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The latest evaluation of 150 cubs in Benagli (the price of 250 pictures of cubs in Benagli)

In addition to releasing several new cars with large displacement recently, Benagli has quietly brought a brand-new new car with small displacement-Young Lion 150. This entry-level retro model, which focuses on the novice market, costs 13,980 yuan.

Lion cub 150, as its name implies, is the entry-level work of Benagli's retro series. This new car inherits the design elements of its lion cub series, adopts a family-style appearance, and can see familiar shadows from components such as fuel tank, seat and frame.

The headlights of the new car are not the traditional round shape, but the unique oval shape of the cub series. The shape of the light group of this cub is derived from the big brother cub 800, and the interior is designed in a layered way, with a conspicuous LED light strip on it and the logo of Leonchino in the middle.

The instrument of Young Lion 150 is an all-digital liquid crystal display dial, which can clearly display information such as gear position, speed, speed, mileage and fuel quantity, and the information on both sides is similar to the safety auxiliary system of anti-lock braking device; This instrument is enough for entry-level models.

Like other models, the buttons on the handlebars adopt the conventional layout, and the adjustment of far and near lights, electric start, turn signals and speakers are all in the usual positions, and the tactile feedback effect of the buttons is not bad.

The fuel tank capacity is 12.5L like the 250ml cub 250, which is enough for a 150 model. There is also a universal serial bus charging port in front of the fuel tank.

The seat cushion adopts an integrated design, with the front part near the fuel tank slightly narrowed upward and the tail part added with a little anti-skid treatment. The height of the new car is friendly to novices, only 760mm. With the curb weight of 136kg, beginners can easily control it.

A protective shell is added to the exhaust tail section. It is a pity that the rear license plate frame is still placed in a low position. This design has been proved to be impractical in many models.

The power part of the new cubs 150 is equipped with a 150 ml water-cooled single-cylinder engine, and the compression ratio is not low, which is 11.25:1; The maximum power is 9500 rpm, 11.5 kW, and the maximum torque is 13.5 Nm @ 7000 rpm.

Braking consists of two-channel anti-lock braking devices with front and rear disc brakes as standard, and the suspension system is front inverted shock absorber and rear central shock absorber; These two sets of configurations are not bad at the price of 10 thousand yuan.

There are four colors to choose from when the new car goes on the market, namely, square flashing silver, high cold gray, cherry blossom powder and far peak blue.

Benagli's 13,980-yuan lion cub 150 was launched, which further lowered the threshold for beginners and provided a new choice for many new riders.

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