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Saboban 2023 Quotation (Saboban 2023 Quotation)

The first model of Chevrolet Suburb was introduced in 1934, and by 2022, it has developed for 12 generations. It is the longest-produced model in the world and one of the largest sport utility vehicles you can buy today.

The name of the suburb has never changed for decades, and now the sales of this car are still very good. We can still see the domineering figure of this car in Hollywood blockbusters or travel teams!

The name has not changed, but the size is getting bigger and bigger! The car is positioned as an American full-size SUV. The wheelbase of the latest model is 3406 mm, and the length between the front wheel and the rear wheel of the earliest first-generation model is only 2883 mm. 。

However, the 12th generation suburban products on sale now are not the longest wheelbase in the family!

As early as 1960s, Kurt Armbruster Stage, a professional extended car refitting company from Fort Smith, Arkansas, converted several fifth-generation and sixth-generation suburbs into buses to and from the airport.

This company is the oldest and largest manufacturer of customized extended limousines in the United States, and now its annual output exceeds 1000!

At that time, the company built two kinds of heavy buses, the first was a 235-inch long 12-person version. It has four rows of seats and three doors, which is obviously larger than that of ordinary Chevrolet suburbs. But it's not as long as another modified version of the 18-seater.

The wheelbase of the 18-person version is 5283mm, so watch this wheelbase! The total length is 7,874mm, four doors are installed on the right side of the vehicle, and there are six rows of seats in the vehicle. This car is 2,794mm longer than the fifth-generation Suburban, and nearly 2,159mm more than the latest full-size model on sale. The weight of the whole vehicle exceeds 6800 pounds, and the luggage rack on the roof can hold a lot of luggage, which is almost as long as the whole roof.

This car is really hard to see now. Most cars are directly retired and scrapped after the mission, and a few cars are bought, but because the huge body is not well cared for, their ultimate fate is slowly rotting in the backyard!

This car introduced this time is quite special. This big car from 1966 has lived for more than 50 years and is looking for a new owner recently.

This car is located in Bozeman, Montana, USA. According to the information of the dealership, it was built on the basis of Chevrolet Suburban in 1966, which was also the last year of production of the fifth generation model. Although the car looks shabby and has some rust and rot on its body, it is in better overall condition than its "brothers and sisters".

According to reports, this behemoth that can carry 18 people has been in the seller's place for more than ten years. The reason why I want to sell it is because there are problems in my life, and I don't have much time and money to maintain this car. It will be a better choice to send it to a more suitable person.

In addition, unlike the common models, this car is not a bus going to and from the airport. During the 1960s and 1970s, this car was used to take tourists from all over the world to Yosemite National Park and Huangshi National Park. This car looks very primitive, and we can see from the photos that it may be missing a row of seats.

The seller said that the car was equipped with a 350 cubic inch V8 engine, and there was no guarantee that the engine under the hood was original. But in our opinion, if the car was in 1966, something was obviously wrong, because in that year, the V8 engine only provided two kinds of engines, 283 and 327 cubic inches respectively. By the way, the seller also said that when the engine is started and running, some unknown liquid will flow out of the exhaust pipe.

Although this car has been stored in a dry garage, its huge body is bound to make it less practical.

Who would buy such a car? Some car enthusiasts may like it, and it is also a good choice to convert it into a hotel concierge car or return to the past and turn it into a shuttle bus to and from the airport.

Finally, the starting price of Chevrolet Suburban in 2023 is $56,900, so the asking price of a car of this car is as high as $20,000. For an old unpopular model, this price is really too high! Knowing this price, many people may be like me, just enjoy watching the excitement!

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