment of the frame has made remarkable progress this time. On the premise that the main frame is basically unchanged, the dynamic performance of the whole vehicle is improved by adjusting the sub-frame structure and revising the rake angle and towing distance, which is both light and controllable and relaxed.

The third thing I didn't expect was that its suspension system also brought super-level play. I didn't change the original factory settings before going to the track, so the 41mm inverted front shock absorber is still in the middle of the 11th level. If going to the track with high-speed bends, it can be adjusted a little harder. The rear shock absorber with reverse multi-link structure is almost parallel to the rear rocker arm. This design really gives me a clear feedback on the motion of the rear rocker arm before going out of the corner, which has never been provided by other models running this track before.

I was very surprised by the clear and definite tracking performance. I didn't expect RC401, a car with a positioning bias towards comfortable driving, to show its commendable strength on the track. I think the adjustment of the whole vehicle is very successful.

Write it at the end

After several years of silence, Seclon restarted the imitation race plan, and the first one was this RC401. Combined with the earlier research and development experience, the accumulation of racing data of Zongshen Team for many years, and the first-class industrialized production line of Sekelon Factory, RC series definitely has its own advantages.

Now, Seclon RC401 has kept up with the mainstream level in product design, and its configuration is almost the best at the same level; In terms of price, it has also changed the previous high-profile, which can be called a conscience presentation. A car with good comprehensive quality, online in all aspects, and a member of the popular car models deserves a good harvest, doesn't it?

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