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Benagli 150-31 price (Benagli 150i price)

Life's first straddle-riding motorcycle streetcar is a choice for beginners with less than 10,000 yuan. In addition to ordinary household models, there are still many streetcar models with high value and strength. The article lists 8 best-selling models with relatively high price within 10,000 yuan.


Benagli benelli hongbaolong TNT150

Hongbaolong TNT150

Inheriting the Italian-style streetcar in Benagli for a hundred years,'s Benagli Hongbaolong TNT is the first trendy car for young people. In appearance, the unique steel tube woven frame is still used, with full sense of movement in front and sharp atmosphere. TNT150 is equipped with a 148 ml single-cylinder air-cooled fifth-gear engine, with a maximum power of 9.6 kW and a maximum torque of 12.8 nm. The car with a seat height of 780 mm weighs 144kg, and the current price is 8800 yuan, which is very good.

Lifan KPS150-LF150-10R


Lifan, as an established strength manufacturer, its KP series is an evergreen tree among domestic models with small displacement, and its strength is strong and cost-effective, and its reputation is excellent. 140. As the successor model of KP150, KPS 150 has slightly changed its appearance to be more harmonious and fashionable, and upgraded lens headlights, full LCD instruments and so on. The power system is still equipped with a 150ml single-cylinder NBF water-cooled six-speed engine developed by Lifan, with a maximum power of 11kW and a maximum torque of 14 nm. The car with a seat height of 775mm weighs 150kg, and the national unified price is 9980 yuan.

Guangyang Road Hunter CK1-125

Guangyang CK125

Guangyang motorcycle, the first manufacturer in Taiwan Province Province, Baodao, has strong strength. CK125 has a typical European-style appearance and excellent workmanship. The power system is equipped with LKH3 Tomahawk engine newly developed by Guangyang, with a single-cylinder air-cooled engine with an actual displacement of 124.8 ml. The maximum power is 7.7 kW and the maximum torque is 9.8 nm. The car weighs 135kg. At present, the reference price is about 9,500 yuan.

Building the king of unbounded JS150-31

Building without boundaries

As we all know, the Boundless King, which has been "brewing" for a long time, appeared as early as 2012. It has a novel and fashionable appearance, high configuration and high performance, and a high-performance power unit from Yamaha. It is equipped with a single-cylinder water-cooled fifth-gear engine with a displacement of 150 ml, with a maximum power of 11.8 kW, a maximum torque of 14 nm, a seat height of 790 mm and a weight of 141kg. The power parameters are the envy of the same level. I don't know why it didn't catch fire.

Jialing Street Fire JH150-8A

Xinjiehuo 150

Xinjieshuo 150 is a street Italian sports car style motorcycle tailored for users by Jialing motorcycle in combination with the demand of small platoon market. After the listing of Xinjie Fire 223 received a good response, it enriched the Xinjie Fire product family. It is equipped with Jialing Group CBI500 high-speed engine and a single-cylinder air-cooled 5-speed engine with a displacement of 149 ml. The maximum power is 9Kw, the maximum torque is 11.5nm, and the vehicle weight is 131kg. The reference price is about 9000 yuan.

Zongshen Z2 ZS150-76

Zongshen Z2

Compared with the Z-ONE series, Zongshen and the latest Z2 in 2016 are more bold and avant-garde, and the exposed steel tube frame is full of strength. Equipped with Delphi EFI and international six-speed transmission system, the 150ml air-cooled engine jointly developed by piaggio, Italy, has a maximum power of 8Kw and a maximum torque of 12nm, with a height of 760mm, and the reference price is about 9200 yuan.

Longxin CR5 LX200-12

Longxin CR5

China Railway series of Longxin Motorcycle is a new generation of street running series created by Longxin. The Lonxin single-cylinder engine blessed by BMW black technology has a very good reputation. This CR5 looks like a scaled-down version of CR9 stepless 650. It is equipped with a 193cc single-cylinder air-cooled 6-speed T-series sports engine with a maximum power of 11 kW and a maximum torque of 14 nm. The light-emitting diode lamp seat of the whole vehicle is 760 mm high. At present, the reference price is about 9,500 yuan.

Spring Breeze 150 Nack Fun Edition

150 nanograms

Spring Breeze 150 nanograms is a familiar model. In the choice of rocker type, the fun version of 150 nanograms uses lower-cost steel rear rocker arm, rear pedal bracket and upper and lower connecting plates of the joystick, while the fun version uses steel fittings for cost consideration. The power system still uses a 149.4 cubic centimeter water-cooled EFI 6-speed engine, with a maximum power of 8.8 kW and a maximum torque of 10.7 nm. The car with a seat height of 775 mm weighs 142kg, and the official price of the fun version is 9980 yuan.


For less than 10,000 yuan, you can buy a streetcar with great value, strength and motivation, for less than 10,000 yuan, you can satisfy your motorcycle rider's dream, and for less than 10,000 yuan, you can buy a stylish car that is different from the 125 used in the street. It is not too expensive for beginners to get started, and 150 ml is the best choice for practitioners.

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