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Reasons for the high fuel consumption of Seclon rt3 (Seclon rt3 has high fuel consumption)

At last, the news of the Sekelon RT3 flat pedal appeared at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Beijing Auto Show, and its final name is Sekelon RT3C. As for RT3, its performance at this level has been quite good since its listing, and it has obvious advantages in configuration and price compared with competitors. The listing of RT3C also provides more convenience for urban travel, and it will be officially released at 8: 00 on September. Let's take a look.

Sekelon RT3C

In terms of configuration, judging from the vehicle information released at the previous Beijing Auto Show, the main configuration of Seclon RT3 is still consistent with the cash, such as: Dr. ABS, front and rear brakes, engine, etc. Similarly, Sekelon RT3C will keep two versions, namely, the enjoyment version and the exclusive version. The difference between the two versions is the keyless startup configuration. However, it is a pity that RT3C cancelled the thin film transistor smart LCD screen and tire pressure monitoring. I wonder if it will change when it is finally released tomorrow.

In terms of power, Seclon RT3C is still equipped with a single-cylinder water-cooled four-valve engine with an actual displacement of 247 ml, with a maximum power of 17kW, a maximum torque of 22.5 Nm and a maximum set speed of 120 km/h. After several years of model updating, this engine has a good performance in power and fuel consumption.

The fuel tank part is the biggest change of Secco RT3C. Originally, RT3 had a 17-liter fuel tank, which could last more than 500 kilometers. However, the design of the flat pedal of Secco RT3C also forced the fuel tank to compromise, with a capacity of 12 liters. However, compared with the opponent Guangyang CT250' s 10.2 liter, it is still a little big. Personally, I think Sekelon RT3C is a suitable choice for taking care of life and running a long distance with its fuel consumption performance.

So what will be the final price of Seclon RT3C? Although the fuel tank is smaller, it is closer to life. As the saying goes, you can't have your cake and eat it. Then we'll wait for the release tomorrow night.

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